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Mr Oopy How to cook for kids: chocolate chip cookies | Episode 9

Mr Oopy How to cook for kids: chocolate chip cookies | Episode 9

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Mr Oopy takes you through the steps of how to make chocolate chip cookies. Its fun, educational and silly. Check out the fun music video at the end.

These are education based videos for kids and toddlers.


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FILMED and EDITED by Jason Mildwaters from JLM Studios

Welcome to Mr Oopy’s website and you tube channel.

Mr Oopy is an interactive, fun, friendly, energetic character for children who loves to be silly and goofy. Mr Oopy is a real kid at heart and enjoys clowning around to make kids laugh.

In his fun, educational and playful You Tube videos you will get to learn, have fun, be silly, dance and sing to his catchy tunes.

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Have you heard Mr Oopys fun music album? We heard it’s really catchy and even the parents love singing to them LOL

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Video Transcription

oh hi everyone its mr. Opie I was justabout to have my favorite snack milk andcookies what’s your favorite snack mineis chocolate chip cookies would you liketo make cookies with mr. Dubey let’smake some cookies to start off you’regoing to need a parent or an adult tohelp younow get your mixing bowl and one cup oflight brown sugar spatula one cup ofwhite sugar 250 grams of soft butter cutin cubes measuring spoons measuring cupsflour sifter vanilla extract 350 gramsof chopped chips three cups of plainflour one teaspoon of baking powderbicarb sodatwo eggs we have our mixing bowl and weare going to put 250 grams of cubedbutter in the mixing bowl let’s get ourspatula and scrape all the butter fromthe bowl there we areoopsie now we’re going to pour one cupor 250 grams white sugar in the mixingbowl we are also going to add one cup or250 grams of light brown sugar[Music]except now we are going to cream ourbutter and sugar what do you think wewill need to mix our butter and sugar Iknow we need our mixer here it is ourmixer and we will also need an adult todo thislet’s get creamy now it’s time to putour first egg in we’re going to pour itin the bowl that’s one now we’re goingto mix the first egg in happy mixing nowwe’re going to crack the egg[Music]now that you’ve cracked the second eggpour it in the bowl it’s time to mixagain until it’s nice and fluffy mmmI’m smelling vanilla extract delicioushmm we’re gonna add two teaspoons ofvanilla extract into our mix now oneteaspoon equals five milslet’s go that’s what one like eating itin the bowl and back to mixingokay next step we need a bowl we needthe flourwe’ve got our flour and we need threecups of flour which will be 250 gramseach also I have already made oneteaspoon of baking soda one teaspoon ofbaking powder and 1 teaspoon of saltgreatthere’s one cup – coming upoopsy poopsy number two last one that’sa cha cha cha cha cha cha little bitmore and three great and let’s pour ourmix of baking powder baking soda and seasaltgreat let’s start mixing all my son[Music]finished mixing the flour do you thinkwe need more flour[Music]okay is there any flour on me hmm seeanything okay let’s keep goingnow step by step we’re going to beadding our flour in to the buttermixture[Music]now pour the rest of the flour into themix let’s keep mixing do you think we’vefinished what no hmmwhat else do we need I know chalk chipsand here they are delicious chips now wehave 350 grams of chopped chip which weare going to pull in our links and lookslike it’s melting already so we’re goingto get a spatula to scrape off the restof the chips okay oh it looks temptingno mr. Looby put that away we are goingto mix all of that together and nexttime is this looking mixed into you mr.P is a mix I think so looking good nowwe are going to be skipping the mixtureonto the baking tray let’s go now I havealready done one as you can see overhere we’re going to do a few more and besure to leave a gap between each cookiebecause they are going to melt okay nowit’s time to put our mixture of goodiesin our preheated[Music]let’s make some cookieswhat do we need let’s start with sugarflour butter that’s sweet but waitthere’s morewhat can it be oh I know egg and chips[Music][Music]then[Music][Music][Music]my favorite it’s it’s[Music][Music][Music]voila the cookies are ready hi kidsthanks for watching to watch more videoslike subscribe[Music]

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