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Quarantine Baking: Making Healthy Cookies for the family

Here are the two ingredients for the breakfast cookies.

6 bananas & two cups quaker oats
Mash bananas bowl & than add oats. That simple!
Preheat oven – 350 degrees & bake 15 mins

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Video Transcription

yeah mmm there’s no delicious okay thisis my two ingredients breakfast cookiesso let’s check them out okay so in thesecookies we have Quaker Oats we have I’vealready missed some here use some oldbananas and nobody wants what do you dowith the old bananas you make breakfastcookies yeah so so you have twoingredients you do I do 2 cups of QuakerOats and I use 6 bananas from myfavorite recipe my husband likes it withtwo two cups of Quaker Oats in just fourbananas he likes it more dense so youhave a choices here of what you can dohere’s the other things you can dothat’s really fun so that’s the tunethat’s the two main ingredients if youjust made it like that it’d be deliciousokay what I like to do I like toactually put these chocolate chips in itthey’re sugar free they’re stevia and umno sugar added these are amazing and oneof my favorites okay my husband hereally likes the raisin he likes theraisins and he really loves the cinnamonin it so I usually put a lot of cinnamonbetween two to four tablespoons ofcinnamon with a big batch so it’s reallygoodanother way to sweeten it is you can Ilike to put look maybe a tablespoon ofstevia in or you can use honey you thinkalso use agave nectar so you don’t needto use any sugar if you want to sweetenit just a little bit kids love sweetthings so also you want to pre-heat youroven at 350 and you’re only gonna bakethem for 15 minutes so this is superfast super easy you can do it twoingredients another fun thing for thisis that if you have four kids you candivide the dough up and then have themdo their own cookie you can even add alittle bit of peanut butter in ityou could add some maybe some almonds Imean you could add some almond flavoringyou could really get creative with thishave funbe creative I don’t really like cookingbut I do like experimental cooking if Isee a recipe that I think I can makehealthier and make it still taste goodthen I get excited so I have a lot offun recipes that I want to share butthis is my most easiest one what I’dlike to do in the morning is I usuallyfreeze these you can freeze these for along time but you can also put in therefrigerator for about a week what Ilike to do is pop these out in themorning and the first thing I do in themorning is I have my breakfast cookieand I have my coffee and then I have mytime with God so my other cooking tipfor you is to spend more time with Godand I do that in the morning with mybrother’s cookie so thanks for twominutes and thank you guys for watchingthis video and stay tuned with normmarine kings cooking enjoy somebreakfast cookies thank you bye

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