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Making American Cookies With My Indian Mother-in-law.

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Video Transcription

[Laughter]and I’ll put mine on this side- Levi[Music][Music]hey guys hello welcome to a kitchenblock yeah and again we’re in thekitchen with mommy to play Chanel wereyou wanna make today we’re makingchocolate chip cookie chocolate isbecause last video last name Chanel madechocolate cookie at home mother’s reallyinterests me is very happy and she alllike oh that tastes really well I wantto know how we make it so this time thisis what we’re gonna do chanel is gonnado cooking in channel is going to teachmommy out most of our cooking videosmommy’s teaching together right andliterally the only American things thatI can think of our sweets we’re startinghere let’s go to this so before we startthis video what you want to do like thisvideo if you like it how many more doyou want to do next and gather know meso that five hundred thousand subscriberwho Neverland you’ll see the subscribermilestone come on sugar brown sugar eggsvanilla extract but look at the colorcoordination of our family nowChanel is wearing black mom is wearingblack I am wearing black papaya papayawearing black to like possibly theGoldmans allow Julie by suitable routeTina Bob can cut a piece a nap as HollyI’ll go tell mo me I’m getting it opengovernment[Music]this corner exit third degree Bendnow let’s cook Jeremy garner so yeah butup just say be magnetic talker you keepa diary article to magnetizable Thani ischeese papered up coke electronic econseil a hero stings your dick talkerskeeto curtain youtubers okay is itright or no tell me which side you areso now yeah in this tiny little dish andI’ll be doing half a teaspoon of bakingsodano me this is we don’t have propermeasuring spoons in this house we don’thave anything in this whole apparentlyafter having everything so now we needto stir it just taking goes up the bookbut it’ll be above open nothing you oppabut why your mother button eitherby easy recipe air Tim packet colorfather macaron easy and simpletoday’s video is brought to you bybiryani we all have heard aboutcoronavirus and how it’s affecting usall around the world Kishan and I andour family have been staying indoors allmonth how to make money by sitting homeall day I would like to recommend areally great site called bonanni if yougo to banana you’ll be able to make easymoney by sitting at your home now I’llshow you how to make money easy therelet’s go as you can see there are twoways to predict the trade deals graphicline will go up or downall you need to do is predict thedirection of the line it is easy andmore than 80 percent of the deals aresuccessful you need to try to now andthat is it now you are ready to try yourbestand finally and if we have not convincedyou you need to see it by yourselfthere’s a really good option to makemoney by sitting at home what are youwaiting for download the link in thedescription and we can start this videolet’s begin Oh while you wait for yourcookies yeah chocolate chips chips mayreally that’s what I just said whatchocolate chips me it’s meyeah and then what it looks differentlike mummies look like a light coffeeyou look like a and now suppose mr. timemummy donate SP mother Nellie but manyolive and I do when I will discretegiven is booties okayah she does make cookies with differentcookies yeah[Music]so I added an extra cup of flour I justmake them a little bit more stiffbecause is the chocolate chip cookieguys yeah no joke with foodoh my god yeah and I know me to do thebatch – yeah so another really awesomepart about making cookies is that theyonly take about ten minutes in the ovenbefore you get to eat themso you get immediate satisfaction pleaseso mommy’s making chai and my cookies Idon’t think you can see them from therebut let me tell you they are lookinglike stereotypical cookies which is soexciting for me like if you were to drawup extravagant with chip cookie that’swhat these look like I’m so pumped tosee them when they’re doneI was just scrolling through my internetand see what I foundoh my god[Music]Papaji Rishi Kapoor oogie oogie everyoneis a car there is one more Bollywoodactor he also died todayRishi Kapoor it was really famous cancerservice cubed at cancer te ara those arebeats meha guys just stays home and stage staysafe because like this year is not verygoodthe cookies are you over here we don’twant them to be perfectly cooked becauseif they’re perfectly cooked and they’renot as soft thank you got it’s like ascience perfect not done yet no no bigbuddy’s mom sweet when he’s yoursmom’s look same like beforeyeah are they done this is amazing thisis your side ha ha nice mamas looks moreBrown hmmoh yeah that’s gonna be amazing whateverthis one they’re not bad okay you wantedoven longer or do you like it the way itis a too many yeah good this is goodI can’t wait to eat it nylon we do eatit so reaction time cooperation I’ll popa button up Catholic Mary gotta go okaytickety concert I guess got an ideaoh yeah up another Nina what’s a minimuna gonna see each other don’t know yeahokay bismuth or cacao it[Music]Cadell pot okaylet me taste as well oh yeah mmm nice Ilove it I love itthis one is good really really goodtogether the smaller ones are likefluffier in the middle hmm you’re gonnacook me that submit they’re very directmommy’s what yeah is it less sweet Ilike both of them the vote on them arereally good you can’t really talk to uswe use the same recipe but I yes bothvery similar yeah so if you liked thisvideo don’t forget to give this video athumbs up comment down below what you’dlike to see while we’re in quarantine[Music]do you know

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