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Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies

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Video Transcription

today I am going to show you how to makeone of my favorite cookiesI forget how easy these cookies hard tomake we’re making peanut butter no bigtoday minimal ingredients the lineupwe’ve got is a half cup or a stick ofbutter 1/2 cup of milk a full cup ofsugar and then standby we’ve got a cupof creamy peanut butter a tablespoon ofvanilla extract and three cups of oats[Music]so to get started you want to first addyour half stick of butter your 1/2 cupof milk and your whole cup of sugar in asaucepan and I’m turning this on lowheat so you are going to mix these twoingredients until the butter has meltedif you’d like to make chocolate peanutbutter no thanks at this time you’ll add3 tablespoons of Hershey’s baking cocoaI’m just kind of feeling peanut buttertoday so I’m going to set this aside butchocolate no bakes are also an optionone more kitchen tip don’t throw awayyour butter wrappers these are awesomefor greasing it pans cookie sheetso you can save money you don’t have toalways be buying those non-stick cookingsprays you can just use the wrapper of abutter stick so as soon as your butterhas melted you’re going to turn yourheat up to medium-high heat and you’regoing to watch this very carefully untilit reaches a bubbling boil so as you cansee bubbles are starting to appear assoon as these become a little thickerI’m going to set my timer for one minutethese are the bubbles that we are goingfor so we’re going to set that timer forone minute and continue to stir this isa really important step you want to setyour timer and make sure this goes firstspecifically one minute because if itcooks for two longer your notebookcookies will turn out to be reallycrumbly so after your mixture hasbubbled for a minute you’re going totake it off the heat and you’re going toadd your cup of creamy peanut butter andyour 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract[Applause][Music]you’re going to want to make sure thatyour peanut butter is startingcompletely and this mixture becomes anice and smooth before you add in youroatsyour peanut butter has been mixed andwe’re going to add three cups of youroath so most no big recipes willrecommend that you make cooking oatsthey’re little finer I only have theold-fashioned oats so whether you’ve gotquick cooking oats fashioned rolled oatson hand[Music]doesn’t that look so delicious I couldprobably just eat these right out of thepot it’s tempting after you have thismixture evenly all sticking to your oatsyou’re going to drop by heapingtablespoons full on a cookie sheet linedwith wax paper and this just allows ourno base[Music]sometimes I like to take the back of myspoon kinda clean these up make them alittle more round a little more compactso your yield for the stress feet willvary depending on how big me you’re nobigs my Novak’s were about to EDPtablespoons fold so I made up 14 no bakecookies I’m going to pop these in thefridge for two hours[Music]

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