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these cookies were so yummyyyy mmmm triple chocolate chunky goodness it was the best! Also follow my instagram @dairy.quinn and if you’re still reading this I wish I could give you a bug hug and kiss on the forehead!!!!

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Video Transcription

I’m really bored and I’m with Bailey mymom left my mom and my stepdad just leftthe house like my mom literally made alobster bisque and had a Hawaiian themedparty on zoom’ for her work unless shejust left so now we’re gonna makecookies cuz that’s what you do afteryour mom makes a lobster bisque do youguys know what that is it’s like alobster soup my mom has never made it inmy entire life and then I woke upbecause I had a test I failed it anywaysI took that just in the morning I wentto sleep I woke up at 4:30 p.m. and nowI’m fully dressed and ready to makecookies from freeze also sorry about allthe crosses if you’re like not Christianmy mom is like a bible-thumperbutterfingers now we wait so today weare making triple chocolate chunkchopped today we’re making triplechocolate cookies the first step of theTriple Chocolate Chunk cookie is to putthe Triple Chocolate Chunk cookie cookiemix up next you will put one chicken eggin the chip pataga cookie mix next youget your big fork and you’re gonna mixthe sugar chocolate makes this actuallysucks making cookies is Supermanso now Bailey’s gonna mix it up I knowyou guys are trying to set me up for 50you want to see you burn these cookiesbut these cookies are gonna come outclunk rich super triple chocolaty itactually sucks that I’m unattractivewoman it’s actually so sadlike I wish I could be attracted a womanis such a shame that I’m not but at thesame time I’m so glad I can’t disrespectthem this is kind of a this is a serioustopic but when I was in college I was ata little get-together thing and thisgirl must got taken by two guys into aroom and she was not in the rightcondition to be doing anything she wasstumbling so I got her I didn’t evenknow her namebut I got her and I ordered us in uberand I took her back to her dorm but thatwas actually like it was actually soscary because you hear all these storiesabout girls take being taken advantageofI can collagen stuff by men and I neverthought I would experience it but I didand I was just like holy shit likethat’s crazyit’s so much more common than eatinglike always be careful please I finisheddoing all this I did it myself I did itall it was all me it may seem evenBailey I did it all myself so I lookpretty right now please validate meputting a triple chocolate chunkychocolate cockpit mix onto the parchmentpaper and then we need to preheat theoven at 300 I know my mom got thisMackenzie child towel set and shethought she was just like all the otherwhite moms she’s very different thoughshe got her own problems cookie ballsI’m making a whole youtube video aboutmaking cookies and I am notparticipating at all I really have ana-cup titties right now our dog hasseizures her name is Jenna I’ll insert apicture right here so Jenna has seizureslike a couple times a week and I cameback no we’re only laughing because it’sjust like it came out of the blue so wewere watching parasite wear so basicallythere’s this crazy scene at the end ofparasite where everyone’s just dying andthen our dog starts having a seizure andthis will be all scream and I jump up atour dogs shaking in and stock kennel acouple of people started crying I willcramI’m an I’m numb to all emotion outsidein Christ you’re not a mental emotion mydad yelled at him the other day andguess what he was doing he just goes yesI did cry man for a come-up I can’t evenget into that I can’t get in so thatpart of Paris I came on our dog had aseizure everyone freaked out my stuffthat comes out and I just got back fromcollege it was like spring break whenthe whole virus thing happened I’m notgonna say the real name but so he comesout and I was like what the is going onour dogs having a seizure and then hewas just like oh yeah that happenssometimesand I was like you’re kidding me likeour dogs having a seizure and you’re soyou’re being so nonchalant about it youjust being so calm about it only haveyou gotten this dog help have you takentwo dogs to the veterinarian and he’slike we give it some pills sometimes Iwas like what vitamins like what are yougiving it it was just so frustrating andthen you just went back to bed he tookher down so I knew my messy bed oh damnBailey look at these so far you seeright out of my yummy strawberry drinkso I’m gonna make more babies arecooking in the oven I forgot to preheatthe oven my only job uh since we heatthe oven and I forgot I know I said thatI’ve been doing all the work but mysister oz this was a cooking video andthe intent was to see me cook and I mademy sister do the whole thingCasey check so how do you feel about nothelping us at all with the cookies I eatbugs as a child[Music][Music]who the hell invented brain freezes thathurt is my chocolate chunky chickentriple chocolate cookie check taste test[Music]did you kill it maybe you shouldn’t usea glass cup for that Quinn where is itoh wait you really have me recording youCatching Fire

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