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Stay safe at home and bake cookies!

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Video Transcription

hello my name is Silva if you are boredor hungry now we can make cookies it’sme again we have to fold the recipe andthen second we have to put all the foodinside here serve put the end in failureand secondly I put sure inside here[Music]finally you have to mix up or we have tomix up[Music]aha finally we have to[Music]and then chip with this and you have tocopy it like this[Music]I know[Music]now any shape you want estimate thewheelchair or any[Music]when you are finished and patru tell youwhat I mean[Music]tell your mom diewe are finished and then we have to thenyour mom have to put in the oven if thecookies is done then we can eat cook itand this and remember be safe and stayhome and thanks for watching[Applause]

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