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Vegan Italian Amaretti Cookies (Veganize This!)

Today is my 14-year vegan anniversary, and even though I’m under quarantine, I can still celebrate. Tonight I am making something that took me a long time to figure out. Amaretti cookies. Chewy, fluffy Italian almond cookies!

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Video Transcription

hey this is Ida Dulce with veganizedthis where we take classically non vegandishes and make them completelyplant-based so today I’m actuallycelebrating my 14 year vegan anniversaryand while we are in quarantine thatdoesn’t mean I can’t make myself alittle something so I’m actually gonnamake Italian Adler ID cookies this issomething I have been toying with for along time and after about six months ofnon-stop testing finally got it rightthey are very very buttery almond Dthat’s no butter in the know they justhave a nice buttery taste and they’rejust so delicious they reminded me of mygreat-grandma who I actually didn’t knowbut my dad used to always tell mestories of her making homemade pasta andI’m already cookies so this is a littlenod to her too and Dolce all rightso traditionally Emiratis are just madewith almond flour sugar and egg whitesso what this is is something called aquafava which is the liquid that’s in yourcan of chickpeas this became huge in thevegan world about five years ago andit’s been used to finally make it’s likethe Holy Grail it makes lots of thingswith egg whites macarons macaroons onthere I see cookies I’ve made Swissmeringue buttercream with it lemonmeringue pie it’s been great so the onlything about it though is it does takequite a while to it quite a bit longerthan traditional egg whites so in here Ihave a quarter cup of aqua baba that’sfrom about one whole can now what Iactually did was I reduced it so I tookthe contents of a can which always seemsto yield exactly 3/4 of a cup andreduced it down in a pot over mediumheat until it was 1/4 of a cup let itcool now just like egg whites and thesewill not whip if there’s any fat or anykind of contaminant in here so make sureyour bowl your beaters whatever you’reusing is clean if you do have a standmixer I do have one it goes a lotquicker but I’m just gonna use a handmixer just for everyone you do not wantto do this by hand with an actual whiskit’ll take a while so I’m gonna turnthis on and once this gives it’s gonnastart getting frothy[Applause]all right now that it’s frothy and someof the bubbles have decreased I’m gonnastream in on and off about just a littleover a half cup of sugar now you want itto be kind of heaping because this isgonna create the structure for it aswell all right just a little bit of timethis is you can do a slit a steadystream if you are using a stand mixerbut since I’m gonna use a hand mixer I’mgoing to do a little bits at a time youcan keep it going non-stop it’s justvery loud if it’s on the tables I’mgoing to lift it so you can do you’regonna go until you have all the sugar inhere now like I said this does takeupwards of about 10 to 15 minutes nowI’m not gonna make you sit here andwatch me do this for 15 minutes over andover again so I have some alreadywhipped all right we want to give thisto stiff peaks so stiff peaks we arelooking for[Applause]remember good don’t get sick at mediumPeaks this has deflated a tiny bit plusof sugar in it the next thing we’regoing to add this is the tablespoon ofamaretto and a teaspoon of almondextract put together this is gonnacreate our almond flavor[Music][Applause]already[Applause]all right so we’re done there now inhere I have two cups of almond flour sothese are not only vegan and they’realso gluten free so if you know if youhave celiac you don’t eat flour or ifyou’re like me and you’re in quarantineand every grocery store seems to be outof flour I don’t still have almond flourso you can use this now in here I alsowhisk together half a teaspoon of saltand very important half a teaspoon ofbaking powder now the one thing that afather cannot do that regular egg whitescan is lemon so traditionally amarettidoes not have any kind of chemicalleavening agents but you’re gonna wantto add half a teaspoon of baking powderto this so I’m gonna add a pouch shewants about a third of it right nownow I’m gonna do what’s called thefolding technique I’m going to I’ll liftit here I’m gonna lift and just let itfall just like this all rightjust until I have I’d say most of itworked in like I was trying to give asmuch of that air in as possible that wewhipped in we want to get everythingwell incorporatednot just the almond flour but the bakingpowder itself you want this to leavenedI’m gonna add the next third beautifuland you of course can do this withhazelnut flour and hazelnut liqueur andhazel extract you can keep this almondand add another kind of liqueur as welllike I’ve added raspberry liqueur stillkept the almond extract still kept thealmond flour of course but I’ve addedraspberry liqueur you should give thatnice raspberry flavor you can add twotablespoons of cocoa powder and makethese chocolate they’ll be a littlestiffer but they’re still so deliciouslast one okayI wanna work this in last little bit Iwas vegan actually April 6 in 2006 whenI was 18 years old I was a freshman incollegeand I was actually at a Whole Foods withmy college friend Heather I was alreadyvegetarian but I went into a Whole Foodsand we had one right by campus and Idiscovered there were tons of thingsthat were already vegan like tofu teaice cream sandwiches there all types ofnon-dairy milks they sold beaten cookiesthere and I had just told my friendHeather you know I think I’m gonna govegan she kind of looked it up what likeyou’re just gonna make a decision thatquickly and I did I never looked back Icould say oh I was vegan back when itwas before it was cool but I will sayI’ve been vegan when it was a lot harderlike before you could get on the milk at7-eleven back when you had to only go toWhole Foods back when dad cheese didn’texist back when everything was just socheese which is gross and it’s beenamazing to see veganism evolve in theselast fourteen years especially in theselast five years definitely all right sothis is Kyle we’re looking forward tobattle let’s get you out of the way allright now what I have in here is abouthalf a cup of powdered sugar so I’mgonna take a small scoop now this willmake about 40 cookies because it’sreally hard to whip up a smaller amountof aquafaba so these actually will lasta long time so here one cookie and justgotta cover it in powdered sugar want toget every little nook and cranny andthen just place it on a parchment linedbaking sheet all right okay this willmake about 40 cookies so make sure youhave about two sheet pans ready allright after you’re done here you’regonna bake them in a 350 degree oven foranywhere between 15 to 20 minutes untilthey’re golden brown and firm to yourliking some people like him chewy orsomething like I’m firmerI kind of like a sweet spot in themiddle where the edge is a little brownand crunchy in the middle just like youthat’s myonce you pull them out of the oven theywould look just like this beautifulThanks crispy again there’s that littlebrown edge right there right here thatjust has nice little Karma’s H on theremy hands are still wet oh those look sogreat now my favorite way to serve themis of course just you see them bythemselves they’re great to munch on butmy hair would pair them is withice-cream Express oh all right my self alittle bit of salted caramel ice creamthat I had made a while ago by thisworks really well vanilla chocolateraspberry really any flavor you like andfor the most pressing over itthis is called an affogato which reallymeans drowned so that could be a floatand it is so so delicious especiallywith salted caramel and the amaretticookies on the side this is one of myfavorite little desserts breakfastmidnight snack kind of thing to make sothis is how we make I’m a righty cookieswe have al got coconut I think so thankyou guys so much for watching feel freeto my donation impose on the bottom I’dlike to keep Mickey more content I willsee you guys later in the week thanksfor watching I’m going in now we’resaying biome from walking offset there’sour straw go nice and crispy you alittle chew in the middleyou

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