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Making Cookies With My Sister

Today me and my sister were baking cookies of two types because of course we’re still home doing nothing and so we thought that this video is dedicated to our friend, Galleta🍪. More videos to come in the future. For now stay home, relax and yeah it’s honestly hard to be home for a month already, but hey time is really flying quick.
Stay safe MIS CHAPINES!!🤪😃😎

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey everyone what’s up just like I justI decided shopping and we’re gonna makesome cookies and as you can see I’mgonna same shirt yes because I recordedtwo more videos which is the first onethat’s gonna come out another week sowe’ll get started on today we’re gonnaget making cookies and um no I’m notprofessionally pastry chef yesyeah eventually she will be but we’regonna be making cookies and we’re gonnabe baking baking baking cookies allright yeahthey’re not as fast but you know whatit’s something we’re gonna eat so I’mgetting kind of worried about that wejust took out the pens and um we’regonna get started my brain butter[Music]why does it look like cotton candy likethe face is not even there or maybe isdown if I see that there’s no face on meI’m gonna scream a bit over and thenwe’re gonna decorate them with royalicing which we will be making yeah ahthat’s sad it’s so sad oh my god no nowe’ll be putting on a cookies right nowSamet Alice’s ready go okay now we’rejust gonna cook dumb until it’s bakedokay so this will take about ten minuteshopefully and yeah it’s so sad I thoughtthat it’s gonna have like a little facesdogs that’s a liethey fooled us so while we bake thecookies um we’re gonna eat our lunch andum well come back and check out hazyokay we’ve got it done and yeah youdon’t need to do the chocolate check oneback okay so now we’re gonna decoratethese first looks like a charcoalcharcoal[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I’m gonna taste on just cuz it’s goodbut I didn’t like how the fact that itcame like blank and then we justrealized and we read the box instead isnot included but frosting hello guys umokay so it’s literally like two dayslater cuz I’m like I don’t know I kindof forgot to do the next one but we’regonna do travel chips today and ofcourse there’s Starbuck because and mypagerMir cleanest so yeah we’re gonna bedoing that and then um you know look atit all obviously wait and then we’ll seethat outcome we’re gonna do the cookiesright now and I’m just gonna geteverything ready so here’s a tray tobury her she’s alright so we’re actuallywaiting a little so don’t cook a defrostof it cuz we had in the freezer stays abit better so right now we did the firsthalf but now we got it to the other halfbecause this cookies really tough to mixsince there’s been a new feature forlike a couple days and soyeah[Music]now some marshmallows let’s try thisagainnow marshmallow[Music]so this is how I was gonna come you justgotta put the rest of the things onthere so like the other half of thecookie dough and then we should be comeback whenever we’re done with it so thisis a result as you see it looks kind oflike you know who is you don’t want toeat that but most likely it will comeout like be funnyeat this funny – Jung Hyung CQ now we’rejust gonna put it in the oven and thenwinter like you know it rises it’s bakedthrough and you know front of relaxjust another add-on we’re gonna add somemore marshmallows because why not[Music]this is the process[Music]well look at this oh my gosh that’ssuper toasty goodguys is losing and it looks so good wellguys uh that’s the end of the video andI hope you’ll like this cook experienceeven though I’m not a real pastry chefat all and then probably never will beso don’t add me as all the time you’llsee Cutlass I decided Chuck bean and nowsee you on the next one at yours[Music]you

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