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Making Cookies for the First Time in Quarantine

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Video Transcription

craziness quarantine so we’re gonna trybacon I have made cereal toast makingtoast counts baking like this videobecause it has a dog in it startrecording okay what are you why do youthink we have this camera you’resupposed to follow us around first weneed butter in butter right herealright bit creepy okay now I have somesalted butter and some saltwhy do we have brown sugar if we havewhite sugar not to be racist alright nowthat we’re done with that oh we needsome eggs okay stop what is your problemdon’t steal the freaking chocolateI’m gonna fire you now I need bakingsoda and baking powderwell where is it don’t eat the sugar orsome freaking baking soda alright wedon’t need baking soda we’re fine threeup and three hundred seventy pump stopeating with sugar just like parchmentpaper parchment paper okay stop eatingsugarto be fired and stop stealing all thesugar like that like that are youserious have you been filming like thatthe whole video okay one teaspoon thanksI’m gonna wash my hands earlier alrightnow that we’re done with thatI’m gonna disappear stop touching myflower thanks where oh it’s ready oh I’ma good father I don’t beat my childrenwhat do we need stop zooming in skippeda bunch of steps so I combined butterand sugars mix it like this then we addthe dry ingredients together video is amess why aren’t you filming stop talkingpiñon now that we’re done mixing I don’tknow how to measure ounces and it saidlike 12 ounces Oh dark chocolate wedon’t want to be racist kid are youkeeping it steadyare you doing a good job okay I’m toolazy to look on the directions what theheck are you doing okay stop eating thefrickin cookie dough and let me put itlike this and stop making correctionsokay I’m the expertbeautiful cuz they are use a quarantinefor like 12 minutes you’re supposed tobe whispering magic now we have our guruback why are people still that why can’teverybody be an introvert

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