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Skinny Banana Cookies Easy Healthy Cookies Only 3 Ingredients!

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Video Transcription

[Music]I’m Kristen and I’m Elise and we’re fromsick sister stuff comm and today we’regoing to make skinny banana cookies umlots of times I have leftover bananasand I’m not exactly sure what to do withthem and I really don’t want to makebanana bread and so we found this recipeand it’s so easy to make it only takesabout three ingredients and so ouringredients are two mashed bananas andthey want to be ripe bananas because ifthey’re not right the cookies won’ttaste very good so we have to mashedbananas and then we have one cup ofold-fashioned oats and then you caneither do a fourth or a half a cup ofchocolate chips and I like a half a cupbecause I like more chocolate sweetenthem up exactly you can also use darkchocolate if you want to do that but I’ma milk chocolate kind of girl and thisis something you could easily do withyour kids three ingredients dump them inyou’re good to gothey even my kids like the mashing partof it yeah and we love this recipe we’veall been trying to get healthier andstay in shape and this is I mean there’sa little chocolate but everybody needschocolate so exactly and you can makethem healthier by adding blessedchocolate chips okay so you just want tomix it kind of tell everything is moistalright and then I’m gonna have Elisestart scooping these out for me now thisrecipe makes anywhere from twelve tosixteen depending how big you want themthere you go and just pop them down umon an ungreased cookie sheet you can youcan grease it or and grease it for megreasing is it’s a little easier to getthem off but you also get the residue onthe bottom of your cookies so either onejust depends yeah um and these cookieswill cook at 350 degrees for anywherefrom twelve to sixteen minutes you wantto watch them and when they start tobrown that’s when you want to to pullthem out but if they start getting tooBrown they’re gonna be really crunchynow these are a little different texturethan normal cookies they’re a littlekind of like a bananaread but just little just a littlesmaller so they’re chewy okayshould we grab those but yeah you tellme what I should do put three more andthen they can get the finished one hourcaptain there we go and one last oneso usually try and get 12 to a tree okaythen we actually have some alreadycooked and ready to go and you knowstick those ones in – so this is ourfamily skinny banana cookies we hope youenjoyed this recipe it’s one of ourfamily favorites for this recipe andmany others check out our website 6sister stuff calm and stay tuned to mycraft channel for our other amazingrecipes[Music][Music]

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