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hey guys welcome back to my channel sosince we’re stuck in quarantine andthere’s not much to do I’ve been tryingto learn how to make new things not evennew things but how to put new thingsinto my brain and cooking and baking isone of them for sure because I have noidea how to cook or bake so that’ssomething I’ve been trying to practiceon here and then with the help of mysister so this video is going to beanother one of those as well as asibling tag because a lot of the timewhen you’re cooking or baking a lot ofthe time is just waiting around playingthe waiting game so that’s what thisvideo is hope you guys enjoy itand let’s get on with it hi guys welcomeback to my cooking show where I cooksomething and I fail at it today we’llbe making sugar and cinnamon cookiesthis rushers brown sugar cinnamon thisis my sister Valerie and she helped mewith the recipe so it is her recipe solet’s do this[Music]shut up some Maggie[Music][Music]okay first question who is the older /younger sibling I’m the oldestI’m 22 Valerie is the middle child she’s19 and max max is the youngest to 10you’re lovin all rightwould you like about your sibling I likethe wiser mentality them usually he’sstill a kid don’t get me wrong here thismoment but for the most part is verywise what using your siblings have incommonlooks our looks our appearances that’smy mom watching videos in the back roomwe’re doing a video mom okay in whicharea are you in your sibling sibling thecomplete opposite ecology and Bo yeah meand Valerie have the exact oppositepersonality but not everything just likein the way we are around others I guessright yeah she’s very I really like theshy reserved yeah and I’m but I’m notshy you know what I mean it’s like she’sjust an introvert oh yeah this is whatI’m around like oh I’m coming to run I’mnot sure you know yeah how often do youargue so I feel like that’s like twiceor three times yeah and I like thesmallest thing like you could just be amoment when we’re disagreeing and thatwould be our argument it’s nothing likehuge I feel who keeps their room cleanerthat’s probably Valerie cuz max probablymostly all right mostly even then likeyou have a busy schedule you don’t havemuch when you do I’m out of the questionlike blast and maxes Smith who takeslongest to get dressed and Abby’s maxwhy me because you like switch youroutfits and you do your hair at Maggie’svery aware of his personal appearanceI’m so surprisedI’m the like fastest to get changedliterally all I ever wear our yoga pantsand a shirt and sneakers who takeslonger to do their hair okay maybe me toget dressed yeah me to get dressed andthen to do hair backmax likes his hair perfect what doesyour sister or brother talk about themost max talks a lot about tick-tocksand memes and funny videos on InstagramI talk a lot about my visionsI like shove it down their throats atleast go see my YouTube videos like Ionce it’s awful lot about Danny – noware you talked a lot about work or aboutMochis their dogs and about wanting thisstroller for her dog she never getsaround to ordering it she would have itby now if she had ordered be hidingyourself what is something you like todo together we like to just go anywherelike downtown occasionally subject butlike if one of us is going out to ageneral place the others will tag alongbut nothing that I can pinpoint liketogether I don’t think we can all dosomething togetherone of whenever that now since one of usstarts to get bored like and then justdoes their own thing or Dom on theirphone so what’s your siblings biggesttalentthat’s my career so thank you aboutVal’s biggest talent she’s just likereally put together which is veryorganized which is a hard thing to do intoday’s society nicethis biggest song used to be I hope he’sa good actorI will can I enjoy your videos belowyeah but I’m in this description laughsokay it’s very like sticky key and rundo you guys have nicknames for eachother max is the only one without anickname cuz I’m sorry sure Max is likeMatt he’s not Maximilian or Maximusdid you Spanish and we call her eitherValerie or yet we’re about Mexico you dowhat you wanted online sometimes howmuch time you spend together now a lotwhen Valerie is recipe I’m knocking outher friends she’s at where I practice[Music]stay home and protect yourself who’smore athletic Valerie’s been the mostathletic or at least in performance wiseshe can she’s looked more athletic shecan run a mileI can’they that’s not easy I cannot run a miledings who sleeps longer I think if yougive her give her the chance to beValerie really yeah if I gave you thechance to sleep one day she was likeexhausted from work and school andeverything she slept for like almost awhole dayoh yeah like when you are starting yourwork on your job yeah you were likereally full of like assignments andstuff when you finishedwhoops like knocked out for like a daywho reads more Valerie who’s lazierabout me I’m the laziest this is not memaking all the kids on your spot whichone w do you think will get marriedfirst Shirley has like a boyfriend oflike three years so for four years soobviously hear me hey sometime itdoesn’t turn a fiddle if I don’t annoyhim too much which one is most likely tohave a big familymax yeah I mean if you like he’s the onethat like wants kids he’s all about oneoh I think she’s about seven I cannot dobusiness oh god you know I feel likeyou’re good I know I was never really Ialways thought you were good at math solike no feeling went until eighth grademe do it I think I was gonna miss Billywho’s the better cook Valerie you guyslike an advocate Jenna who’s the betterdancer what is the most embarrassingchildhood memoryyou remember that each other’s Valerie’snot embarrassing but like funniest to meI guess memory I have a very winch’slittleoh he would have a laptop and it wouldbe playing into her room and I mom wouldbe like a guy’s mother take turns so hewould get like an hour or something andshe was super obsessive Facebook I wasdoing obsessed with it but I just likeshe liked to use it he’s a computer butit was my turn and I was on it and cameup to the kitchen to get water orsomething and I was walking back to herroom and then I like I was like down thehallway and I saw her she was sittingthere like see on the computer and I waslike know what I ran in and hit like hershe was ripped on my bed cover yeah Iwas like gonna be really long and he’dlike the floor draped on the floor soshe tripped on it and I’m on the floorand she stayed there for a little bituntil she got oh there’s this beneathbecause she felt worried about magsoh we left it in Mexico[Applause]like a restaurant and they have about inMexico and it has that lay and it wasall duds the whole family was in the carlike it was a bigger than my Vania aband so we can’t keep track of everyonewho’s Kevin moved from house alone alittle one that’s always like Angry sowe all got off the car matches in thevery back sleeping and we all got offand we didn’t realize until the ISIS forhow many every County and I was like Inever I never shall she the number she’sat 13 I was like smack and he wassleeping didn’t wake him upwe were already sitting down and we’rewaiting we’re waiting instead oh yeahand they’re like no we just sit downlike yeah we should I don’t like thebenches like in the way you’re gonna beso I’m coming with youwe were seated yes he did because rightwhen my mom said where’s maxmy dad my uncle brand to the hey guysremember they were and I was cracking upit is already fitting and then soundcoming the rise so the guy had gone inthe car injured his head from the babyback see who’s like where we going oh mygosh which one of you was a troublemakeras a kidhow would your sibling behave of his orher boyfriend or girlfriend cheated onhim or her I was sure she’d be very sadlike max I really could be this cringelike heartbroken you yeah she’s alsoprettyso they’re both anything I didn’t do allputting this into like high school Ididn’t not be here you just didn’t eatfor it she would always keep me on myfeet yeah she about everything and thenI would go out of texture be like don’twe and sometimes like people like evenin middle school people would do medirty and then she would her to make mebe petty but I would be like I can’tfeel itnot even make you petty but I would youstand up for you yeah and you wouldn’tlet meyeah now it’s vice versa people areattacking me on Twitter and she’swanting to stand up for me animal yeah Ireally wanted it to be something to doit don’t do it you can if you like Exideyeah you’ll get started actually like itmay take you in any like I know butknowing who I was I would I would you’reright but still myself you don’t knowwho’s gonna like it who’s gonna you knowit does more to it than just them whodid they take to prom maxthree and four piranha one Valeriedidn’t take anyone to prom and I tookDanny to prom well thank you forwatching our baking slash live link Ihope you guys liked the video pleaselike subscribe let me know other contentthat you guys I’m going to see on mychannel[Music]I[Music]here we go here we go againtime is up and I’m calling up my friendsin wonder why ain’t no one right you’llbe going


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