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Making no bake cookies

2 cups sugar , 1/2 cup milk , 1/4 cup butter , 2 tbs. coca ,3 cups oats , 1/2 cup peanut , 1/2 vanilla

No Bake Cookies !

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Video Transcription

hi everyone is shortened hopefully fromprice pack and today we’re going to bemaking no bake cookies and they’re sogood don’t forget if you have peanutbutter allergies substitute the peanutbutter for something else because wedon’t want you to break out in hives oryour throat to like clogged so let’s getright into it we have our list ofingredients right here and first is twocups sugar so we have our sugardon’t forget to stop every once in awhile to shake it outmake sure it’s not too Cubs yet don’tforget itmm definitely don’t forget just to takethat peanut butter mm-hmm yeah if you’reallergic but if not use peanut butterokay okay we have two cups sugar and wecould use 1/4 cup which is also 2tablespoons of butter so here we havedon’t forget your hands before you dothe cookies okaygot our butterit is 1/2 cup milk and also don’t forgetand the ingredients will also be in thedescription box below if you forget justgo check it out one more your sugarbutter milk mixture starts umgetting to one no starts boiling yougotta wait for one minute to turn it offand put your other anything you coulduse any kind of milk you don’t have touse soy milk you could use regular milksoy milk almond milk goat milk bigspoonfuls every time that way you couldbe done with it faster but don’t forgetthat you need to check on your sugarbutter milk and it is barely starting tosizzle so we need three types of oatswe’re just gonna add two I think buttermixture 152 which means it’ll be 1 2 C 3I’m going to start mixing it now I’ll beright backthese are my mom’s favorite cookies yeahsince it’s Mother’s Daycome along happy Mother’s Day unlessit’s like three days let it let yourwatching win by like a year and whoknows these might turn out to be yourmom’s favorite cookies tooit just being bubbling for one minute sowe need to turn the eye completely andalso one one tables but no a half of atablespoon ofI’m gonna do the honors over there andalso don’t forget one of the mostimportant ingredients two tablespoonscocoa powder which is also four of thesewhich is half of a tablespoon to startmixing nice but not least number fourwould think that Troy’s already doingthat you want to hurry on adding theseingredients so that it doesn’t cool downand it won’t mix together it’ll be likeHarvin right it’s justit should be dark brown in color andready all be mixed in and the buttershould be melted the peanut buttershould be mixed in and everything shouldbe nice and dark brown which is why nowto dodon’t worry it’s no big cookies for areason you can use only for a bakingsheet it doesn’t matter what size thecookies are like they could be like mmmtinyface or big because um they’re nobake cookies and one won’t burn theother one it just might take a littlelonger to dry and no you don’t have toput it in the freezers but it would cooldown faster that way and we aren’t gonnaput it in the freezer if you’re toodesperate eat it right away okay sowe’re gonna change our cookie sheetthere’s a special treatalso don’t forget if you’re allergic topeanut butter don’t use peanut butterwhich you probably know if you’reallergic to it sometimesplease connect it like you can not beable to do peanut butter today and thenyou don’t alert this day don’t forget toclean your mouth don’t want to make yourmom set and you don’t clean your messcookie sheet it’s fine it’ll dry andthen later on[Music]you don’tnow we going to enjoy our cookies – OH -deliciousthat is by[Music]

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