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Video Transcription

hi friends so I don’t know about you butevery time I go swimming I am so hungryevery time I get out of the poolso since we were just swimming aroundwith our blue shark and all of ourstuffy’s I figured this would be areally good time for us to make a snacknow normally misae likes to try and makesome healthy snacks but today I amcraving some chocolate chip cookies Idon’t know about you so how about thislet’s make some chocolate chip cookiestoday so here’s what I need you to do Ineed you to take a big mixing bowl justlike this and how do we start doesanyone know how to make chocolate chipcookies oh by the way you don’t need toask your parents for any help we’regonna make chocolate chip cookies justus no need to go into the kitchen andget anything real so we have our bigmixing bowl hmm I think we should startby adding in how about some milk so wehave to put milk in our cookies right soagain we need milk and we need eggs andwe need butter oh so many things allright so let’s take our milk will youtake the milk and go glug-glug readytogether glug gluggood now we have milk in our bowl butnow what do we need how about two eggswill you take an egg with me we crack itcrack sure let’s take our pretend stirready and we’re gonna stir our bouldersand the eggs and milk in there let’sstir it in there make sure they’re niceand blended together that looks great ifyour eggs and your milk we need somebutter so you take a stick of butterunwrap your butter plop it in there minesplashed oopsnice and careful with your butter wehave to take our stir and stir it onemore time will you stir the other waythis time oh it’s getting a little bitharder to stir yeah dump but I don’tbutter butter butter butter butternice job now the next thing I think weneed is some flowers so will you takeyour flower we need two cups of flowerso take your cup ready one two very nicenow whenever you add flour to a mix itmakes it a little bit harder to stir soyou might need those big strong musclesdid you bring your strong muscles withyou today awesome ready little bitharder here we go he got him bump buttonup button button button button bottombump button now cookies are usually niceand sweet so what does that mean we needwe need some sugar right will you takeyour sugar we need 1 cup of sugar readyI like how sugar pours into the bowl soI like to pour it in nice and slow butnow that we’ve added sugar it’s gonnaget even harder to stir it’s ready we’regonna go the opposite way you’re gonnareally need those muscles now here we gooh man mines getting really hard tostart who knew cookies we’re such a hardthing to make well now we have our sugarhmm what else do we needI’m sure you guys know I should have hadthe recipe right ooh how about somevanilla so we’re gonna do two littledrops of vanilla so make sure you grabyour vanilla bo you do it now this wouldbe the last really big mix it’s gonnatake all the muscles you have here we gostir the other directionmaybe stir both ways here we go yeahdump them button button button buttonbutton button button we’re gonna earnthese cookies in a second here now it’sup to you I personally like to putchocolate chips in my cookies but maybeyouwanna put sprinkles in your cookies orHershey Kisses in your cookies or maybepeanut butter in your cookies or maybeyou have something even better that youcould put into your cookies this time soI’m gonna do two scoops of chocolatechips you add whatever you want or acombination of a lot of those things maybe on some M&Ms and chocolate chipsthose would be some pretty maybe I’ll dothat it’s up to you add two scoops ofyour favorite thing in there one scoopto scoop now this is our last mix areyou ready here we go[Music]oh man you guys are a lot stronger thanmeso now we’re gonna take our scoop andwe’re gonna scoop out 12 cookies you hadyour cookie tray right 12 differentcookies where you count with me readyhere we goand 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12now make sure open the oven door put ourcookies in shut the oven door set thetimer friends oh thank you for helpingme make my afternoon snack you guys arethe best will you please let me knowwhat kind of cookies you made and maybeyou get to make cookies at home with momor dad grandma grandpa anybody that’saround make sure you share them with methat would be great I’ll see you in thenext video friends thanks for all yourhelp todaybye

4 Replies to “Making Cookies

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  2. Splendid! You guys are one of a kind couple! Definitely want to see the duo at it again! Ps you still can’t sit shot gun!

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