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Smack Time Molasses Cookies – Like Grandma Used to Make

Smack Time Molasses Cookies – Like Grandma Use to Make
This is a recipe my wife’s Grandma had in her recipe box.
Can I say I had to make 2 batches of these, because my family gobbled them up, before I could even turned around.
This recipe did not have any bake temperature or time to cook so I cooked at
350 degrees and 11 minutes and they came out nice and chewy and didn’t get hard. You could cook them a minute or 2 longer if you like crunchy cookies.
This video is a tribute to all Grandmas out there. I recently have gotten ahold of 50 to 100, at least, year old recipes that my Grandma used to prepare for us when we was growing up. My wife also presented me with her Grandma’s / Grandma’s box collection of handwritten recipes, a lot of them without titles. So making many of these cooking videos will be a surprise even to me.
I follow the recipes exactly with no substitutions on ingredients.
Grandmother recipes are the ones you can always relate to. You can eat something and you might say “Like Grandma Used to Make”.
The recipes I have, are from original cookbooks, newspaper cutouts, or good ol’ hand written recipes.
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If you have a Grandmother recipe you would like to share, leave a comment below. I’ll be glad to make a video of it for you and try out your Grandmother cooking.

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