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No-Bake Cookies 2/5

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Video Transcription

hey guys so the next cookie were to betalking about is a no big cookie ohthey’re pretty simple cookies they’rereally easy to make they’re cheap andthey are nutritious well relativelyspeaking for a cookie so change time nobakes have many different names likearound the United States so there’s a nobake then there’s preacher cookiesthere’s cow patties there’s poo jeezand there’s first-grader cookies sopreacher cookies are probably the mostpopular name other than no bake and thestory behind the name comes from whenlike passwords would show up on announcethe wires if the husband’s could whip upa batch of no bakes really quickly andby the time the preacher got to the dooror was inside and really did like have acookie yeah these would be cooling andready to enjoy the name cow patty comesfrom their looks cuz they’re round andthey’re chunky and yeah and then theother two popular names that I foundwere cookies and first-grader cookieschanged slides so the history the Novacookie is pretty limited I found aarticle that said they’re thought tooriginally during the Great Depressionso around the 1930s and that kind ofmakes sense because they have a lot ofprotein with the peanut butter in theoats and then in the 1950s is when theyreally took off well they came aroundwith like all the margarine andmass-produced peanut butter and cocoawith like the emergence of Hershey’s andchanged slides so the ingredients arethere no big cookie so you have half acup of butter and you want to cut itinto pieces to make sure that you don’thave to wait for it to melt and then twocups of granulated sugar half a cup ofmilk and you can use whatever kind ofyou want like if you wanna use almondmilk or coconut milk that’s fine too andthen you want to use 1/4 cup ofunsweetened cocoa powder 1/2 a cup ofcreamy peanut butter and they’re allright with chunky peanut butter I don’tprefer it cuz who likes peanuts in theircookies and then next you want to put ateaspoon of vanilla extract and youdon’t have to but that’s really up toyou I found recipes that you did anddidn’t and then lastly you put 3 cups ofquick cooking oats or 2 Quakers changeslides so the step is to make it a nobecause you you’re gonna want to mix thecocoa butter the cocoa powder buttersugar milk and salt into a double boilerand if you don’t have that you can put apot on the stove fill it with water andthey get a glass bowl or something thatwill fit inside of the pot and then putthe ingredients in that and there you goso the second step is to bring theingredients to a rolling boil for aminute and then you want to remove itfrom the heat and add the peanut buttervanilla and oatmeal and make sure youmix it well after that you’re gonna wantto take scoops of the cookie or spoonholes and then put it on a plate and orparchment paper and let them cool atleast an hour before serving and if youdon’t that’s fine too because warm thebakes are pretty good so that’s mypresentation thank you

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