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Mini taco sugar cookies for Cinco de Mayo

Chef Leta teaches you how to make royal icing and decorate sugar cookies like festive tacos.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

but in fact did you know that tomorrowit’s a good – so and Taco Tuesday so ifyou do not like tacos then I will teachyou how to make sugar cookies but looklike little tapas okay but you’re onlygonna learn how to make the royal icingand decorate so you can get store-boughtand then cut it and then make it intothe shape you want which is a taco shapebut and royal icing is tough because yougotta only you’re gonna have to splitthe egg but the egg whites are on itselfeven the egg yolks okay I got my ownelection right here but I’m gonna teachyou guys how to split an eggokay King limit until there’s a bigcrack and then open it I make sure thatthe egg white make sure that only theegg white comes out here and then youdump that little yolk away okay that ishow you split to eat egg now we willmove to the side now we’re gonna bringnut cookie cookie cookie cookie this iswhat you what your cookie to look likebut if yours it’s fine all you have todo is split it okay and your colors ofrealize you will be orangeyellow green and red those are all thecars you need okay you will and ask yourmom or your dad to get real scissorsbecause kids scissors will not cutthrough these bags and then orange isopen yellow is opened and need yourgreen you need okayif you that guessed orange is for lovepressed so you will instantly pie alittle rainbow onto your cookie but onlyusing orange and then you fill the wholebottom up with the delicious orange keepdoing this until your whole thing isfilled did they do to you okay fun factdid you know that some did you likeanimals we eat meat only eat the bodybecause that’s where all the good meatis okay now you go with your yellow andpipe the cheese dick and now wait thenyou go with the red like your ketchupand then you go and pipe the listokay there you goyou’re amazing new taco mine looks kindof weird but if that’s okayyou can make your taco however you wantdone okay

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