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NO-OVEN, NO-EGG, WHOLE WHEAT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES | no maida, eggless cookies on gas

A lot of you have been requesting for this recipe, so here it is- how to make eggless, whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies on gas, without oven!

Recipe notes-
1) use butter that is softened/ at room temp. I used salted butter from amul
2) I used super fine sugar. You can also use granulated sugar
3) If you don’t have brown sugar, replace it with jaggery powder or use 3/4 cup white sugar in total
4) You can make these cookies with aata or maida
5) I made them on induction stove so they took longer to bake. It might take lesser time on regular stove, so keep an eye and don’t let the cookies burn
6) Make small and thin cookies so they cook faster. If you shape very thick cookies, they will take long time to cook.

1 + ¼ cup (157 gm) whole wheat flour
1 tbsp (14 gm) cornflour
½ tsp (1.5 gm) baking soda
½ cup (113 gm) softened butter
½ cup (100 gm) light brown sugar
½ cup (115 gm) caster sugar
1 tsp (3 gm) vanilla extract
¼ cup (61 gm) milk
¼ cup (40 gm) chocolate chips

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Original of the video here

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