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No-Bake Cookie Butter Chocolate Chip Caramel Cheesecake! – The Scran Line

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Oh hey there! My name is Nick. I’m a pastry chef and graphic designer. Combine these two passions together and you get The Scran Line! Join me on my baking adventures twice a week I post every Tuesday and Friday.

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Video Transcription

welcome back to another episode of thescram line guys I am making a just kindof super indulgent no bake cheesecake itis cookie butter and caramel chop-chopcheesecake and it’s no bake which meansit’s really easy to make and you canmake it in a jiffy which means reallyquickly before we get stuck into today’srecipe I’m gonna quickly remind you guysto hit the subscribe button make sureyou subscribe guys because I love seeingthis community growth and hit the littlebell icon next to that button so thatYouTube sends you a notification on yourdevice via email wherever you’rewatching so that you can be the first towatch my new videos now for this no bakecheesecake we’re going to begin with thecrust and I’m going to be usingsomething today called speculoos I hopeI’m saying that right speculoos cookiesotherwise known as Lotus cookies andLotus is the brand they actually makethe cookie butter them and be using inthis recipe as well so for those of youwho have never had cookie butter guys itjust is so good it’s so good I have someup in my cupboardI found crunchy cookie butter cookiebutter stuff it’s amazing anyway I haveto control myself so we’re going to beusing the Lotus cookies for the face youwant to use a you can crush these upusing a food processor like I am or youcan even crush them in a ziploc bagusing a rolling pin and then once you’vegot it nice and crush you’re going toadd some melted butter and we’re goingto mix that or blitz it and so all thecrumbs are coated you’re going to addthat into the bottom of a 8-inchspringform pan I’ve actually lined thebottom of that with some baking paperand use the back of a spoon to press itfirmly into the bottom of the tin you’regoing to set that aside in the fridgeand let it cool completely now let’smove on to actually making thecheesecake so we’re actually settingthis with two different things somegelatin andwhite chocolate both are going to setthis cake but the white chocolate isgoing to also add sweetness and flavoryou want to prepare the gelatin byadding it in a small mixing bowl andthen you’re going to add some water inthere as well use a fork to mix it Ifound the fork is the best thing to useto mix gelatin and water together you’regoing to set it aside for five minutesto soak up that water or bloom it’sknown as blooming and then you’re goingto microwave it for about 30 seconds andset it aside now for the cheesecake partwe’re going to be using somePhiladelphia Cream Cheese blocks thespreadable kind will not work for thisrecipe before anyone asks because peopledo ask we’re also going to be addingsome cream in there and some vanillaextract and we’re going to mix that inour food processor until everything isreally well combined then you want toadd your melted gelatin mixture mix thatbefore you add your melted whitechocolate and give it a final mix youwant to make sure that you’re scrapingdown the bowl using a spatula every stepof the way so that everything mixes inreally really wellnow we’re going to split our mixtureinto two separate bowls and in one we’regoing to be adding some cookie butterfor the cookie butter one you’reactually going to be adding some smallmini chopped chips in there and thenfold them through using a spatula[Music]in the other one we’re going to be usingsome caramel sauce now I’m actually notusing caramel sauce that’s a confessionI’m actually using Dorsett de leche andit is sweet guys but if you want tooffset the sweetness add a pinch of saltin there and it will turn it into kindof like a salted caramel flavor you wantto pour that cook it by the one into thecake pan first you’re going to gentlytap it or spread it around using aspatula let it chill in the fridge foran hour before you add the caramel layeron top so once you’ve got both layers inthere you’re going to let it chillreally really well for about two orthree hours once it is chilled carefullytake it out of your springform pan nowguys here’s a little secret andconfession I actually find that theeasiest way and the cleanest way toactually get a set cheesecake out ofthese springform pans without lining theside because sometimes that can cause itto look a little bit funny is toactually freeze the Cheesecake so freezeit for about four hours undo it so underspringform pan it and then let it fallfor about an hour or two before youfinish decorating let’s whip some creamso we’re gonna add some cream andvanilla extractinto a large mixing bowl use yourelectric stand mixer so with this thestiff peaks add it into a piping bagfitted with a Wilton 6v piping tip andset it aside now on top of this cake weare going to be drizzling some cookiebutter the best way to do this isactually melting the cookie butter inthe microwave for about a minute andthen we’re gonna drizzle it around thesides before we pop it in the fridge tochill for about 20 minutes and thenwe’re gonna finish it off by piping somewhipped cream on top and we’re gonnawedge some little Lotus cookies inbetween all of the cream and that’spretty much it guys it’s really reallyeasy and it looks phenomenal if you makethis recipe and the recipes on mywebsite if you want to make ittag me on incident because I love seeingyour recreations it makes me so happymake sure you go subscribe and but tipguys I hope you guys are having a lovelyday or night whenever you’re watchingthis I’ll see you all on the nextepisode of the scrambler[Music][Music]every step of the way so that so thateverything mixes in really really well

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