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Making cookies 101 by Mocha and Richie

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Video Transcription

[Music]how many cup 1/2 and then step a littlepee step on yatta to give still motherlike Eunice army I still get shot downevery chicken yeah like that no eggfirst beat the egg first[Music]Seraphina long ago[Music]go come on Seguin yeah yeah and then putit down shell ditto okay then mix it[Music][Music][Music]okay mix it that not make that freakydid you see you see Richie come by afterthat death and I am trying duringgentleman baking soda cornstarch[Music]Oh[Music][Laughter]carefully I know nothing he could makeout oh my godokay dan dan Leung my game okaykottaipattinam pookie-kai Union he couldpay goodI and then after that you can put nowthe chocolate one cup once it gets againno you okay[Music]okay hard work de ba oh you want to bepanel cookies[Music][Music][Applause]the gun – no oh okay then roll it withyour hands okay yes then put it on thepan make it simple Richie okay okay more[Music]but then you say sad and yosaku kiss[Music]okay[Music]whoa waitphoebus better high speed sleeping space[Music][Music][Music]mmm lots of money and a hook here andthen after that one hour non-delegablesorry F then you have to preheat youroven porno 360 bar circle[Music][Music]what can you say about Kobe do you needschool[Music][Music]no thank you[Music][Music]suppose in your name Lucas knew neverspace Ritchie[Music][Music][Music][Music]no slums in Lanka are they my setup kiam cookies newer my setup ki yes[Music]whoa Baker it calledfor what’s next my mind will be bignothing to next cakes Moonenwhat kind of cupcakes chocolate thatmakes sense because a guy has glitterpants ninja no you Pamela[Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]the power this one is small now it’sonly okay you’re not botany and uhGideon Oh guys[Music]okay huh game[Music]our game[Music]Oh[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]my mom cookies are the best rap givemuch to me tomorrow will get better Iwon’t be yes[Music]so you back I’m a savage classic Gogiratchet sassy hey hey heystupid always had that was happy I washappy

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