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Stay home and bake cookies

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Video Transcription

guys it’s Letran family today we will bemaking chocolate chip cookies okay soyou gotta put in some one stick ofbutter two eggs and some two T’s twoteaspoons of vanilla extra and then youneed one cup of chocolate chips thisbowl you’ll be doing salt one tablespoonof salt and then two fourth a cup offlour and then you will be needing threeand a 3/4 a cup of sugar white sugar and3/4 cup of brown sugar and for the andwe also have baking soda and one cup ofthat one one tablespoon of that teaspoonand then so we’re gonna put this likeour egg liquid batter into driesand then now we’re gonna put in ourtopic and then we’re gonna stir ourchocolate chips in with ourmake sure you gotta clean them yourhandsit’s gonna look like and we’re gonnajust put that on the side and then wegotta mold it into a circle in our houseokay but when you put it inside the ovenyou will be need parents supervisionbecause it might be hot and it lookslike and thanks for watching make sureto hit that subscribe button smash thatlike button and hit the notificationsthank you

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