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This is a video for Colegio Exito SP students!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]every day MEA I go to school I meet myfriend and we say hello everyone are youdoing are you staying home I’m sure youareso now let’s prepare what we were doingin our classes yes lunchbox remember ohbut do either lunchbox if we are seeinghome maybe not but we can do with ourfamilies a picnic let’s call your momand daddy and do a picnic and teach themwhat to learn it in the crop in ourclasses right so first what we can getwith the most healthy foods which arethe fruits let’s start with this onewhat is this ah yes an apple at homewhat color is this Apple yes red mmmwhat else can we put we can also add ahpapaya yes paya orange and black yesthese are the colors of the papaya andalso a little green here but insideorange and black mmm banana BillyCharlesthe banana is yellow that’s right andalso another fruit that you guys like alotgrapes yes these are grapes okay I thinkwe are good with the fruits right nowwhat did things we get something todrink drink water a bottle of water yesit’s important to drink water every dayright and also a juice box this juice ispassion fruit okay in a very deliciouspart which is a kind of dessert cookiescookies from the cookie jarsir Joe did you take cookies from thecookie jar[Music]who took the cookie from the cookie jarPanda took the cookie from the cookiejar[Music]who took the cookie from the cookie jar[Music][Music]who took the cookie from the cookie jar[Music][Music]who took the cookie from the cookie jar[Music][Music]from the cookie jar[Music][Music]not me should we make some yeah okay solet’s make some cookies I think I knowhow to make some are you readylet’s mmm it’s like a magic all theingredients are cured here so to preparevery easy cookie you need some one twothree four four ingredients fouringredients the first one is the cakemix you can find any cake mix in lifepreferably vanilla this one is yellowcake mix okay alsoyou need s 1 to s oil you need oil andchocolate chips chocolate chips ok itasks for 12 ounces which is 340 gramsall right so you’re gonna mix all thoseingredients together how much do we needof oil we need 1/3 cup of oil so I’mgoing to put the oil here1/3 cup this is a measuring cup this isa measuring cupall right one America 1/3 okall right now can you help with the eggs[Music][Music]very good oh I’m gonna mix with thisvery very strong mix it mix it mix itbecause the ass has to be mixed rightokay now let me put the oil 1/3 of I mixmix mix mixand the thickness many open it just goesto here you have to check oh yes it’sgood to be eaten then if you have to todeal with scissors or not your parentshave to help okay go for a cake mix hereall right mix mix mmm he’s getting goodwhat is missing cake mix X 1 2 X I and Opours a ringing of chocolate cheeselook at that I have a helper is that sohello Katie say hi to the students thisis Katie Katie you cannot eat cookiesokayu.s. dog you have to eat your foodsee little bit and now see I’m gonna puta little bit more here off the chocolatechips Thank You Santalook I think it’s gonna piss in it nowlet’s mix it again it’s hard now youhave to be really strong because it’shard alright you had really really triedto mix it but now it’s getting hard okayso what we are going to do now we aregoing to cook the cookies yeah I thinkit’s a good idea to use it the ice creamspoon because we are making a littleworseright-ohin the pan I put the grease paperalrightthe grease texture and almost forgot youhave to heat the oven right the ovenwhere are you gonna bake the cookies theovenwe are gonna heat it so I already turnit on and I’m gonna now place my cookieshere thisI’m gonna mix six for now I think seefour five six six cookies I wanna see ifthere they come okay so I’m gonna putthe oven for one two three four five sixseven eight nine ten ten minutes let’swait in ten minutes we check if you’reready bye bye see you soon see you in abit cookie yesthese are goodnow you know that cookies are goodbecause you can take them off the panlet them cool it off a little bit andthen you will try to remove because hereat the bottom it’s already cooked I’mgonna let it pull it off a little bitand serve itoh it’s important here in the oven youcan put 180 degrees okay eight hundredand eighty degrees and you pre-heat theoven before you bake it and I hope youhave a fun let me put this one in theplate alreadymmm one how many should you put threelet’s put one more and two more andthreethat uh after it cool it off we can eatit okay now it’s hot you don’t need toknow because it’s hot you have to wait alittle bit more then to cool it off Ihope you enjoyed the cookies talk to youlater bye bye

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