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Making Halloween cookies in March ? 🤯

Hi guys ! We know it’s been forever !!! 8 months literally ! We finally found the time to film and hopefully can put out more content eventually ! Hopefully you guys can still watch us and are still interested ! Love y’all ❤️

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m not Bobbywell first day of school which has beenJune June July August September OctoberNovember January for my school a monthsince we’ve been on obviously we werejust hanging out this is first timehanging out in for everythingsorry gonna cook for you guys datingsomething so right take your notes atfrozen chef Anne and chef Phoebe yes socatch you guys right nowguys oh my godso you guys just taking out other stufffrom the oven because we’re Mexican madethat there we go I’m nice akin like thatand like you know that that’s where wekeep our stuff our utensils are so easyI brought these cookies this is so longnow currently they’re like how many wedon’t go to school or work or likealmost a month yes guys oh like she doesit’s ain’t gonna be a month you guysjust want to hear somethingokay so maybe I was gonna show yousomething I’ve preheat the oven it’s cuzyou guys so you I’m pretty sure you guysknow that the core something like reallybad and I’m trying to put a song but bythe way you need to preheat the oven to350 I don’t know I can’t find the songcafe song you would go to Mario’s yeah[Music]that’s all my prayers will go to youguys to close this Kornberg it’s likevery very very ways cuz he’s got posteda bear with Elizabeth forever so whenyou watch this video I probably will belike damn they’re boringyeah we’re gonna skip me Nick probablybut then you guys are gonna be glad whenI’m here to st. Anna she is beingforever damned if she doesn’t Hermanit’s gonna time go to not love you youguys are still subscribed and so Iappreciate I know I appreciate them[Music][Music][Music]okay so we’re going to yeah so you guysdon’t need any late guysokay you guys want it comment belowso next up putting them on the cookie[Music]you know we always wanted a blog likewhenever I go to something we never hadthe chance to I think we’ll try to videoyeah okay they’re probably going to gettogether but it’s okay because I meanthey’re gonna be eatingso if you guys and then it’s been herbirthday and is my brandingdang dude where are you – I need keepfor a blog okay it’s another done we’regonna put him in in the oven right hereapproximately approximately Thank YouTommy okay so you guys would you want tosee nextbeyond the roof you got that seriouslylike so boring you know what we’re gonnaprobably tie-dye shirts – would be coolto film that license we don’t loosebecomes come on come on – having therest of the year no I don’t worry[Music]me wishing I could Joey but it’s likeyou can’t go anywherelike a lot of people I mean a lot ofplaces everybody close it down you can’teven go to the mall[Music]hey please so we’re making tic TOCsand we still haven’t finished but we’regonna take him up look how beautiful EDImade these cookies yes swing back withyou guys when we finally posted it totalk yes do you guys wanna see yeahcheck it out yeah show you guys we likego to Walmartwhy did my the expiration date oh don’ttell me they they’re expired Novemberwell we’re gonna get to this go at itall right or do whatever I’m losing youno no no these are the funky best use byNovember 2019welcome back mrs. doping up amongst Imean they’re not moldy or anythinglet’s see it has a little greenanywhere you go thank you for tuning into today’s sorry well not really showedme some tomorrowbut yeah it’s a little video stay tunedfor more hopefully we actually find timeto film I’m telling you I really want tomake tie-dye shirts you got someone totalk to me I was like I should be ableto give you now all power buildingactually really cool like a summer likesome tank topsstay safe y’all don’t get sick don’t getthe crown away because we’re nothing

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