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Ultimate Pantry Cookies At Home With Alix • Tasty

Learn how to make your own unique pantry cookies with Alix! What ingredients are in your pantry?

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We’re mindful of how the current coronavirus outbreak might be affecting your access to stores and general grocery items. Please know that many of these videos were filmed before the outbreak and additional new videos filmed by our producers, working safely from their homes, may look and feel different than what you’re accustomed to. We don’t expect you to make all of our recipes now, but we hope you’ll find it a joyful distraction that’s entertaining, inspiring, and worth saving for a future food challenge or meal shared with friends.

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Video Transcription

– Hey guys, it’s Alix.Welcome back to my apartment.Last night, I was hanging
out, sitting on the couch,watching some Netflix, might
have involved some tigers.(tiger roaring)And I got hit with the
strongest sweet tooth.But this time, I was out of luck.I didn’t have anything to eat,
so I got a little creativeand I came up with something
that was so deliciousthat I am so excited to
share with all of you.This is a recipe for my
brown butter pantry cookies.I call ’em pantry cookies
’cause you can literallythrow anything you have in
your pantry in this cookie.What’s also really cool about this cookieis that it doesn’t use any flour at all.All right, enough talking,
let’s get cooking.All right, here we are,
back in my kitchen.Now, like I said, this is a
totally customizable cookie.That’s why I call them pantry cookies.For me, I’m gonna be using some coconut,some chocolate chips,
and some chopped walnuts.If you don’t have these
ingredients on hand,don’t stress.You could switch out walnuts for pecans,you could add some dried fruit.You can just totally omit the coconut,whatever works for you.For the flour, we’re gonna be using oats.These are whole rolled oats.I’m gonna be putting these in the blenderto grind it up into an oat flour.We have two sources of sweetness here.We’ve got brown sugar and maple syrup.The just work really well together.If you don’t have maple
syrup, you can swap in honeyor you could bump up the brown sugar.Lastly, just some other
basic pantry items,baking soda, salt, butter, and that’s it.All right, time to make the dough.(lively music)I know flour can be super
hard to come by these days,so I really wanted to
create a delicious recipeso that it didn’t stop you from baking.Making oat flour is super easy.I’m just gonna pop these
rolled oats into my blenderand blend.
(blender whirring)My blender is very loud.All right, and just like
that, we’ve got oat flour.So if you take a look,
it’s actually very similarto the consistency of regular flour.It’s a little bit grittier, of course,because we’re using oats
and grinding ourself.So now that our oat flour is done,we’re gonna get moving on the
rest of our dry ingredients.So to the oat flour, I’m gonna
be adding a teaspoon of salt.I’m also gonna add a 1/2
teaspoon of baking soda,and finally, a 1/2 a
cup of full rolled oats.I like using full rolled
oats on top of the oat flourbecause it just gives that added textureto the final cookie.You wanna make sure it’s fully mixed.And we’re gonna set our dry
ingredients aside for now.(lively music)All right, moving on to
probably my favorite partabout this cookie, the brown butter.It gives this awesome, luxurious,rich nuttiness to your cookie,but don’t let that intimidate you.It’s super easy to make.Melt your butter down
and get those brown bitsand thank me later.It’s also helpful to use a lighter panso that you can check
the color of the butteras it cooks, but it’s not necessary.I don’t have a lighter pan,
so this is what I’m using.Or maybe I will.You’re gonna wanna pay close
attention to your butterbecause there’s only a few secondsbetween brown butter and burnt butter.And we don’t want burnt
butter in this recipe.All right, six tablespoons
of butter going in.You wanna keep a close
watch of your butter.Once it’s melted, you’re
gonna wanna keep stirring.We just wanna make sure it doesn’t burn.Again, making brown butter
takes a few extra minutes here,but it’s worth it, I promise.All right, so now my butter
has completely melted downand I’m gonna keep stirring.You’ll notice that your
butter starts to foam up.That’s totally normal.And then, eventually,you’ll notice some brown
bits forming at the bottom.Keep it stirring and once it’s brown,we’ll take it off the heat.(lively music)Our butter is brown.It looks and smells super delicious.All right, and to our brown butter,I’m gonna add a 1/3 of
a cup of brown sugar,1/4 of a cup of maple syrup, again,a super awesome flavor from
the maple syrup here, one egg,and now whisk.You’re gonna wanna mix
this up pretty well.I always try to do the heavy
mixing while everythingis separated, and then, once
we add in the dry ingredients,you’re gonna wanna switch
to more of like a fold.All right, the wet is mixed.Now, I’m gonna start
adding our dry ingredientsto the wet ingredients.And again, I’m switching to a spatulato fold it all together.The dough is gonna look fairly
wet when it comes together.Don’t worry, as the dough
sits, the oats will continueto absorb some of that moisture.Ooh, it smells so good.All right, and finally, I’m
gonna add in the yummy stuff.So again, I’m using shredded,
unsweetened coconut,chopped walnuts and chocolate chips.You can swap in whatever you
have on hand, don’t stress.I’m adding a 1/2 a cup of eachof these toppings just ’cause this makesfor a really nice, chunky textured cookie.Give it a final mix.All right.So now, I’m gonna let this dough hang outon the counter, at room temperature,for about 10 to 15 minutes.This will help the dough
absorb some of that moistureso that it comes together more easily.You could also pop it in the fridge,but that will result in a fluffier cookieand I like my cookies a little
bit flatter and chewier.I also should mention that Ihave my oven preheating to 350 degrees.All right, see ya soon.(lively music)Our dough has been hanging
out for about 15 minutes.If you give it a little mix,you’ll notice that it’s a lot thickerthan it was originally.So that’s a really important step.I just use about a spoonful of dough.Then I transfer it into my
hand and roll it into a balland then just pop it on the sheet.The cookies don’t spread out too much,so you don’t have to worry
about them being too close,but I still leave like an inch apart.The dough is a little bit sticky,so your hand’s will
probably get a little messy,but it just adds to the fun.This is definitely an
activity you can do with kids,working for the cookies.I’m sure they won’t mind.Last one for this tray, beautiful.Now, I’m not saying I’ve
tried this dough because thereis egg in there, but it’s really good.I’m gonna use a spoon to
flatten these cookies out.This will help you get
the perfect cookie shape.If your spoon sticks
too much to the dough,you can oil the back of it so thatit comes off nice and easy.And I just try to go around with my fingerand kind of reshape them just to make surethey’re nice and round.Finally, and this is totally optional,I’m gonna add a little bit of flaky salton the top of each one.I really like flaky salt on cookies.Just adds a little like
something, something.All right, and now we bake.So I’m gonna back these at 350 degreesfor about seven minutes.They cook pretty quickly, which is a plus.Just check ’em to make
sure they don’t burn.(lively music)All right, our timer just went off,I’m gonna check on the cookies.Ooh, those are lookin’ so good.So these cookies are a little bit fragilebecause we’re using oat flour.So I’m gonna let them cool
a bit on the pan itselfbecause if I try to transfer them now,they’ll probably break.Then I’ll transfer them to
a plate to cool even moreand then, we’ve got our cookies.(lively music)And there you have it,our brown butter pantry cookies are done.They smell so good.I cannot wait to try it.(lively music)Mm, these are so good.They’ve got the perfect
balance of salty to sweet.They’ve got so much texturefrom all this stuff we put in there.The carmalizy sweetness
from the brown sugarand the maple syrup goes so wellwith that brown butter and the walnuts.Mm, definitely a cookie that
will satisfy the sweet tooth,my sweet tooth, specifically.All right, well, I hope
you enjoyed this video.If you make these cookies, please tag me.I’d love to see it.And remember, stay home, wash
your hands, and eat a cookie.- [Male] Oh yes!(lively music)(camera flashing)(lively music)

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