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Making Cookies ( one nutella one normal )

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to another videosorry for that with your pillsum this video is not gonna be too longbut I’m gonna try making easy Nutellabrownie cake thingie and see how ittastes and goes and see if it works so Ididn’t really watch this againI saw nofa tik-tok multiple timesactually see if my brain can remember itdidn’t really say the amount either butI remember the person who made this andhad one egg Nutella and flour so I’mgonna try so I’m gonna crack this egg asyou so I smoked some and now I’m gonnaadd a cup full of flour now I’m gonnaadd that in now for the best part theNewt I need to share this with you oh mygod I love that by the way wetransferred the bowl cuz the other onewas too small now it’s time to mix guyswe gave up I gave up but my nanny didn’tI was mixing this for a long time thenfixed it like wow you’re a superherowith this indie and now we’re gonna putit in the oven and make some cookies soguys we put them in the pan but theykind of feel weird like like I don’t Idon’t think they won’t turn out good andI + I’m picky so this will not turn outgood um you can t see it but I’m gonnamake something else first in case Idon’t like it oh wait in here no okay sonow we’re gonna attempt to make thiswhile that’s cooking guys my brother’sdoing classes so I can’t really um showyou how will making it cuz its reddit meand Wayne so I’m just gonna show you theend like after we mix and make the doughokay he left but so I added some butterand some brown sugar but we didn’t havebrown sugar so we just added castorsugar what but it’s right now this issupposed to look creamy and stuff but Idon’t think that workedoh sorry Icecrown oh my god that waslike the best I crack so we added mostof the ingredients and that’s how itworks okay now we’re gonna transferthese to there so guys we didn’t haveany white chocolate chips even thoughI’m addicted to white chocolate so wemade they buff it all of the whitechocolate chip ones look ugly by the waybut this one’s all white chocolate chipnow into white chocolate chip andthousands of white chocolate chip thisis an extra one that I’m gonna try atthe end to see if I like it that one seethis one this one and this one in themiddle actually no that one this onethis one and this one are all havenothing in them and this one this oneand that one have chocolate chips inthem we’ll wait for them to bake andI’ll see you then by the way my resin isnot done yet that’s from my other videobut this is how they are so far they’regetting dried I know okay so these arecompletely uncooked but they are cookedit is because we had to use a differentsugar but now we have to cut these to behonest comparison these ones turned outbetter than those ones and I thoughtthose ones are gonna be a fail and bythe way at the end I’m gonna eat thesebut Rivi is horrible oh my god I justcool my packI’ll make another video about it so guysthis is how they are now they look onbaked as I said because we added whitesugar and yeah I’m gonna try some one ofthese okay so I’m gonna try the Nutellaones I can’t bite into it Ohat Oksana nice on a scale of one to tenby the way I’ve never operated a futonso I would write this F for action nothree but for me that’s goodI’m usually rate most food to zero orone by the way these were only made withegg flour on Nutella and this one wasonly that was supposed to be ruined sothey’re good okay I don’t want the restI need waterokay guys to be honest I don’t like darkchocolate or chocolate chips so I’mgonna try the white chocolate one butthe white chocolate kind of dried outit’s horrible but the white chocolatehelped they become less worse you knowwhat I mean I kind of like it said youwant it you like it maybe like snacksI’ll have like a wine here and I caphalf of it so I have to do that weirdthing guys if you try this at homeadd a crap-ton of white chocolates soguys thank you for watching this videoif you liked it hit the like button andif you loved it follow and buy a possumand make a slide did you cuz my mom gotme glue finally bye

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