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March #1 How to make an Easter design using the Candy Corn Cutter

Please watch: “How to make Flamingo Cookies – Fancy Flamingo Cookie Bouquet” –~–
Welcome to todays tutorial, I’ll be demonstrating how to easily transfer the template along with how to achieve the impression of an elaborate design very simply.

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Video Transcription

one of my favorite ways to get startedon a cookie project is by adding a basecolor a thin base color and so I do thatwith runny icing and a paintbrush and asyou can see this is so fast and I justcover the surface of the cookielike so and the other great thing is itdries very fast and you’ll be able tomove on to the next step in the designand as fast as that we are done I’mgoing to walk you through the next stepI’ve got my paper template here you’llfind this on patreon I’ve cut it out nowI’m going to place it on top of mycookie and with the embroidery hoop andthe master just facilitates holding itin place I’m going to airbrush it andthis will in one fell swoop transfer mytemplate onto the surface of the cookieand then I’ll be able to work andwhatever background color you like I’mopting for conventional bluewhen I lift up the embroidery hoop youcan see the whole template is revealedthat’s so fast and easy now I’m adding alittle bit of green shading here nowwith a fine paintbrush I’m adding somegreen grass to my background I’m addingthe grass where I won’t be piping nopoint in adding grass where the mushroomand stuff is I’ll just be covering it uphere I have some ivory icing and anumber two piping tip my icing is a bitlight I actually squirted it back into abowl and darkened it up for the largermushroom I’m just using that silhouettetemplate as a guide and I’m piping themushroom stemwe study the picture for a moment wehave this leg here that is in thebackground foreground backgroundforeground and then if we look herebecause of the white paper that we useits shielded the airbrush the leg that’sin the background is already white andso we don’t need to pipe it will getsome depth we just need to do this forground like and that’s very easy I’mjust doing following the silhouette thatwas created with the paper like so buildit up a little bit we’re going to letthis crust before we pipe the rest ofthe rabbit to create a little separationand there we go we have two mushrooms inthe design and so we want to leave ahairline separation if the first one iscompletely crusted you should be finebut try nonetheless have a little bit ofa hairline so that they don’t melttogether they are two things and now myice saying I had wanted it to be creamcolor I had added it looked fine in thebowl but it was a bit like I darkened itup here for the larger mushroom and nowI’m coming in and doing the bottom of mymushroom herethe silhouette is all you need for thisdesign templatestay away and you can push it on withthe needle toolyoua little bit like the mushroom to beroundand then we’re just going to give thecookie a shake that should suffice tosmooth our surfacethere we go now we’re going to let thatcrust before we come in and do the redtop’s going to start with my smallermushroom and just filling the area thatis white this technique allows forreally easy template transfer and theneasy to follow all right now that mymushroom shape is done I can come inwith some white icing and do my littledots immediately in the wet I want themto sink in so you can pick it up andgive it a shape if that does not sufficeyou can take your needle tool and justcoax them out and then or then work on abigger mushroomI the lightshare of the candyyou can leave a separation between thestem and the top if you have bleedingissues that should suffice to correctthat and now flooding this again workingwet on wet as soon as we’ve got itrelatively smooth we’re going to come inwith the white and add our trade markwhite dots for these cute littlemushrooms and there we go again use yourneedle tool to smooth out and Peaks oryou can give it a shake whichevertechnique works best for you this is anedible ink marker inside this marker isfood color so don’t worry I’m notpoisoning anyone get a lot of concernswhenever I pull up my markers in thecomments and now here again if we lookat the ears this one you can see theinside of the ear and so I’m just comingin with my edible marker and I’mcoloring that ear in pink so thatthe mix and icing pink uggs and I likethis americolor pink eye it’s not toobright I don’t want electric pink insidethe bunnies years and it’s very fast asyou can see and again with that whitesilhouette so easy to know where you’resupposed to be coloring now i’m using mybrown marker and i’m creating thisguideline that is cop like the guy howto pipe this front leg the foregroundleg and so I’m just carrying the linedown I’m using brown because if it showsit won’t be so bad it’s gonna look likeits shadow and this is the belly linehere and then curved line for his legand there’s his foot actually selectthis trip and there it is and that’sgoing to be hidden under the white icingmost of it and if a hair line of itshows it won’t matter now again I’mtransferring here i’m going to workingupside down because it’s actually easierand I’m just carrying my belly line alittle bit down here’s the footand that’s all I need as a guideline orthat hind leg that’s in the foregroundworking on the bunny I’m going to bedoing a sprinkle north I hey I a blackone and find just black and so I have ahalloween one and now here I’m startingat the ear this is a 1.5 tip and Ioutline me that white silhouette on thisfoot guy trying to work somewhat quicklybecause you don’t want to have anoutline on this bunny if you want it tobe all in one noun devisingnow I’ve got a little bit of icing onthe end of my needle there that’ll helpme pick up my sprinkle and put itexactly where I want it and there is mybunny we can see his leg here in thebackground this is the foreground legand we’re going to come in after and dohis back legs so they stick sell alittle bit I’ve let the bottom dry andnow I’m coming in with the same whiteicing and redrawing the hind leg tocreate a little bit of dimension andinterest by having that front leg alittle bit higher than the body now I’madding the dirt to the bottom of thecookie I’m adding a little bit of icingand I’ll be dipping my cookie in thesanding sugar rather than sprinkling Ifind that when i dip and press into thesiding sugar it secures it a little bitmore into the icing once you’ve pressedit into the sanding sugar you canactually touch it and shape it should ithave warped or is you know not exactlythe way you want it to look and as easyas that you can set it to crust movingright along to the bunnies tail I’m justadding the dot of why I sang picking upmy cookie and dunking that you can shapeitand there we go last step some grassI’ve got here some electric green andthis will be our foreground on top ofthe sanding sugar just your moving somelittle bits here they got stuck on thesurface and now you randomly add theselittle this is a grasson my stems were missing a littlesomething and so I’m adding a few linesand dots to the base of the mushroom andour cookie is done I hope you enjoyedtoday’s tutorial thanks so much forwatching and I’ll see you next time

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