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Making cookies cuz im bored out of my mind (corona time)

hello! this is me making cookies…. i hope you enjoy… stay safe out there

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

those changes are right therehey guys so it’s family making cookiesmy sister bailed so that’s awesome soyeah we’re making cookies you’re doingexciting I’m just like I’m gonna lockdown so yeah whatever they were workingI would an apartment yeah I’m makingchocolate chip cookies yeah I’m makingchocolate chip cookies and that’s aboutitColin’s okay see how I make chocolatechip cookies but at the store they ranout of normal flour cuz Korona oh oh Ihave to preheat the oven to 350 do Ieven know this is my Martha Stewartthese are her cookies I want to chewycookies because I don’t know that foryou I would say 50 recommended positionis almost it was okay let’s get startedwhisk together flour baking soda and setaside almond flour how fun how excitingOh what oh okay this is how much this islike some sort this is not a tutorialthis is just watching me make cookiesalone because no one want me look at meexactly what this is I’m making said Ijust don’t my god I’m making a mess isthis I hope this is the right thing Igotta say strange some coronavirus thingis weird you hear noises those are myparents how excited I want to say hisurecome say hi to my video right there thisis my fatherI’m just whatever beat butter full ofsugars of medium speed I love this okthis has been softening because I thinkthat’s what I call for two days I’m justbored and fuzzy flopdon’t get bysalt ah the Noah I only eat it but Iknow it tastes bad does it sit exploreand climb no it says that once so I’llbe doing this at once anyway I’m back tonormal things how are you guys handlingher around the fire situationswhy I was like fine my sister’s homewhich is nice except she’s sleeping it’sdone preheating awesome thanks for thatback to the program I’m mixing this tocombine[Music]I’m gonna taste all that how does thissay I thought this is gonna goabsolutely everywhere I have a feelingit’s like such a brat I’m just tired Idon’t know it’s like oh like if I needsome more of it like I guess they’re allso chewy so not like 12 ounces ofsemi-sweet chocolate chipsaka two cups this is 10 ounces this isall taste like it so far any good myso no I felt like[Music]palms from the ovenokay okay no I’ll be back okay babyweird flower I’d say they’re just kindof weird like big and flat but it wasexcelent effort then it got me miss bangI made so much cook you know I feel likeI’m in the vomitit’s not so fun oh yeah coolhey this is my hand I really like bigcookies if you can’t tell um they’recute they’re bag oh the old flowersgonna whack it that I kind of made itweirdbut like you’re still pretty good sovideo still bored have fun sing reallygood

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