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Making no bake cookies.

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Video Transcription

guys welcome back to my channel todaywe’re doing another cooking video thistime we’re cooking no bake cookieschocolate no bake cookies so first youhave to melt butter in a pan we’re doingright now on and on.forand then you add 1 cup of sugar 2 cupsof sugar then you add and then then youlet the butter melt okay well I’ll beback when this butter melts okay sowhat’s the the butter has almost um milkit’s melted a little bit and now you add1/2 cup of milk[Music]okay now we stir itcheck now you add four tablespoons ofcocoa powdertwo three and fourokay now you sure itnow you do one pinch of salt and startagainokay so now that the butter is meltedyou have to wait for it to do a rapidboil then once it goes to the rapid boilyou I’m you let it boil for one minuteand then take it off of the heat so onceit’s one minute I will be back okay soit is done for you like the minutes overand we slip it off the heat and nowwe’re now where I’m going to add 1/2 cupof peanut butter right here okaypeanut butter you stir itokay and then you do two teaspoons ofvanilla – yes in nightshirtsand then you stir it till all the peanutbutter is melted excitementokay now that it’s melted you do threecups of oats there’s one[Music]and here’s three and just missedokay all right only to be back it’s allmixed okay so now that we’re done wellthat we’re done um we are going to putthe powder on here you go make surethey’re not too close together andthey’re on a sheet so they can say heyyou can’t see them right now but you’llsee that and then you got it all the waydownhey okay so I’m going to hurry and justlet them I’ll be right back okay so nowthat I have everything on you let themset forth about hour and then you’redone soa new video by okay so just so you knowthe weird person that was in my video ismy dad

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