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Making whipped coffee from tik tok and baking cookies !

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello so we are going to be baking andJanice is making whipped coffee rightnow there she isit looks kind of gross right now and[Music]aunt Donna tasted it and she said thatit was really bad it’s gonna tastebetter after it gets madeyeah too strong and I love my coffeestrong but it’s strong so she’s donewhipping the coffee and now she’s goingto pour in the almond milk cherry putice inand here’s you know our ingredients forthe cookies it’s a work in progress sowe’re getting things donekind ofso Janice is stirring the whipped coffeeinto the cups now and nothing with youbut it looks delicious yes looks likeglob stuck to a spoon oh wait so[Music]and then I’m going to beat it togetherso for a kid you could add a syrup oftheir choice it’ll make it sweeter so wechose the salted caramel she’s adding itto the coffee right nowall right we Nathon are gonna taste thisoh my it is no longer yucky in adelicious that tip she gave on thecaramel that makes itokay so we hope you enjoyed this videoand thank you for watching and we willbe filming another video very soon byeyou

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