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Part one making cookies!!!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]this one and that one’s but Isaac ratedthis one I really love it and thenthere’s other cookies I think we’re notgoing to dicker those because we onlyhave like pop of the decorating cuz likewe thought it was gonna be nothingbecause we thought it was only we endedup[Music]thank you[Music][Music]it’s fine[Music]you don’t wanna know more[Music][Music][Music]so you can color I usually pick red butI’m gonna be doingand then what you’re gonna do is you’regonna fold it fold it all the edgesand it’s already better than me that’swhat’s good about how many freshmen isthat you don’t get anything dirty onlater whatever you’re usingoh you’re gonna add a couple fingersready but it’s fine because you’re gonnaget three doing this[Music]did someone open our doorvery hurtkeep on mixing thatbecause as emergencythis is very badit looks kinda breathe but let’s justdeal with it it’s got better when itcomes out I’m going to be making a parttwo of getting the cookies out so yeahso now after you have mixed all of that[Music]okay and I would say dadso first you have to lay it out likethat make sure it’s flat what elseSamantha parchment earshe’s an actor[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]butman you could do like to go get yourcookie cutter then justified and thatdoesn’t have thisyou have to do one at a time I’mattracted todo it again[Music][Music]using this todayyou know[Music]and why do we not destination becausethe food coloring is already into publicyou only need an article it’s gonna mixit as I guess opposed to here we’regonna be super dirty right you guys[Music]okay let’s do it a little because thisthey can bettersuccessmom put up a little air campaign[Music]so other get them to its new it’s toughwith this problem where there’s a littlebit of cookie to get a toothpick and westart on the edges[Music][Music]we’re done with that cookie now we’regonna move on to the next one[Music]I just wanted to be[Music]so make sure you guys keep thetoothpicks next to you because you mightmeaning your left late[Music]when you guys are done studying all youranimals then I’m going to be doing aperfect – and when I’m all done doingthe human tell you how much how manyminutes of it there

5 Replies to “Part one making cookies!!!

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  2. If you have a microwave, it only takes 30-45 seconds to melt butter. If any little bits aren’t fully melted, just stir. Mary’s laugh at 5:54 is just too cute!

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  5. Really enjoyed this cooking video…I would love to try some of the other foods you have shown with more of a breakdown of ingredients and times …like you did here. My favorite part had to be you holding Mary’s hands and stirring. So sweet. Soooooooooooooo different from my mom’s old school”stay out my kitchen” we heard as…

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