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Making wEiRd Cookies :}

Hey, dewdes! This was supposed to be uploaded yesterday but editing took sooooo long 🙁 But here we are, and here’s the video 🙂 I wish I chose some solid ingredients, similar to choc chips, cuz I pretty much had the same reaction for every cookie. I LOOOOVE video requests so PLEASE keep ’em coming. Thank you so much for your support and don’t forget to share this video with your family and friends. Love y’all and God Bless!

REMINDER: ALL the glory belongs to God
I hope you have an amazing weekend and upcoming week!

Later dewdes!
– Presh

Let’s Keep Growing Together

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JEREMIAH 29:13: And you will seek Me and you will find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys hey guys if you’re new to mychannel i’m preciousand i post new videos every friday andsunday todayi’m gonna be making weird cookiesokay i’m not really sure how thishappened so i’m just gonna do avoiceoverwhat i was saying is that this wasrequested under my37 plus one corn things to do whenyou’re bored video and if you haven’tchecked that out yet click the infobuttonat the top right corner about two weeksagoi asked you guys on my instagram atfresh fresh music for some ingredientsthat i could use to make cookies insteadof chocolate chipsand the results were really interestingwhat i did was to place all theingredients that i got from you guysinto a hat and i chose the top fourand obviously i’m using a shoe because icould not find any hatsso i picked out ice cream mustardmustard wow vinegar and ginger alei didn’t use a standard recipe to makethese cookies igoogled what you need to make chocolatechip cookies andjust follow the ingredientsi split the recipe into four parts forall the different ingredients[Music]so this is what the cookies look likebefore i put them in the ovenand look at the ginger oil in thevinegar cookies they don’t even looklike cookiesnow here’s a close-up okay that’s itokay guys so i’m back and now it’s timeto taste the cookiesi’m just repeating the four ingredientsand i kept saying ingredientsfor some reason so again it was icecreammustard vinegar and ginger alealso keep in mind that this isn’t achallenge so idon’t technically have to eat it[Music]i know the mustard cookie at least looksmore decent than the other onesbut that texture was not it they keptgetting stuck in my teeth buthonestly it was just really sourotherwisedidn’t have any flavorthat texture was even worse but thecookie itselfwasn’t that bad because it tasted likestrawberry cookiesi never had strawberry cookies but i’massuming that’s what they tastedi literally have no idea if i baked itproperly soi couldn’t eat it alland it was really crumbly and soft likei don’t know how to explain itokay this doesn’t even look like acookiei don’t know why i ate so much of it mymeasurements were really accuratebecause it tasted like a regular cookiethis one had a really pungent smell andi could smell it just from holding itand guys i literally have no idea why ikept eating so muchsookay this one didn’t taste like anythingand it wasn’t as sour as i thought it’dbethe mustard cookie was really souroh wait i think i was saying here thatit was really sour because i put lemon[Music]juiceand here i am realizing that it wasreally sour because iadded lemon juiceoverall the cookies were all right imean the texture was more likecake because i probably should havebaked them a little morebut like they were burning so i had totake them outand i don’t know three of them are justreally sour unappealingwhich is pretty much why the weirdcookiesum i love these request videos becausethey make me feel like i’m actuallyrelating with my youtube communityso thank you so much and stay tuneduntil the endbecause i have a quick announcementi wanted to give a little update on mychannel i haven’t been posting very muchbecause i’ve been planninga lot and by the grace of god i think ifigured out a schedule for my channeland the first thing isright now i only post on fridays and ireally want to post moreso i’ve decided to post more videos onfridaysand sundays so i love making thesevideos andeven though they take a while to editthem film the end result isreally satisfying and i really want youguys to enjoy what you’re watchingi’m not really sure of what time i wantto upload new videos so i will keep youguysupdated on that the second thing is thetypes of videos that i will be postingsomething like this was really fun tomake andtry and i really love these challengevideos and i watch them all the timethey’re so funnyso i think i’ll just post morechallenges requeststutorials and specific instruments ireally appreciate your support and yourpatienceand i can’t wait to see what god has instore for the future thank you so muchfor watching this videostay safe happy mother’s day and i willsee you guys on friday[Music]bye[Music]you

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