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Mrs. Lazzaro’s FACS- Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies

This recipe is a favorite of past students. We call this the “ Divide it in Half “ Lab. We have not madethis recipe in a couple years due to allergies. I am bringing it back for E-Learning. You can substitute any nut butter such as almond butter for the peanut butter if desired. Here is a link to the recipe:

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi everyone today we’re going to bemaking chocolate peanut butter and nobake cookies okay so they’re called nobake cookies because you don’t actuallybake them in the oven but you do cookthem on top of the stovetopso again if you’re making these at homeI want you to have parent permission tobe using the stovetop and to be makingthe cookies and also make sure that youread through the recipe very carefullyall the way through you practice implieswhich I would have done up here on mycountertop you really don’t see it it’skind of set up right here all myingredients are out all my tools are outthis is a this is the recipe you’regoing to be making we call it – thedivided in half lab because in schoolwhen we make this I give you this recipeand you actually divide it in half sothat the recipe will make half of theamount it’s good practice on kitchen matso today we’re going to make half theamount and I’m going to go through therecipe as you will when you decide tomake this at home okay so this will makethe yield of this recipe is 24 cookiesand as with always first thing you wantto do is wash your hands tie your hairback and do me some plies alright so tieyour hair back I am going to pause thisfor a minute so I can go wash my handsalright we’re ready to begin theingredients in my no-bake cookies oursugar cocoa butter milk peanut buttervanilla and oatmeal we actually haven’tdone this lab at school for a coupleyears a few years due to the peanutbutter allergy and we don’t like to havepeanut butter in the classroom so sincewe’re doing elearning this is a goodopportunity to bring back this recipe itwas always a favorite of everyone’s ifyou are allergic to peanut butter youcan substitute almond butter for thepeanut butter if you’re allergic to allof that there’s something called Sunbutter that can be a substitute peanutbutter is the best choice though and I’musing regular peanut butter you don’twant to use it under any of the naturalvarieties the kind that you get wherethe oil sort of separates out you wantjust regular peanut butterthat’s all mixed up and you don’t haveto stir to get it to mix okay so there’sa couple important things about thisrecipe one is that you you practice miseand Plus and at the bottom of the recipeit has a special tip and it says to makesure you measure out your ingredientsahead of time and this is because you’regoing to go kind of quickly once it goesto the stovetop so we’re going to startwith step number one and I have alsolooked through to see if there are anyprep steps and the only real prep stepis to make sure all my ingredients aremeasured out and ready to go so I’mgoing to do that first before I go tothe stovetop like I said okay so here’smy pan I have a sheet pan it says lay apiece of parchment paper or wax paper ona sheet pan and set it aside so here itis sheet panstep two in a medium saucepan so this isa saucepan you have these at home mediumthis one tends to be medium maybe even alittle on the large size but use whatyou have just make sure it’s not toosmall you’ll only need the pan you willnot need the lid so into the saucepan Iam going to measure and add the sugarthe cocoa the butter and the milk allright so I’m going to go ahead and dothat and then I’m going to come back andmeasure all the rest of my ingredientsbefore I do anything else okay so I amgoing to measure the sugar so my recipecalls for two cups so if I divide thatin half I’m going to use 1 cup of sugarso I’m going to get my sugar out andremember we talked a little bit aboutmeasuring sugar before with the biscuitrecipe if you saw that video already ifnot measuring sugar is very simple youjust take your dry measuring cup thatyou need and you dip it in okay you wantto get this really full so you get tocontinue and remember with flour wedon’t dip we spoon the flour in and welevel it off for some of you who haven’tseen that video with the biscuits we’llbe going over that quite a bit all rightso I’m going to take a straight edgewhich is a straight edge of my knife notflat but on edge and I’m going to sweepoff any of the extra sugar so I’m onlygoing to be using one cup because it’shalf of the recipe and it is going to gointo my saucepan right now my saucepanis not on the heat my Coco is next so ifyou’ve got cocoa at home then you got tobe careful when you measure it’s verypowdery it kind of comes up out of thecontainer so just be careful the recipecalls for four tablespoons of cocoa so Iam only going to use two tablespoonsthis is a teaspoon this is a tablespoonmake sure you get the correct one tablesare bigger than teacups so thetablespoon is the bigger one and that’swhat you want to use we need twotablespoons because we’re dividing thisin half so I’m just gonna go verylightly into my cocoa and I’m going tolevel it off with my straight edge okayand that’s gonna go right in with mysugar carefully like I said it’s verypowdery and I’m going to do one moretablespoon of that two tablespoons I wasdoing a complete recipe I would needfour tablespoons make sure to put thelid back on the ingredients especiallythe cocoa once you’re done with it andget it out of the way so that’ll freeyou up with for some more space that youneed for measuring your otheringredients okay the next thing that’salso in step one that needs to go inhere is the butter and the milk so mybutter calls for one stick of butter butfor this because I’m dividing it in halfI’m gonna use a half a stick of butterone stick of butter is a half a cup ahalf a stick of butter is actually ahalf up is actually 1/4 of a cup so I’mgoing to take my knife and cut downthrough my butter should be a cuttingboard right here so I don’t cut mycounter top and I’m going to use half ofmy stick of butter that is 1/4 of a cupit can be right out of the refrigeratorit doesn’t matter because remember we’regoing to be cooking this on top of thestove so in goes my butterokay and then the last thing is the milkso I need my original recipe calls for ahalf a cup so I’m actually going tomeasure 1/4 of a cup of milk when you’remeasuring a liquid you’re using yourliquid measuring cup not the drymeasuring cups and you put it down onyour counter top and you pour 1/4 of acup in there I’m going to move this downjust a little so you can kind of seethis may be alright so I’m gonna pourfourth of a cup in here and I am goingto get down at eye level to see if it’sactually at 1/4 of a cup it’s a littlebit more so I can kind of put a littlebit back okay fourth of a cup of milkthat’s all we want okay so that’s itthat’s also gonna go in the pan butremember I’ve read my recipe all the waythrough and they realize now that I needto get everything measured out and readyto go because once I go to the stovetopthis is gonna be it’s gonna be hard togo back and measure ingredients and havethem ready to go on time ok so what’sleft to measure is ahead of time my I’mgonna have to do my vanilla my oatmealand my peanut butterokay so measuring the peanut butter andhaving it ready to go it says that therecipe calls for let’s see where’s thepeanut butter 1 cup so I need 1/2 a cupof peanut butter as I’m dividing it inhalf so I’m looking for my half a cupmeasuring cup here it is and I’m goingto take my peanut butter now peanutbutter is kind of a sticky substance soyou’re gonna have to kind of you knowtake your spoon dip it in and one easyway to get it in there without gettingit all over you is to just take yourspoon turn it upside down put it upagainst your measuring cup and scrape itgo and get some more and keep doing thatuntil your measuring cup is pretty fullyou can turn the measuring cup if youwant to you just want to get all of thatreally packed in there make sure you’vegot enough okay so it looks like I’vegot quite a bit in there it’s kind oflooks a little overflowing you get alittle bit just to make sureokay there’s I put some in but now Ineed to level it off so I need to take astraight edge ofknife again here it is and I am going totake it and make sure it’s all in theregood and then I’m going to scrape offthe extra all right now I’m just gonnaput this next to my stove right herebecause I’m gonna put it right next andhave it ready to go right next to whereyou’re going to be working all right sothat’s my peanut butter to the back theother thing I need to measure ahead ismy vanilla so I have my vanilla extractand the recipe calls for one tablespoonof vanilla so I’m gonna do a half atablespoonnow your measuring spoons might not havea half a tablespoon so something you’velearned already is that there are threeteaspoons in one tablespoon so what wehave to do for dividing it in half wehave to say well if there’s threeteaspoons in one tablespoon and wedivide three in half we get one and ahalf so we’re going to take one and ahalf teaspoons of vanilla not tablespoonscoop us because one and a halfteaspoons and one and a half teaspoonsequals one tablespoon all right so we’regonna measure this over a custard cupkind of kind of like this the Swiss youcan see here’s one teaspoon going in andif I drip any it’ll be into my custardcup and I’m gonna put that into mylittle or container right here so that’sone and then I’m gonna get my half so Ithink I’m going to use this one overhere a half of a teaspoon again measureit over here in case I go overboard andnot getting it into me what I actuallyalready measured pour that in here allright so those are pre measured ready togo where’s it go next to my stove topokay make sure to put the lid back onthe vanilla so it doesn’t spill alrightand then the last thing is my oatmealneeds to be pre measured so it just saysthree cups of oatmeal so if I’m dividingthis in half I need one and a half cupsI guess soone and a half and one and a half equalsthree no it doesn’t really tell mewhether I’m going to do quick oats whichare a little smaller or old-fashionedregular oats which are a little biggerquick oats are actually they’ve justbeen processed a little bit more to makethem smaller so I kind of like acombination of both of them so I’m gonnameasure out one and a half cups of myoatmeal and I’m gonna measure one cupwith the Biggles so I’m gonna kind ofget down in there actually that’s kindof gonna be small so I’m gonna pour thisinto here get it kind of fool now when Igo to level this off it’s a lot easierif I just made it a little bit more onthere if I just level it with myfingertip okay so just kind of like thisif I try to take my knife and level itthen sometimes you push off too much andI’m just gonna put this in a bowl so youneed a little Bowl out to add this to sothat’s one cup I need another half a cupso my half a cup is somewhere else rightnow so I’m gonna use my fourth of a cuptwo timesokay so I’m gonna go with the half a cupI’m going to use the small lows againdip it in just level it off with yourfingers I’m gonna add that to my bowlthat’s one so right now I have 1 and 1/4cups in there and now I have 1 and 1/2cups in here which is half of my recipecuz my recipe called for 3 cups allright so my oats are done I can takethen put them away put them to the sideand put the lids on and I’m going totake my oats and put them right herenow the other ingredient that isnecessarily it’s not on your recipe butit’s also nice to decorate your cookieswith some M&Ms when I make it myChristmas time I put the Christmas M&Mson and now I’m gonna be doing the EasterM&Ms okay so let’s get started with therecipe in one second I’ll be right backalright I’m going to remove the camerain a little bit closer so you can seethis a little bit better we have ourmixture in the pan which was from stepone and now I’m going to turn on myit says to turn it on to medium so I’mgonna give a little medium is just justdon’t have it too high if you have ittoo low it might take quite a while forthis to sort of get all melted and mixedin your butter is kind of cold if youwanted to you could divide that butterinto a smaller clump if you want to I’mgoing to kind of stick my spoon throughit and I’m just gonna start stirring soit’s gonna take a couple minutes to getthis up to temperature and start meltingeverything all right so you will know ifyou measured your Coco correctly and bythe way in classes is one of the biggestmistakes that students make is that theyinstead of the two tablespoons they’veused two teaspoons so their mixture isvery light brown your mixture should bea very chocolate very dark brown mixturecolor that’s what color it should be allright so we’re gonna try to get thisbutter to start melting in here brokenup my butter was really cold right outof the refrigerator so it’s gonna take alittle bit to melt and my sauce pans alittle bit on the large size so I don’thave a lot in there it’s only about ahalf of an inch deep so that’s fine it’sgonna come to a boil a little bitquicker now our recipe says to stir thisright now this is what the step says ina medium saucepan measure and bring thesugar the cocoa the butter and the milkto a boil turn the burner on medium andstir frequently adjust the burner ifneeded bring the mixture to a boil sowhen your mixture is simmering whatyou’re gonna see around the outside ofthe mixture are small bubbles around theedges that’s not a complete boil okaythat just means that it’s simmering sowe want to make sure we give this plentyof opportunity for the sugars in here toget melted and for the butter to getmelted so you just stir it until you seethat it comes to a boil once it comes toa boil we’re gonna let it boil for oneminute so mine is almost thereI’m gonna go over here really quick andset my timer for one minuteall right it’s a night timers set andit’s boiling the reason you want to giveit this one minute is just so that alllike the sugars do get dissolvedotherwise it’s gonna be really grainywhen you eat this when you eat yourcookies okay so I’m stirring as I goalongit’s definitely boiling and I seebubbles throughout the whole mixturewhich I could show you that but youreally can’t while that’s happening I’lltell you what the next step is and whyyou need it to be ready okay so once weboiled this for one minute we’re actionto move this over we’re actually goingto take it off of the stove okay so it’sreally bubbling along I’m going to turnmy heat down a little bit cuz I don’twant it to burn or over boil so I’mturning it down to more of a simmer okayso we have ten seconds left and then I’mgoing to turn it off and go on to thenext step okay and the next steps stepsays to place my saucepan on either acooling rack or basically you want tojust remove it from the heat source okayso take it off of the heat I put mine onwood cutting board so that it staysthere all right so next step is to addthe peanut butter the vanilla and theoatmeal so remember we had to have thisall measured out so I’m gonna add thepeanut butter first because that peanutbutter is gonna need to melt in there sobe a good idea doesn’t tell you to dothis but it’s a good idea to get thosetypes of ingredients in there a siliconespatula like this will help you get allof your peanut butter out of themeasuring cup you can just take yourspoon that you’re stirring like I liketo stir with wooden spoons because thespoons don’t get hot but any sort ofspoon that is heat resistant issomething that you can use okay I’mgonna get that sort of going and thenI’m gonna add in my vanilla now withvanilla a lot of times we don’t add thatin until the end because if you addvanilla too soon to mixture that’scooking one of theflavor will just cook right out of it sothe vanilla putting it in now will keepthe nice vanilla flavor in there okay mypeanut butter is doing pretty wellgetting melted and now I’m going to takemy oats and drop it in so you can seewhat kind of a problem you would have ifyou were not ready to with all theseingredients okay I’m going to mix thisand you’re gonna see that the mixture isgoing to be thin but it’s gonna startsetting up okay as it cools if you thinkit’s a little too thin I think forexample mine looks a little too thin andit could be that I use a combination ofthe different coats so I am gonna take alittle bit more oats maybe a tablespoonnot measuring tablespoon I’m just gonnaput add a little bit more in there justto give it a little more structure okayso with the oats you have to kind of gowith the feel you can see it’s startingto really set up now so I think thisprobably good dark color this is whatyou want okay so now we’re gonna startmaking our cookies so I’m actually goingto switch places gonna put my shoots inhere and if you do think it’s a littlethin you can wait a couple minutes untilyou start actually making the cookiesbecause that will set up and get alittle thicker just by waiting all rightI’m gonna move some of these to my sinkyou want to keep your work area nice andclean and free of a lot of things youshould have already put away your flouryour your nut flour but your sugar and alot of the ingredients that we premeasured okay so to do this it says thatwe are going to drop by teaspoon fullsonto a paper line sheet pan so I justkind of use my teaspoon from my flatwareall right this is what I’m going to useif you want them bigger make them biggerbut they’re really pretty rich cookiesso you don’t want to make them too bigall right so here’s my spoon I’m gonnasee how this is going and I’m going totakelittle bit I’m going to drop it onto mysheet pan just like this okay and as Idrop them under my sheet pan I’m alsogoing to want to put some maybe threedifferent Easter M&Ms on there I don’tknow I’m just going to try to get thesame colors on there and these are gonnaset up they’re really soft right now butyou could put them in the refrigeratoryou and let them set up for about twentyminutes to a half an hour and they sortof turn into sort of a really sort ofcandy like cookie alright so here’sanother one when you’re putting the M&Mson you can just place them on there andpush them down just slightly so againmaking them sort of this size I thinkyou can kind of see that as I kind ofpull this closer alright so I’ll be backin one second when I’m done putting themon the sheet pan okay so the cookies aredone I have them all on the sheet panand you can see that I put candy on allof them I also put them in the freezerfor about ten minutes just to get themmore set up and as you can see they justlift right off of that sheet pan andthey’re ready to eat these are verysweet but they’re really good and I hopethat you will enjoy them and possiblywant to make them for Easterthere’s other candy you can use I foundthese as well as possibly doingthey’re like look at bigger than M&Msbut they’re like little chocolate eggsso if I were to use these I would haveput one chocolate egg on each cookie andthat would have been probably enough aswell so I hope you like these as much asthe other students have liked them ifyou choose to make them and I hope youall have a happy Easter

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