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No Bake Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

Easy-to-cook and delicious cookies and cream cheesecake! No oven required.
Follow these steps and enjoy your own delicious cheesecake now.
You don’t need no oven for this recipe!

Recipe and steps:
1). 36 Chocolate sandwich cookies
2). Separate Chocolate Sandwich and Cream
2). Crush them
3). Mixing 5 Tbsp melted butter with crushed cookies
4). Put it in the cheese cake mold and place it nice and flat
5). Warm a cup of milk
6). Put 3 Pieces of gelatin in a cold water
7). Put 32 Oz into the pan in a very low heat
8). 1/3 Oz of Sugar
9). 1 Tbsp of Vanilla extract
10). Start mixing the ingredient together
11). Put the gelatin in a cup of warm milk and pouring it into the cream-cheese to help it set
12). Whisk until the cream-cheese is soft and smooth
13). Pouring the finished cream-cheese into a cheese cake mold
13). Make the top surface of the cake smooth
14). Chill 4+ Hours in a refrigerator/fridge
15). Decorate the top of cheese cake with chocolate sandwich cookies
16). Enjoy!

Thank you for watching.
We hope you find this recipe useful and delicious!

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