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Urbana – Making No Bake Cookies with Sarah Ferguson

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Video Transcription

hi friends today we’re gonna make someno bake cookies I’ll tell you what youneed first you’re gonna need a pan aboutthis size no big cookies you don’t needthe oven at all so we’re only going tobe using the stovetop today you’re gonnaneed a 1 cup measuring scoop you’regonna want your quarter cup measuringscoop and you’re gonna want your 1tablespoon measuring scoop and then I’vealready got our milk ready to go in myliquid pouring glass container and Ilike to use a cookie scoop when it’stime to scoop them out onto our pan Ijust use this cookie sheet here and thenI put some wax paper or you can useparchment paper on it then you’re goingto need peanut butter and I have thisfancy little thing that I put my pantbutter inside of here and then I canpush it right out of there very easilyum you’re gonna need a vanilla sugaroats you can use different oats thanthese ones but this is the recipe I’mgoing with is what I have then you needa stick of butter and you need cocoapowder and I believe that is all and ofcourse the milk that I showed you beforeso first I’m gonna check my recipe andread my recipe see what it says it saysline a baking sheet with wax paper orparchment we did that now we’re gonnabring the sugar the milk the butter andthe cocoa to a boil in a medium saucepanlike timing my dial to medium heat andI’m going to get the sugar sugar so Ihave my one cup measuring cup and we’llmake sure it’s nice and level and flaton top milk it is a half a cup of milkwhich I already measured out for us thenwe need our stick of butter the wholethingthen we need our cocoa powder and we aregoing to use a quarter cup so we got ourquarter cup measuring cup put down inthere push it off the top to make sureit’s nice and levelflat on top now I’m gonna stir mine witha spatula like this you can start with aspoon doesn’t too much and it is goingto start to get all melty and gotogether here for you it’s starting tomelt the butter the sugar in the milkare going all together and the cocoapowder is starting to blend in witheverything smell so chocolaty I wish youcould smell it so we have to bring it toa boilit’s a stir occasionally so if you wantit to walk away for a few minutes youcould you come back to it see when it’sready to be stirred again and we’regonna boil it for one minute once itstarts boilingthat butter is really starting to meltin the wet ingredients and the dryingredients are starting to go alltogether let me show you see how the wetand the dry is going together so afterit boils for that minute we’re going totake it off the stove and that’s whenwe’ll add in the oats and the peanutbutter so while that’s cooking a littlebit I’m gonna get my peanut butter readyI’m gonna get a scoop here put it insidemy handy dandy little measuring cup weneed 1 cup of butter and I already haveit set to be at the 1 cup markI love peanut butter you can make nobodycookies without peanut butter if youhave a peanut allergy you could use adifferent kind of butter you could usesunflower butter or you can just usenone all there’s all kinds of recipesthe recipe I’m using is from thefoodnetwork.comokay sure it’s level on top nice andflat I love this peanut butter so I’mmaking sure it’s nice and packed down inthere okay that’s gonna be ready to gogive it a stir over here this is what wegot going on now nice and liquidy now Ialways wear my apron because I’m verymessy in the kitchen so I have to wearmy favorite apron that I got forChristmas one year helps me stay alittle bit cleanerit’s getting really liquidy now allright so we’re gonna need let’s see howmuch all three cups of oats so I’m usingthese old-fashioned rolled oats you canuse instant oats whatever you have onthe hand might look like that so I’mgonna get my 1 cup measuring cup and getit all readywhat have you guys been cooking at homehave you been helping I bet you’ve beenlearning a lot from your mama’s orwhoever you’ve been staying with helpingthem cook and bake and smell somechocolate is yummyI feel like everything is pretty muchmixed together we’re just waiting on itto boil hereI bet you can’t guess what I like mywhole kitchen is strawberries yes so Ihope you have enjoyed being here in mykitchen with me because it’s been alittle lonely disease it boiling I’mstarting to see a few balls I’ll showyou real quick it’s completely liquidynow nice and hot there’s a few bubblesall right I would say that is prettymuch boiling now so we’re gonna bring itover here and take it off the heatand get ready to put our oats in in ourpeanut butter scraping down the sides alittle bit here making sure everythingis nice and mixed we don’t want it toburn so all right the heater is offbringing it on over herenow I don’t know if you can hopefullyyou can see this okay you’re gonna pushyour peanut butter right into your panpush if you have one of those it’s notyou can scrape it out of your pan withone of these see Harry I’m making a messalreadyall right so our pan butter is in thereit’s gonna melt all down in there withour stuff here and then our oats sowe’re gonna need three cups remembernice and level scoops you guys know howto do nice lovely scoops when we passaround the food it’s cool nice and flaton top one two three we’re gonna mix mixmix and then I believe we have to add inthe vanilla one of the last thingsmixing mixing mixing mmm look about canyou see it delicious I cannot wait nowthese have to cool for about an houronce you get them flopped out on hereparchment here that looks nice and mixedtogether and it’s already starting tothicken up let’s double-check our recipeokay it says we need to add the vanillanext and I use it I used salted butternot regular unsalted butter I don’t needto add the pinch of salt that the recipecalls for so I’m just going to get mine[Music]okay we need one tablespoon nice andflat it’ll hold it really still makesure it stays level perfect pour thatright in there and that’s all we neednowlike I said I didn’t need to do the saltand mix that right in you can just usemy your teaspoons something like thatto scoop it out with I’m gonna use mylittle handy dandy scooper just give itright out like this onto my cookie sheetand then I’ll have some good sizedcookies there you want to space them outlike an inch or two apart so that theydon’t run into each other when theystart to set up oh that’s so good theysmell so yummy[Music]I wonder how many scoops I can get outof this I don’t know if the wall fit onhere I might have to get another onewe’ll see how many do I have so far canyou see one two three four five sixseven eight nine ten so far who’s gonnaeat all these cookies me and mr. Johnnywe’re gonna be not so healthy if we dothat we might need to freeze some ofthese and eat them another time oh wecould share them with our neighbor leavethem on this front porchtaurine now how many do we have you seeyou more look at me I’m making a messover here messy messy this is why MissAnna is the one that usually does theplay-doh unstuff because she’s a reallygood cookyes look as messy as me all right let’sfamily we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1112 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 we got to fit atleast one more on hereit’s find a spot for it I still have alittle bit more in my pan sometimes Ilike to sneak and eat just some of itwith the spoon before it sets up it’s sowe still got quite a bit in there let’stry to find some room for it so thatwould be 21 25 cookies welcome we werein the classroom and have planning forall 20 kids and three teachers andprobably miss Cheryl and someone elsewho was hanging out around thereprobably look at all of our cookies theylook so yummy so yeah an hour then we’llbe ready for us to eat I wish you werehere with me shining stars I miss youguys hope you’re doing good see youlater

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