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Making Cookies With My Sister *Epic Fail*

Thank you for watching! I don’t think anybody wants the recipe.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I’m very bored in quarantine so I’mgonna go scare my sister ha one of mycookies I convinced her to make cookieswith me apparently we don’t have butterso we’re going to the store to getbutter so now we’re making chocolatechip cookies because we’re gonna getchocolate chips at the store toowe finally got back to the store withany everything and Anna’s gettingeverything ready so we’re about to makethe cookies I think I’m going to make amontage for y’all so here you go[Music][Music]a big bowl oh I just poured some oh mygoodness ooh I got butter on the sugarokay whatever boom want some sugar dogwe’re literally busy stuffing[Music][Music]anyway market stall Manilamhm disgusting I feel like anymoreflower very flowery I don’t know you doyou shake it like make it like fall likeyou know how they did look with her thedog by the way she just dropped all ofthe chocolate chips here we go I steppedon one oh look oh my gosh you can seethe coke in the coca-cola look how muchcoke Cola people are gonna be like okaywe’re gonna put this hair I’ll showwe’re gonna put it in the freezerfreezer fridge freezer who said wewanted to be fast let me pop it in therelet’s pop it in we’re gonna leave themin there they’re literally pancakes ohmy gosh not gonna lieat least Thank You Jeremy for thewonderful cookies you saved our livesfor watching the video I hope you likedwatching us ruin cooking for everyoneeverywhere Thank You Jeremy for thecookies they were really good okay bye[Music]you[Music]

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  1. The hand work was exquisite, and your chemistry with the kitchen is immaculate. I applaud your skills and wish for more in the future!

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