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Making THE BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made cookies because I was bored !!


-1 cup crisco
-1 cup white sugar
-1 cup brown sugar
-2 eggs
-1tsp vanilla
-1tsp baking soda
-3/4tsp salt
-2 1/4 cup flour
1 1/4cup chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 8-10minutes!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh I am making chocolate chip cookies asI’m bored your mouth okay first thingyou’re gonna do is get your I use Criscoinstead of butter because the buttermakes the cookies really flat so one cupit’s really easy target measured out forus and one cup of[Music]put an end and you’re out pretty simpleall the goods all the boots that’s upplay a baking playlist I don’t have abaking pan just but I’m curious whyshe’snow some white sugar Oh our white sugarsome clumps but one cup of maybe oldsugar white[Music]okay stop mixing when you’ve got aconsistency similar to that if you caneither see anyways when it’s allincorporated or whatever you need toeggs you need about a teaspoon ofvanilla by the way I make chocolate butI make chocolate chip cookie so muchthat I have the recipe memorized I’mjust about a teaspoon I usually put alittle more on accident but don’t tryvanilla if you eat it plain and actuallyit’s really gross now mixing next weekour baking soda one teaspoon and 3/4 Ishall measure my flour I kind of justget it to about the desiredconsistency cuz you don’t want it to betoo sticky so that you can’t reallyscoop it but if it’s too dry than it ornot can I expand it out when you bake soI usually do about 2 and 1/4 cups that’swith the recipe calls for also I forgotwhat I was going to say whatever okayit’s pretty good I’d say it’s almostready for the final ingredient which isthe most important chokolate chips Ibarely ever make chocolate chip cookieswithout spilling flour everywhere andI’ve actually kind of succeeded thistime so far knock on wood wherever knockon marble okay I think this is prettygood chocolate chips also preheat theoven to 350 I always forget that partbut now it’s time caution do not eat thecookie dough raw because it has ricealthough I still do I don’t listen tothatI mean I haven’t gotten Salmonella yetso okay so I use these parchment sheetsbecause it makes it really easy to cleanthe pans I think that I’m gonna do someof bothsome people like cookies in theirfamilies some like small gotta pleasepack one right right neither face amountgrow because or else they just allcombine together and it’s just a messand yeah then you just get one bigcookie no one likes that nobody okaymaybe I can position this better so youcan see the magic happening as it’shappening and this way you get some ofthis some of this I’m just getting offnone of the pseudo mining this okaythere we go I think I’m gonna do 3 by 4for the biggies big boys be boys andthen we will put in an oven but notuntil like 20 minutes with my ovenfinally preheats because our oven take100 years to preheat already oh my goshcookies on the roll am i right mycounter is clean don’t worry I’vesanitize it and my hands are clean Iwash them like three times before thisso the mini boys I’m thrown a few bigscoop the classic I’ve been making miniboys for years we only recently boughtthe big boy scoop because we needed achange of lifestyle you knowokay I’m sounding like dr. cookie so mywhole life I promise it’s not I do otherstuff too I alsoexist three this point in time I havegone up a lot of family walks those arealways a pleasure my family’s actuallyon a clammy walk on the flam Lee walkwithout me right nowwhich I’m just so sad to be missingbecause ask anyone I love walking I justit’s a little boring honestly no that’sworse also the good things with minis isyou can just eat a bunch of them not sobad because really three of them arelike one cookie so you can eat like 9 mmlike my dad he comes home and just eats12 of them right away before anyone elsecan even notice that they’re there alsoI think I’m gonna use extra cookie doughto make like a giant one for him becauseI think you would like it but also theytaste the same no matter the size so Idon’t know hmmAlexa you never play any music Alexaplay[Music]okay I was trying to go on beat but it’sjust making a mess we’re not gonna dothat I promise I usually don’t do itlike this I’m just kind of messingaround okay I got a little boy which oneshould experts the big ones are thesmaller[Music]let’s check up on the cookies look atthat they’re cooking so I just realizedI forgot to set a timer I was a littledistracted dancing I’m not the bestcookie maker okay I could make anothersheet pan of cookies right now but Idon’t really want to get three pansdirtyokay I think my big ones are almost donelet’s check up on the boys I can openthis oh yeah they’re really close to menone I should probably watch them sothat they don’t burn and ready usuallypretty quickly after I take my cookiesout of the oven then I put them on adrying rack so that they don’t get toocrispy on the pan and cool that was theword I was looking for probably want tosee more action beautiful beauty aminimum beautimous Maximus[Music]sometimes Oh cookies too scared to showthem there we go so I wanted to make agiant cookie for my dad with theremainder of the dope but it’sequivalent I scooped it out if you cansee it’s equivalent to seven minutes Iwas messing around with the rest of mydough and I scooped out two little onesand I fit it in here exactly this isexactly half the size who would havethunk good to knowokay the ultimate taste test[Music]pretty good melting in my mouthwell done Abby thank you happyhere’s my finished product and I’d sayit’s a success[Music]

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