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Traditional Peanut Cookies, no mixer needed! Easy to make delicious to eat! CNY Must Have!

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Small snacks and cookies are really popular at this time of year. Peanut cookies is one of them.

Making peanut cookie from scratch can be very time consuming, as you need to roast or fry raw peanuts before hand, also you will need to grin them to fine powder as well. But with My Baking Place, we carry MIEYA roasted peanut powder. It saves you time and you can bake this delicious peanut cookies in no time. Further more, it taste great! Melt in your mouth and not too sweet.

You may purchase peanut powder at this site:


MIEYA Peanut Powder 350g
All Purpose Flour 300g
Icing Sugar 140g
Salt 1/4 tsp
Oil (Peanut / Canola) 150g
Egg Yolk 1pc

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