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Make cookies and be an idiot with me

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Video Transcription

hi I’m baking cookies that’s only goodno I’m a little too big but I don’tthink dance class – my hair is mess andwe’re making French macarons let me getmy ingredients and then we’ll start stepone make the macarons in a bowl of afood processor combine the powderedsugar almond Thyer and 1/2 teaspoon ofsalt I just wanted to show you how we’redry eggsit’s sticks but you food processor Ibrought money to put in here okay let’scheck poacher I got ithalf a teaspoon of salt art is brokensorry to hold it really tightly I don’tvideotape it videotaped but like I putthe black thing in this part and it justturned on will be making that noise likeso pleasing about just sifting I don’tknow why I can’t see me this is like myfavorite step to and this separate largebowl beat the egg whites and remaining1/2 teaspoon of salt with an electrichand mixer until a soft peaks formgradually add the granulated sugar anddo fluffy and fully not fluffy fullyincorporated continue to beat stiffpeaks form its continue to beat untilstiff peaks form you should be able toturn the bowl upside down withoutanything falling out I’ve seen thatreally put it over their head I never dothat when I make these but we’re gonnado it today I love your can mixer butI’m gonna use this thing because this iswhat I always use and it turns up by andso like I don’t know there’s actually adifference so we’re just gonna use thisI don’t know if I said but you needthree egg whites I did that an hourearlier two hours earlier because I readsomebody that makes better macarons andthere’s less something I don’t know butlike do that they all said to be roomtemperature so half a teaspoon and thisattachmentyeah lock in place oh it does workoh it’s not plugged inwell this is what it needs to do I’mgonna get the granulated sugar and weneedstiffing yes the pic TSP number onelesson of thinking I’m not good at it sostop because it’s ad said to add foodcoloring and I’m making lemon Ekron solet’s get some yellow food coloring soseating a giant thing a food dye there’schocolate sprinkles and they want to usethese so good look we actually have lookoh you can’t read that lemon yellow sogreat thing about food coloring is thatit gets everywhere and stains everythingexcept okay we’re gonna try this pleasedon’t fall please help all times for theboring part I have to add but one-thirdthe flour mixture on the flour mixtureinto hold it instead of so the wholetime when I’ve not been on cameraI don’t nothing on camera I’ve beenwatching because in last episode sevencame forth and I like like Four Seasonsbut we’re going to cut up becausethere’s so many spoilers on my Instagramand it’s driving me nutsso I heard it’s really sad so have youseen itadded smoke a few cousins looking regalso it looks like you’ve now so yeah didyou sure able to make a figure eight sowe’re gonna try it it’s a lot brighterin personyeah enoughgrab the transfer this done like a giantyellow carrotyounow it’s let him sit for 30 minutes toan hour are we need a buttercream umthis is just brake lever another vanillabuttercream and I’m gonna have a lemoncurd into it in turn that little bit inthat time until it tastes goodthat’s really good sauce time to do somedishesyouit’s been about five minutes and I’mgonna go ahead and preheat the oven to300 I it’s done 17 minutes on the clockcan’t see it but they expanded which hasnever happened they were supposed to goup so I don’t know what I did wrong soum they cracked and expanded and I’venever had that happen before so why theone time I try to film me making themthey don’t work we got one perfect oneyeah so they’re really ugly and I justcan’t get up give up they don’t tastebad they’re a little crunchy which isnot supposed to happen and then I’m justgonna frost them with this frosting thisis a slightly lemony frosting and I’mgoing to add a lemon curd in the middleso it tastes goodOh some or all of them are really badsome of themyouso here they are I think it’s about 35cookies they’re doing more crunchy andthey are like supposed to be crunchy butthey’re good and I think I put a littlebit too too much lemon in thebuttercream but if it still tastes fineI also want to add some deliciouschocolate sprinklesokay so they’ve done they beautiful aswell sure yeah they’re actually kind ofugly it didn’t go very wellI am going to try this one three two oneit’s really good I should quite likethat throw on the countrysideI’m still good thank you so much forwatching and see you next time I need

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