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The EASIEST Easter Egg cookies you’ll ever make!

Dip your way to a stunning collection of rainbow easter egg cookies with this super easy icing tutorial!

What you’ll need:
– 20 egg shaped cookies
– 200g royal icing
– gel food colouring
– water
– a cookie scribe or similar

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Music: Not the King – Ice Tea

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys very welltoday’s video is gonna be super easy ifyou’re looking to do some easter bakingwith the kids or wearing your completebeginner and you’re just looking forsomething that looks good but takesminimal effort this video is for youI’m going to be showing you hard to dipexactly hard lines instead of the usualoutline of flood we are going to bedipping our cookies directly into theicing and we’re gonna be making somerainbow speckled egg cookies perfect forEaster hi pretty okay so what you’regoing to need you will need some royalicing outline consistency you’re goingto need some food coloring whatever youhave around the house whatever colorsyou like toothpicks or a cookie scribeif you have them some water and somecookies of course like you don’t helpyou recipe for the royal icing or thecookie bases stop right here go check myprevious videos I put up in-depthtutorials of both of those so you startthere and then come back as for thecookie shapes if you don’t have an eggcookie cutter no problem I didn’t haveone eitherI hand cut these using a piece of cardso I just drew it under the card placethat down onto my cookie dough and cutaround the edge it’s just the same youmight not be as perfect but they lookjust as great so let’s get startedthe key thing with dipping is all aboutconsistency so what we’re doing isgetting rid of the need for a thickoutline and a runny ER flood we’re gonnamake icing somewhere in the middlethat’s just running enough to cover thecookie but not so ready that it justgoes over the edge yes I did just makethat much we basically want to keepadding a little bit water at a timeuntil we get it to the perfectconsistency and that should be what Icall the six second rule so if we giveit a stir the surface should take sixseconds to get fully smooth again solet’s do this together I’ll show you weare going to add a teaspoon of water ata time where you can see how much I sayImy ball here it’s not a lot a littlegoes a long way but I’m just gonna addone teaspoonI’m going to keep adding until I thinkit is the right consistency that waswearing more than a teaspoon we’re goingto give that a stir and see if I can getyou guys to see you up here nicely okaythis looks like a pretty goodconsistency to me and I’m going to testit by lifting my screen up letting itfall and then hunting how long it takesto go to the east moveable surface againso all one two three four five six and ahalf stick and a half we’ll take that soyou can see it’s still pretty thick it’snot completely flood consistency but itcompletely goes smooth on the surfaceagain that’s what we’re looking forthat’s the perfect consistency so if wedip our cookie and it’s just gonna coatit but not fall over the edge I’m gonnago ahead and color this as well sothat’s try a little bit of the colorfood coloring if you’re gonna want touse a gel food coloring for royal icingand you’re gonna use a little bit at atime because a little of this has a verylong way so I’m just going to take oneof my scribes I’m gonna pop a littletiny amount literally that much for nowyou can always add more but you can’ttake any oh I just remember that I’mgonna give that a good stir I think Ilike that color why am I asking it likeit’s a questionso our that we have our icing at theright consistency we just go ahead andstart dipping and it really is thatsimple just gonna grab one of yourcookies I always like the most difficultthing is just not getting your fingersof Hawaii and I thinktrend finish it on the very tips of yourfingers as much as you can and you’rejust going to plunk it in the middle ofthe bowl you’re gonna hold it in therefor a couple of seconds then you’regonna lift it up slowly allow any excessicing to just fall off the cookie give alittle shake to speed it along and thenflip it over my ladder just give itanother shape to let the icings move outon on the edge and the surface and Ihave a giant air bubble don’t even seeso you keep your cookie scribe or you’rehooked I’ll stick to hand and just popit you can see that’s fully covered it’snot falling off it’s the rightconsistency it’s not gonna trip over theedge I can plug wood and if there’s anylittle imperfections you want to hasn’tquite covered all the edges you can justuse your computer grab to swirl it tothe edge like we do regular cookiedecorating but that one’s pretty perfectso I’m happy with that and it’s at thattime I’m gonna do another one I’ll do alittle bit more close-up so you guys canreally see what I’m doing here[Music]suckling pig done I’ve made up a wholeother bunch of the rain relief hastilycolors because I want to rainbow Easteregg five if you don’t have that manyfood colors two hands why not go for anombre effect so if you just have onecolor maybe just do different variationslike colors starting from light to darkthat could be really cool if you don’thave any for coloring why not just makea white dip dip small white and thensprinkle some sprinkles on top if youwant to get really creative why not trymixing a few different colors togetherin the one ball see what happens therethat could be really cool as well butI’m gonna go ahead with my rainbow themeI’m going to get dipping and then I’llshow you what we do next[Music]I need to get these dried longer so todry them you’re gonna pop them in theoven for 40 minutes to an hour 50degrees C or lower and we are gonna letthem dry out for a further 20 minutesout of the oven until they’re hard tothe touch so I gotta get them in theoven then I’m gonna wash my hands so myeggs are in the oven I’ve got them coolfor for over 20 minutes you can see thatthey have a lovely Sheen to them andthey’re really hard to the touch so Iknow they’re ready and now for the finalstep we’re going to speckle our eggslike if you followed me for a while youprobably know I have a thing for goldspeckles love bit of gold on a cookieso I have some edible gold good painthere which I’m going to be using tospeckle them if you don’t have ediblegold food paint that was a my fault athome don’t worry if there are a fewother options you could try the cocoapowder makes it a touch of hot water youcould use that to speckle instead thegel colors that we used earlier add atouch of vodkaand that will essentially turn it intoat any paint or maybe you have an ediblepan of whoo you could just speckle uponyourself behind and if you don’t haveany of those just make it here that’sstill gonna look for just as gorgeousI’m going to go ahead and suspect me soyou want the pace to be quite big youdon’t want to be just like this lettingthem fall at random[Music]here’s tip we have any imperfections onyour cookie like maybe a little airbubble or just a little bit of icingthat’s gonna be funny just can’t do itthrow a little bit of cold paint at onefinal tip when you are splattering don’tsplatter the same direction every timemove this hand different angles andyou’ll get a really nice pattern sothere you have it those speckled rainbowEaster Egg cookies I absolutely lovethese are so easy to make if you do havea go please shower as tigers and anypictures that you take I would love tosee them if I can just leave you withone final tip don’t be an idiot of weara white shirt anytime you’re handlingfor corn[Music][Applause][Music]

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