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Making cookies for easter

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my youtubechannel today we’re going to makecookies for Easter and if you are partof Easter subscribe like and comment tomy channel and I’m gonna show you thatI’m gonna be the kitchen and show youthe dough in three twoHere I am here’s the dough and I’m gonnaget a piece so first step to get a piecehow much weight should it be how muchweight you dick me this 50 okay so can Ishow that was my 90 well I’m gonna seeyou guys laterhey guys I’m back my dad’s there andthis weighs 47 that’s good I’m gonnashow her eyes I’m gonna show where Imines they – okay guys so we put themhere so I’m just making it okay I’m surethese are the ones we’re doing and herewe are making them to shave that’s niceI want to make one into a kind ofmom show them how to do it okay see sohere see down there there’s a design andthen you keep you get the dough youpress on it and thendesigner commented oh that’s nice okaygonna show them hmmnow I’m gonna wait a secondI’m gonna press I need to squeeze it allin okay keep pressing now I’ll get itout this and now you put it there higuys okay oh I need to know okay guys soI’m back I’m gonna get this much so Igot these I’m gonna show you when it’sfifty three two one okay guys so we took51 that’s so close to 50 I’m gonna playhere first today’s date Easter yeah butwhat’s the date sunday sunday 19 year19th of April I’m gonna show you mywarranty too okay guys I have to kind ofwater this is the first one this is thesecond one I’m gonna drink this one cuzI’m so thirsty I need a lot of water[Music]ok I’m back ok guys here I’m gonna showyou when it’s done now this is okay mymom okay squeeze squeezeI feel like a chef whoa that’s cool I’mgonna show it to you in three two okayguys I keep trying and it’s not workingmaybe I do another shape[Music]maybe I’ll go with the gingerbread man[Music]okay I’m gonna show it to you in threetwo Oh guys no it turned out amazingit’s so good of course[Music]yay that’s rule okay guys so I’m gonnamake another shape okay now maybe we cando a flower that’s nice[Music]okay yeah I think so so I’m gonna putokay so I guess we have this piecelaughter okay guys so I’m also I’m gonnatell you my mom’s boiling ends overthere see she’s boiling some eggs for meto color since this Easter I’m gonnacome back and okay guys now you have tolet it rest and if you forget mine Andywants to say hi to you she’s foldingclothes and maybe I’m gonna tell youwhat happened nextlater okay I’m gonna ask my parents nowand I’ll tell your[Music][Music][Music]okay guys it will take 15 minutes to beready well that if you want to know howto make that cookies and comment andcomment down below I want to know andthen I’m gonna tell you all the goodingredients you need and pleasesubscribe like comment in my channelyou’re gonna be a fan now like I’m onlymy family subscribe like nobody elsethat made me sad maybe they don’t likemy channel I know so maybe I could giveyou a house so first and if you enter myroom um like my bed is right at thisside nice right and here I have my owndesk this is a picture of me when I wasfive and comment down below blu-tackbecause if you want to know how to makethisI’ll tell you so yeah I’m gonna see youguys later okay got away okay guys Iforgot to show you the most important soin our table and just a long look weadded so sorry in the middle there arelots of my mom plays it oh sorryat the side there’s a bunny down and upthere says Happy EasterI’m gonna see you guys in 15 minuteswhy does this keep falling down whateverwhile the cookie will be done by nowI forgot I’m gonna show you and threeJoe

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  1. Yummy sugar cookies, Tiffany. I can’t believe I’m officially 31 today. You are the cutest and sweetest blonde baker. I hope you stay safe, sweetie.

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