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Making Chocolate Chip Cookies W/ My Daughter

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Video Transcription

hey you guys and welcome back to mychannel Isaiah like Levine so today memy daughter will be making a BettyCrocker chocolate chip cookiesI gotta finish the cookies and I’malmost off the vacation tomorrow’s mylast day so we’re gonna do some bakingand the directions of these aren’t onthe back so let’s see the directions sofirst super simple which is why I gotthem all you need is one stick of butterand two eggs so we do have to keep theeggs out but we used to make these allthe timeback in the day but when I was younger Ijust actually make homemade cookies likewith the flour which is sugar all ofthat so alright so not opening you’renot about to use that is a scissors inhereshe saw him prepared you see himmake sure I’m gonna be opening more[Applause][Music]all right and you guys this is not anormal like regular sized pack if youshow the front this is 40 percent moreso value size yeahwe will make out a lot of cookies we’renot making a lot of tickets today we’regonna save that we don’t make okay so wealso need how many eggs all right I’mgonna grab the eggs yep put into itclick and you put the over hereright so the next thing we need is ohyeah took up oil we need butter so itsays one stick of butter margarine orspray softened not melted so this we isactually it’s soft but it’s nice officeit could be so we gonna put it in themicrowave for not long because this is ahigh wattage so we don’t want to let’sdo like five seconds[Music]if this thing heats up all right go tryit in those Herman’s little another five[Music]better okay let’s do one more fivebecause there is your we have to be ableto stir this this is not something thatyou gonna use like a little hand mixerwith we have to be able to stir this byhand most definitelyokay perfect all right so she is goingto open that dump it in there the wholestick all right okay all right and nowall she’s gonna do is mix it up as bestshe can and then when she gets higherI’m gonna mix it up while she’s doing Ijust want to show you guys I havepreheated my oven to 300 degrees I don’teven know if that’s what it’s supposedto be on let’s see what it says oh itactually says 375 but my arm oven isridiculoushonestly it heats so it’s like it’ssuper hot my 350 is like 400 degrees soI’m gonna leave it on 300 just to besafe and I’ll just keep checking thecookies as needed but this is a charsuper super simple oh that’s okay do weneed some waterno it’s gonna come together when thebutter started y’all also got this clingwrap blade clean wrap that I took out ofmy stockpile and I’m gonna use this tostore the cookies once we get the battergoingcalm Noble okay I think we need somewater yes this is dryyeah the butter is gone okay see theglare but well you will need butter andeggs that’s itso as though as you keep mixing and wecan switch if you wanted you wanna yeahhole I came home a yard why we switchand this is the cookie dough that youdon’t want to eat had to take my robeoff y’all cuz I’m getting hot this thecookie dough that you don’t want to eatbecause we just put eggs in itso this takes a little time obviouslybut you want to keep motion it like thatand as you push it like that as you cansee it’s starting to wet up so you justwant to keep doing it and it’s gonnatake a little time and this is the valueside job so it’s a lot more like doughit’s a lot more batter in this bad boyso let’s not do them for Easter yeahy’all coming down below Easter coming upand we don’t know if we’re gonna have anEaster service with this coronavirusthing that’s one line but what you’redoing today we’re doing today before youme my mom my god mommy my auntie isn’tmy god sister is my little cousins weare going to UM have an Easter egg huntwe’re gonna do eggs and having my dinnerI want to do something simple for thedinner not that I really care cuz Idon’t cook I’m gonna be cooking anywaybut I was trying to do something simplefor like her godmother and her eye andwhoever else was planning on cooking cuzI think akin the most I’m gonna do isbuy a pie create so I was trying to do Iwas trying to stop and show y’all how Iwas coming together now um so I wasgoing to do something simple like somechicken wings something like that butthen her godmother was like no this isEaster we need to go out so she want tomake like ham and macaroni and cheeseand do all that jazz so whateveryeah so yeah that’s what we gon zoomit’s coming together y’all but that’spretty much itall right we’re not switching now that Idid all the hard work she won’t takeover but now as I can see it’s alltogether now this is the point I don’tlike you have like to do something sowhat would make it easier guys is to putit in the clean wrap and put it in thefrigerator so that it can cool yeah Iknow how y’all do that aroundChristmastime when I’m making cookiesyeah I put it in the refrigerator sothat can cool so that it’s easier toform because it’s hard right now it’ssticky it’s gonna be all over your handsso the next time we make cookies I amgoing it’s gonna be in here and it’sgonna be easier to form but we’re makingcookies right now so I’m gonna actuallycause you guys real quick so I can’t umactually none that I’m gonna take y’allover here and I’m just gonna get out acookie sheethold it put that over there is thistrash right there is goodall right and so what i’ma do now is Ineed a little of them for you I like toput a little foil down on my cookiesheets because my cookie sheets havebeen through a few things can you dothis back you know do it no okay I needyou to put more it’s got to fit thissheet yep more let’s go right there yepyepso I like to put a little foil down onmy cookie sheets just make it flat yepbecause my cookie sheets as I have seenhas been through a few things and Idon’t want my cookies to taste likewhatever my cookie sheet convinced ohyou’re filming you filming so now youjust gonna put your size down put yoursize on this also helps the cookies notto stick and like I said I got mycookies my other one 300 degrees but I’mgoing to keep eye on my cookies becauselisten they won’t be done quick allright so now she’s going to make thecookies well my school did waswhy can’t you just scoop it with thespoon she gotta be extra so she’swasting the gloves because she did shebrought to be really I don’t know weshould do something about the people wholike not like bake very good Oh naileditOh what’s you saying yield you arecoming up coming up with all of youeveryone nailed it because I have it younever watch nailed itheck no and I don’t want no big cookiesalright so this is what you got let ussee all right that’s not enoughyeah don’t make your tchotchkes that’sgood okay let’s gois it going to LA no she’s not it’s notcold mom this is what we doyeah but it’s not cold so why is noworking now okayyeah we’ll come back all right you’rethe boss is back that was a fail Mikeyou know that okay so all we have to doagain because it’s warm it’s still supersuper soft and still super sticky we’rejust gonna pop it right here is it gonnabe a perfect looking cookie no it’s notdo we careno we do that we are not taking thesecookies to the president or we won’ttake no mr. president but this point butwe ain’t taking these cookies to theBeyonce or something like thatwe’re gonna eat this cookie so whetherthey are in or over or perfect circle orsquareit don’t matter as long as it tastesgood we don’t care so that’s what we’regonna do with this and I’m just talkingabout that muchand I do have a bigger cookie sheetwhich I probably shouldn’t use becausethis is only gonna make big enough umit’s okay I don’t know what is that no 12 3 1 2 3thank you wasn’t that in this one guyswhen I was in this one just put thesewith some milk all right so we’re gonnamove these to the side because I do wantto put them in I do want to put them inat the same time so I’m just gonna moveinto the side real quick I justpreviously used this for my daughter’ssnack that she had she’s gonna do it mywaythat’s way too much all right littlemore scoop – sighs yeah that’s goodall right slide yep slide on down oh shegot her nails doneso she a little bougie sheilo bougie Idon’t know she’s just gonna work for herI’m gonna do it you run there a littlebit more than that passyep put it downokay yayDavid that’s so much Oh perfect goodgood job put it right here let me finishscooping it up correctlywho needs annoying that’s there we godon’t break the yeah you wanna do somefinger Santi all right and let’s keep itgoing we have a lot to get throughokay what this girl she know do y’allbuy jeans side[Music]okay that was too much and then do onemore right herenope it’s okay y’all I have some cookiesbig some cookies small like that’s cooland ain’t no perfect size to a cookiealright so this will be breaking meright now she’s about to wash her handsI won’t be watching mine job because I’mgoing to put the rest of the cookiedough and the clean rat like I wastelling you guysvery dolly arms hey guys how you get ithuhyou gotta bring it up season oneshe got a blowjob I don’t have no so Ihave enough actually alright she’s gonnause this how to dry off and then we aregonna get these cookies into this oveny’all and we are going to watch throughthe light the oven really closelybecause when I’d show y’all these aregoing to cook fast and they’re gonnacook hella fast helloand she’s gonna turn now we will be backwhen the cookies are denied all rightyou guys I just wanted to show you guyswhat it looked like this was the boilerthe cookie dough was in and I scraped itas much as I could out of it as you cansee there’s nothing left and now this iswhat it looks like inside of the clingwrap andI kind of formed it as best as I couldand this is what it looks like I amgonna get this into the refrigeratorright now and let it chill so the nexttime we’re ready to make cookies all wegot to do is undo it or even just cutinstead of trying to like open the wholething and unwrap it and do all that wecan just cut as much as we want and thenrewrap it with new clean wrap so thatmight even be easier so I’m gonna getthat into the fridge right now this iswhat our cookies are looking like theyare already out starting to form and asyou can see we did a good job withputting the amount of cookie dough on itcuz they’re not too big and they’re nottoo small all right you guys check youin a little bit whoo yeah as I said myoven is a piece of yah my oven gotthe best of me okay I was watching thesecookies like a freaking hawk like ourliterally was I even have a new looks inthe bathroom like I had to go to thebathroom so bad and I didn’t go to thebathroom because I was sitting herewatching these damn cookies becausenothing was acting crazy and I wasturning up the dog um turn it up thetime turning down the time I wasn’tcooking it was doing like it was doingall types of crazy stuff yeah I sit downfor two seconds get right back upliterally two seconds and look whathappened well look what tried to happenokay out of all them cookies we made twoof them gotta go because they burnt therest of them I salvaged okay and we’regonna eat these cookies you’re gonna eatthe damn cookies so hope you guys enjoythis video make sure that you likecomment and subscribe and that’s it sureI’m done I’m out

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