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Hey there! Today I am making delicious chocolate chip cookies. I found these cookies on Bobby Flay’s website, linked here:

Thanks for watching! Comment below what I should make next! XX


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Video Transcription

hello welcome back to cooking with Dannytoday we are going to be making myfavorite celebrity chefs chocolate chipcookiesthese are Bobby Flay’s chocolate chipcookies he posted them on his Twitterprobably a week ago and I’ve beenthinking about making them ever sinceI’m excited to see how it goes so staytuned if you want to learn or just watchme make these cookies we’ve made a bitof a messa delicious mess so here’s all theingredients we’re gonna need to makethese cookies we’ve got two cups andthree tablespoons of flour one cup ofbutter two eggs two thirds of a cupbrown sugar one and a half teaspoons ofpure vanilla extract chocolateobviously one cup of granulated sugarand a half a teaspoon of salt andthree-quarters of a teaspoon of bakingsoda all right the first thing therecipe says to do whisk to get Ohwhisk I thought it was sift we need towhisk together the flour salt and bakingsoda in a medium bowl and set it asidethis funky bowl we’re gonna put all thedry ingredients in here so that is thetwo cups plus three tablespoons ofall-purpose flour I have my recipe righthere that’s why keep looking so we’regonna add I think we’re gonna sift itbecause people always do that I’ve onlysifted ever in home and class in highschool but I think they’d supposed to dosomething so we’re gonna sift the dryingredients I don’t know what this doesgreat there’s both the salt and thebaking soda so I’m using salted butterand the recipe asks for unsalted butterwe can’t just go and grab sup and storethese days because we’re quarantinedwe’re just gonna use what we gun andthat’s fine so I’m just gonna reduce thesalt I put half a teaspoon of salt inhere and the recipe calls forthree-quarters of a teaspoon she’s aboutthe half a teaspoon salt and 3/4teaspoon of baking soda not bakingpowder thank you so that’s the one thatyou also can like put in your toilet andmake shoes less stinky I don’tunderstand how it does all those thingsand you can cook with it but it seemslike America stick it in thereand then we’re gonna whisk everythingtogethereasy so that’s done that’s amiss so didyou set it aside for nowthat’s a consult Buffy so in the bowl ofa stand mixer fitted with a paddleattachment beat the butter on high speeduntil smooth so here’s our butter it’sbeen sitting out for about two hours nowso it’s room temperature so we’re goingto stick the butter has been beaten onhigh speed until smooth I don’t thinkyou can get any smoother than that sothe recipe calls for Muscovado sugarwhich I had no idea what that was so Igoogle it and it’s brown sugar with likea high moisture content cuz it’s moremolasses II which I don’t have and againwe’re not really leaving the house to gobuy stuff like that we’re just gonna usebrown sugar which is what I have butwe’re gonna add the sugars the brownit’s a granulated sugar we’re gonna getthat going againtwo minutes just to stop and scrape downthe sides of the bowl[Music]okay that looks a bit better[Music]so like I said Bobby Flay is my favoritecelebrity chef because I’m beat BobbyFlay he can cook anything like peoplepull out the randomest stuff that’stheir signature dish and somehow BobbyFlay just rolls in here I think hedoesn’t know that’s the magic I thinkmaybe he does know but I choose tobelieve he doesn’t know what they’resupposed to make and somehow he justlike whoops their asses with his versionof their signature dish if he says theseare the best chocolate chip cookies andI believe him and I’m very excited totry them our butter Sugar’s are nice andfluffy and incorporated the next thingwe need to do that eggswe’re gonna add them one at a time untilthey’re incorporated into the butter andsugar mixture and you get this going alittle bitI would say that they get the boatingcooperating so now I’m gonna add thenext one okay so the last of the wetingredients is the vanilla so we’regonna add the vanilla and it says tobeat it just for a few seconds okay thatwas a few seconds the next step is thedry ingredients here’s the dryingredients or earlier I’m gonna mix itin half at a time into the stand mixerflour was about two cups if I do about alittle bit more than a cup in a bit thenthat’ll be about half we’re gonna addthe rest of the dry ingredients now wedid it says to mix until justincorporated[Music]okay so I think that’s good so ourbatter looks like this now and so thenext thing we need to do is add thechocolate chips so I need to chop thoseup[Music]we’ve done our chocolate chunks herethey are they look delicious so I useless chocolate than Bobby Flay suggestedbecause I don’t know I don’t know why Ijust like less chocolate in my talk withyour cookies so let’s just start withthis we’re gonna add our chocolate inand then we’re gonna fold it inI think we can use a bit more chocolatechips[Music]here it is so we’re gonna have it inwe’ve got our cookie dough chocolatechips are folded in there so now we haveto wait one to three days to cook themwhich I’ve never heard of that in mylife but to be fair I’ve only ever mademediocre chocolate chip cookies so shelooks deliciousand let’s see what mr. Flay has to sayat least one day and for best flavorthree days so if we can wait three dayswe will I have a feeling we can’t waitthree days welcome back to in about aday and a half and I’m very excited toeat these cookies it’s a beautifullyrainy day in Vancouver of course so Ithought what better thing to brighten upa rainy day than chocolate chip cookiesso anyways let’s get to scooping andthen we’ll get them in the oven andwe’ll give them a taste now we are goingto get started on making the actualcookie so baking them the first step isto preheat the oven to 375 degrees sowe’re gonna go ahead and do that are yousure nothing’s in there okay while wehaven’t preheats we need to get thesecookies on to the baking sheets so I’vegot two baking sheets lined withparchment paper the recipe says onecookie is about one heaping tablespoonof dough the recipe doesn’t say whetheryou’re supposed to wait for the dough toget back down to room temperature beforeyou do this so I’m gonna assume nothere’s one[Music]don’t worry I wash my hipswe’ve got them all out we have about 24cookies if my math is correct whichhonestly it may not be but I think thisone’s hard to mess up because you justhave to count every local glue to breakokay so let’s get these guys in I don’tthink I can fit both of them on the toprack we’re gonna cook them in twobatches to make sure that they areperfect cookies I’m inclined to thinkthat these ones may be cooked a bit toomuchcheck your oven maybe around the10-minute mark check the cookieschocolate in it we’re gonna leave themhere for now our fallen soldier so ourcookies are done they look amazing okayI’m gonna try one oddly delicious andkeep in mind I did not let these coolall the way look I’m supposed to becauseI was too excited to eat them I’ve letthe cookies cool a bit like I wassupposed toand let me say these are worth the waitthese are the most delicious chocolatechip cookies I have ever had in my lifeand I’m not sure whether it’s becauseI’ve just never put that much effort inthe chocolate chip cookies in the pastbut anyways thank you for watching I hada great time filming this video onceagain the link for the recipes in thedescription box head on over to BobbyFlay’s website to get the recipe forthese delicious cookies let me know ifyour in donation and that’s definitely acookie

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