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Quarantine day 23- Morgan and I try to make cookies

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Video Transcription

all right guys this xx wolf girl todaywith my newest wolf shirt it’s aboutfive years old dude that’s like tenyears old like nine nine or eight howold are you 23 – no are you areyou serious wait are you serious heyguys what’s up today today we’re makingcookies he’s for emotional ruinseverybody’s damage for miserable peoplealways for on the dark side cuz we havetwo fresh cookies cookies whoaanyway we’re making chicks okay wait shedoesn’t know what we’re making she’sgonna be like mad about a bow or makingchickpea chocolate chip cookie Hey sothere are our our ingredients pure seasalt this can be eaten straight put inyour fruit paint on your Oakland sourdad he likes to put shadow shout-out toRay Ray Rawlinson he put salt onwatermelon and peaches and nectarinesmore water put salt and water sometimeshe loves them some salt so this ishomage to our father today putting thissalt into our recipe sodium sodiumsubscribe and turn those notificationson okay talking to you chanting talkingto you Megan Sarah watching Megan Idon’t even get my chanting chantingEmily I know Channing’s for Channing heyMia I think Mia I think you watch myvideos what’s up girl um Ethan oh reallyyes I’m max oh shut up – Ethan forwatching this game you’ll interest themwith me shout out to all you regulars ifyour regular here go ahead in commentslike I shot you up nextwatch Aziz okay Burma win oh okay okayshout out some gravel in our biggestshout out shout out to Grandma Lin yoshut up – gee ma e ma l GM l grandma Linno you have to turn the camera over herebecause we have a blender so eitherrecord me our I’ll record you out okayhey guys it’s Morgan getting up closeand personal with my double chin todaywe’re gonna do some face exercises Ihate people like to do that like thehourall right guys we’re gonna start out allright guys one cup of oats we’re justgonna put it straight into the blenderyou wanna you want to turn the cameraover here so we’re gonna put that rightin the blender guys straight in theblender yeah yeah we’re gonna blend itup into out flour so you just you justgonna throw mom we’re gonna try Paul youmakhani taunting low five[Music]so you have flour now you see it’s alittle powdery okay and powdery oatflour wait we need adjust the lightingokay now we have a disgusting chickpeasha you get a whole can that you havedrink what these that is real whatdelicious chickpeas okay they do smell abit I’m just gonna go with that pungentyou’re gonna put that those are garbanzobeans same thing oh I didn’t know thatsee look at this put it straight in thewater oh yeah they’ll make a disgustingnoise but it’s okay cuz it’ll taste itokay and then first week never gonna usea banana this is for our sweetener guysthen we’re gonna get some peanut buttergonna get some peanut butter um we’rejust gonna scoop like half the jar rightin there you know you kind of need ityou kind of need it to mask the taste ofthe beans you just put in the blenderwe’re into about 1/4 cup here we’re notputting it in the cup because like s fatright it’s as peanut butter stickiesyeah we’re using 1/4 cup of peanutbutter peanut butter to be actuallycompliment each other really well itbrings out that believe up and you can’teven take the chickpeas once you add thepeanut butter in so you know just seasonto taste like a tackle jar peanut butterI don’t know if you know butter isdelicious its nutritious its you knowhigh in protein its high in healthy fatsjust go for it yeah yeah everyone do iton mostly you can still like you don’tbet on Sam you can just throw a pinch ofsalt and if you like oh yeah coronavirusoften these cookies okay yeah just apinch of salt you know just to bring outthe flavors right look I don’tunderstand it but science so sciencerules[Music]Bill Nye the Science Guy we’re gonna addsome pure vanilla extract here I don’tunder I just throw it right in a littlebit knate knate you don’t want to addtoo much because um I don’t know itmakes it a pro so the whole teaspoon ofbaking powder don’t really know how muchyou’re supposed to add but this is justhow I do it and then almost works outBAM anyway we’re gonna add this brownsugar here we’re gonna start off withyou wanna fill that up like halfway babyor just the whole thing aren’t like hairyou don’t forget it pack it just likeyep okay well one cup brown sugar onesheet and then we’re just gonna loveagainthat’s mother but Tesla eats Prince youknow why my mystery Trina islandpoptropica mmm does he really I don’tknow any mystery he does so and we knowpoptropica to be historically a storytimeand so drop if you don’t know tothe all the old island off they have tomake it accessible to use without flashbecause flash and 2020 is eventuallygoing to be gone like at the beginning2021 flash is gonna be gone so butwebsites are having to remind sorry sothey took all the old i bug off whichare the best islands except for theydidn’t take 24 carat or time travel orlike a couple other ones because theyalready redid those who long time ago ifyou remember I emailed them because theywere supposed to have them back up bythe end of 2020 they’ve been gone like afull year guys right so beginning at2020 rolls around I emailed them I sayhey Jeff Kinney can you please just likeget on it like I I’m trying to playpoptropica get an email back they saythey don’t know when Islands are gonnacome back out sometime in during the 20so yeah great year to start off my yearguys great way to start to start off mygearso then the other day on April 1stthey’re just poptropica me makan Ifollow and they were all guys did onpopped her off with a look all the oldislands are back and so I really knowit’s a joke and I just start dyinglaughing and I send it to her and she’slike screaming what happened reallyyelling some other than like oh my godwell it came in you were like are youserious and I was just I was watching my600 pound life I turn off the TV shutoff all the light shut off all thelights in the room I was in to go intomy room and get my computer ready toplay a poptropica and then I walk in andthis hoe is just laughing and I realizeshe says what day is it and I say April1st what is today what is today brickmortgage no Blastoise in the freezer ohwe’re gonna go swimming while we blastit to make it harden a little bit so itcan pour it into some balls you can alsoadd more flour but you know what this iswhere we’re at right nowbut it’s chocolate vegan these areactually affordable begin chocolatechips you can get at Target because Iknow some brands are expensive for thevegan chocolate choice accidentallyvegan yeah I think I’ll using 1/4 cup ofchocolate chips a little more if youwant you know I’m just gonna throw alittle bit more on because bear I’m justgonna fold them in you just want to pullthe chocolate chip saying you knowthat’s what all the recipes and I’m likeyou know I’m just gonna put them in homerun while like come at me like what’swhat’s gonna happen come how come have Istarted off just fold your tackle chipsin alright there we go got nice we got anice consistency there just gonna let itharden on the fridge real quick and thenwe’ll be good to go you know ok guys sowe have our dough here straight out ofthe freezer we left it in there for agood 20 minutes probably and it’s likeperfect consistency to roll some littleballs do all this do all this dual thatyou’ll seewe put these cookies in the oven we’regonna go ahead and do a maybe like 15minutes like don’t burn your handoverboardermahgerd we finished the cookies herethey are they look yummy we ought to letthem cool got a cool to see the tapein July our website so this is gonna bemy story then cuz I obviously know a lotmore than you because you’re justa boomer okay just got that out as thefresh cookies cookies yeah yeah he’slike God semen you know what I’m sayinhe got cut

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