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Making Cookies with Juliette

Learn how to make Snickerdoodles Cookies with Juliette from Camp Jeanne d’Arc

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Video Transcription

hi everyone my name is Juliet I was acamper and a counselor at Jen dark Itaught archery and crafts for today’scounselor activity I thought it would befun to bring milk and cookies home soI’m going to teach you how to make somesnickerdoodles the first thing you wantto do is pre-heat your oven to 350degrees and begin collecting youringredientspre-heat your oven to 350 degrees afteryou collect together your ingredientsthe next thing to do is mix your saltbaking soda and cream of tartar into theflour most baking recipes require you tokeep your dry ingredients which we havehere separate from your wet ingredientsuntil later in the recipe when they’reready to be combined we’ll just givethis a stir now I’m going to use a standmixer because it’s what I have availablebut you can certainly make this recipeusing an electric beater or just aregular whisk you’re going to want tomixing the 1/2 cup of butter and the 1/2cup of shortening into whatever bowlyou’re going to be mixing in I’m goingto start to whip this and slowly add inthe sugar after those are creamedtogether you’re going to add your twoeggs to the mixturefor the next stage we’re going to slowlyadd in our dry ingredients to thewhipped butter sugar and eggscontinue like this until all of the dryingredients have been added to thebutter mix after you have your finalcookie batter you’re going to take that1/2 cup of sugar and the quarter cup ofcinnamon that we’ve reserved earlier andstir them together then you’re going totake a tablespoon and measure how toabout a tablespoon of gel you’re gonnamake it into a ball you don’t want tooverwork it because you run the risk ofthe butter or the shortening getting alittle too warm you just kind of want toshape it into a loose ball and roll itaround in the cinnamon sugar afteryou’ve rolled it around you’ve got asnickerdoodle so we’re going to put thaton our cookie tray and repeat for therest of the batter every once in a whilea sous chef comes in to help you out thenext step is we’re going to put these inthe oven for 15 minutes so after 15minutes the cookie should be done makesure you check on them if they’re donesooner be sure and take them out of theoven and if they’re not quite ready yetof course leave them in a few momentslonger if you want to add a little extracamp funyou can always melt a marshmallow put itwith a chocolate bar on yoursnickerdoodlesand make yourself s’moresand there you have it that’s it forcounselor activity Fridayenjoy your snickerdoodles

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