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Hey guys! I had SO much fun making this and they came out DELICOUS!! I hope to bake with you again soon!

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Video Transcription

everybody so today I’m going to bemaking sugar pigeons and I’m going toneed your guy’s help you want to do itwith you but as you can see this isclearly blue icing but all we have iswhite so you can see it says right herethat I need eight tablespoons of butterand one large egg so I have that righthere here my eight tablespoons I havefive tablespoons right here and thenthree right here 5 plus 3 is 8 and thenI have one large egg so the first stepsays to preheat the oven to 375 or 350for darken on state cookie sheet linedcookie sheet with parchment paper I cookwell our oven ducks so here’s what we’regonna do now that that’s preheating Ineed to grab a pan and then spray it ohI have my pan out rightand as you can see you can see the shineright thereI have greased it with the nonstick treestuff so let’s look at the next step thenext step says to stir the cookie mixsoftened butter and egg and amedium-sized bowl open the butter I’mgoing to pop these into the microwavefor like 10 seconds now that the butteris softened I have my bowl right here soI have to dump in all the cookie mix allthe butter and all the egg and then stirithow you pick your hole better sweet nowthe butter our last thing is our a ohwe’re good this is going to be don’t Iknow this wasn’t in the rest peoplelet’s try thisI often did it I swearwait that’s kind of right there thewater is doing wonders but still waitit’s kind of workingthis is incredibly hard a week we guyslook it’s actually kind of formingtold you water does wonders I know theyshould really start to have moremoisture to these recipes all right Ithink I’m going to get back to guys whenthis actually is turned into dope as youcan see a good club of it has turned todo a sturdy dough but all around theedges there’s still a lot of the mix sobe back soon a million spoonfuls ofwater later not literally I would neverdo that I would ruin everythingit turned into a really good dough Idon’t think there’s like I tried itsince I was just sick I’m probably notgoing to stick my finger in the cookiedough I’m gonna read the next set ofdirections now the final thing on hereoh wait sorrysecond funnel says dropped oh by roundedteaspoon two inches apart on cookiesheet all right forget the tablespoonsI’m just gonna eyeball it oh I just gotbatter all over my camera but this willdo it now it says to pop them in for 10to 12 minutes we always do it in themiddle so I’m gonna pop them in for 11minutes behind cookies took off all theburnt and hard edges there they arethat’s a lot shoot so I just transferredthem onto the cooling racks and now onthat small pan I’m going to do the restof the couple cookies that I have leftin this batch I just put the secondbatch of cookies in I only could makefour because there was like so littlebatter left because there may be othercookies so huge but the other cookiesthat came out minutes ago they arecooled off and I want to ice them butI’m gonna wait for the other ones so Ican ice them all together so so far wewould have 16 cookies not badyou

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