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going live as I’m adjusting my shirt andbra go and wife as I’m adjustingeverything in my life hey guys hi hi hihi hi hi hi hi hi to everyone hello toBrittani hello Heatherhello trip around the world Nicole howis everybody I hope we are all doingwell hello to all 60 of you thatapparently are joining me oh my goodnessand it’s getting warm in heretoo many people in one room hi hi hiTIFF from LA hello to you as well hi toAshley and Jennifer and KJ certified allright I just like temporarily spilled mybeverage while I was setting all this upso things are a little wet here how iseveryone else yay – meow meow now you’reon time hello oh thank you Nessie says Ilook beautifuloh you’re so sweet just you know it’s afilming day data gotta wear the makeupfor that but oh and thank you Shay sayshe looks so nice today so sweet you guysare though you’re so sweet what am idrinking I am drinking a Cassieconcoction mixed drink I thought itmight be a little a little easier to godown then a couple weeks ago just takingstraight shots but someone asked my lipcolor this is a spoiler because you guyshaven’t seen my boxycharm for this monthyet but it’s this nude Stix Waikiki roseI’m notnot really a fan so far of the formulaOh No maybe this stream needs to endeveryone is saying frozen spinning foryou too oh my gosh the numbers aredropping like flies let’s see can youguys hear me that would be helpful canyou guys hear me okay I’m back yayhooray yeah it’s back back on Oh Foofaoh so worried and now we have tripled inviewers I think nope that’s bad math buteither way good everyone ascend we’reback we’re back you guys scared me youguys scared me there Mariam says I brokethe Internet I doubt itif 160 some people can break theInternet we’ve got problems on our handsCass is getting work no no I’m not butnope show up there we go hello Melaniehappy Sunday to you as well hello helloto everyone thank you all apparently myhair half back is a huge hit I’m gladThankswhen will I be doing another stitch fixlove those thank you I’m glad to hear itthere will be another one soon my fixhas shipped but they said I think itshippedeither way they said that there would bea delay because of obvious reasons outin the world but Heather wants to knowif I have a switch have I been playinganimal crossing I have not I don’t own aswitch I really want one but right now Ijust like can’t afford one like in anyway shape or form I meantimes are rough for everybody youtubersincluded so yeah especially not only inthe Adsense down views are down it’s ascary time my friends it is very scarytimes like truly truly so as much as Iwould love to buy a switch to help passthe time here you know I got a got tomake do with what I gotI’ve got my merge dragons and my mergemagic games on my iPad that keep me veryoccupied so I’m just happy with like Isaid just trying to be happy with what Ihave and not spending money try my bestI’m on a pretty pretty big I guess a lowby not a Noah buy but a low buy oh helloto the person that said hello with alittle cat in the box yes Nick was avery happy birthday to you from me andloco Montoya’s yay what’s the date todayApril 19Nancy Gugu says not buying any newmakeup wall no not I’m really not or atleast I’m trying I’m trying to think ifI have purchased any makeup since beingstuck at home here I don’t know that Ihave to be completely honest so did iorder anything from the Sephora sale nono I did not I I’m really tryingyeah Jasmine says I’ve just been wantingto shop for no reason well yeah I meanthat’s the boredom that’s the boredomand being stuck at homeme too I would love to do a bunch ofonline shopping right now but uh thatwould be very unwise of me very unwiseoh thank you miss Michelle says have Idone any more artwork love you girlwe’ve also got a super chat from emthank you so muchhappy Sunday it isn’t much but you canput this in your switch fund oh thankyou that’s so sweet of you uh I wishmaybe I don’t know my birthday is kindof coming up a couple months here inJune so maybe I’ll ask for it for mybirthday or something for my parents Ijust I just don’t know but yeah and thenartwork to the other Super chatter Ihave not been I really want to though Ihave been meaning to and I just haven’tgotten around to it like I said I’vebeen very preoccupied with my mergedragons and whatnot OhThank You Amanda H says keep it upworkout pineapple emoji thank youappreciate you so yeah and also it lookslike it’s Quincy’s birthday happybirthday to you that is exciting you’re45 today super exciting Nancy wants toknow where I got this sweater I got itfrom Goodwill I believe it was my lastthrifting video on my channel if youwant to watch thatoh yeah janae says your june may beyourself and you have a june baby oh soyou have a baby born in june as well hehoped the world is doing better by thenit will be my daughter’s first birthdayyeah I mean what we’re at least here inMinnesota the quarantine has been putuntil May 4th I think so we’ll see oh Ihope I can leave my apartment on mybirthday but uh time will tell as ofright now I have no ideaI so missI mean I’m so happy that like all theanimals got put in foster homes so likethat’s great for them during this timebut like at the same time I missed goingand loving on a mall every week Keyshasaid oh you’re talking about yourbirthday bird I just read the commentsand looks like it’s not going to be agood one I thought you’re talking aboutmy stream I was like he hikes I’m thatboring already but you’re talking aboutyour birthday on May 3rd that’s I knowthat’s a bummer hopefully you can havelike a zoom birthday party and celebrateonce this is all done and you can go outthen a late birthday party for you butyeah Thank You Barbie doll says hi lovethe lipstick colorI am glad thank you to everyone saying Ilook great I appreciate thatI don’t feeI mean I don’t feel bad Ijust I’m a bit uh low-energy a littletired today but oh kids thank you somuch also saying I’m gorgeous oh youguys are so nice DK wants to know ifI’ve ever thought about fostering formyself you’d love to but you don’t havethe room Wow hi thank you so much toBarbara also for the super chat thankyou so muchWow a happy Greek Easter absolutelyadore you thank you I am so glad thatyou enjoyed my content here and justhanging out with me that’s very nice ofyou and also generous of you for thesuper chat thank you thank youbut yeah what was I saying fostering yesI would love to but I’m pretty sure Iwould get evicted so like no thanksah so yeah hiokay I think should we do we want to goand make cookies or something I don’tknow I think that sounds like a lot offun so uh we’re gonna we’re gonna coveryou up here don’t worry thoughif my nose don’t worry I’m still here ohhow am I gonna cover this and leave mydrink behind I’m gonna have to go Wowlook at how red my thumb is that ispretty impressive whoo I’ll have to comebackget me my drink Oh feels so much betterout hereoh that filming room it is oh let’s seeliving room uh maybe this was like thiswas bad this was bad kasi this was justterrible awful cover the clean I’m gonnaget a pot to put you on all figure thisout someday guys Oh hit that angle andhang one momentyes whose back babyhey you anything hi are you reading thechat or are you looking for an escapeyeah my name is Frances yeah cookingwith Cassie yesso anyways OOP there goes Big O alrightguys this angle is like not doing me anyfavorsand this lighting my kidoh thanks Lilly same fig is cute I thinkso it’s cool now let’s see plugged inhere maybe there we govery nice umm umm so many people aresaying fig is cute I know I know he is Iwish I could like take credit but ohmaybe open a cabinet and put the camerathere for an angle see that would haveto mean that I have empty cabinet spaceput you guys in the microwave that wouldbe exciting yeah we’ll just just stickwith this yes Jenna this is my kitchennow I’m just gonna I’m gonna greenscreens kitchen ha ha now it’s mykitchen glad you like itI again can take absolutely zero creditfor it because I’m just a renter herebut someone is saying the audio doesn’tmatch the visuals I would suggestrefreshing the streamyes anyways let’s move out myhandy-dandy iPad so I can get this arecipe you pulled up good yeah trustPinterest oh my goodness those nails aregorgeousI want those nails those are so cuteI’m saving those nails board cool andthen we’re going to look at my burgerrecipe board oh yeah okay so this isn’twhere’s my board though there we gothere we go recipes great so today Ihave been having a hankering for somekeiki sprinkly cookies so I’m gonna tryout this recipe from Shelly Doron skicookies and cups we’re gonna go andvisit her page cookies and cups calmthese are the super soft sprinklepudding cookies for anyone who wants tofollow along there I got the amount ofads on this website I mean I get ithustle for your dreams but my dadthey’re everywhere they’re ever so ofcourse I am me so I’m making a doublebatch because hiapparently I am being sexually harassedin German am I reallyWow I don’t think they’re sexuallyharassing me are they I mean they’retelling me I look sexy which like heywow thanks they’re saying I look prettyrich day dial thanks uh oh okay yeah nothat’s definitely that’s definitely thesex from that other comment okay don’tworry we uh we got rid of themWow asking me to do things with mytongue the only thing I’m gonna do withmy tongue need some cookies and drink mydrink so yeah anyways okay so reciperecipe recipe so butter check I’m gonnaneed a good amount regional recipe callsfor 3/4 of a cup so that means I needone and a half cups right that’s math ohthank you Christinafor the super chat there’s no messagethere but hopefully you didn’t haveanything he wanted to say I appreciateit[Music]Jer anyone pick up on that song that Ijust tapped out with my butter cuz thatwill songshake shake shake Senora shake so yeahthis weekend was the weekend that I wassupposed to be in New YorkI should have today I should have beencoming home I should have seenBeetlejuice on Fridayoh thank you also I don’t know how topronounce your name that it’s KashiaKatya I apologize I apologizeuh-huh but thank you for the super chatI appreciate itso thought so okay yeahhalf cup so half cup one cup I’m onlythe highs I used to know how to say cupcasa in German it’s been a minute yeah Idon’t hope tossin am i vegan well if youdid not catch the fact that I’m usingbutter no I’m not vegan never have beennever happenhi Vienna hi friendhi hi oh reallymmm says Andrew Lloyd Webber is puttingon live at full scale productions of hisshows on the YouTube channel the showsmust go on and not the same but it mightgive you your fix that’s really excitingI hope soyeah I did Mackenzie I did get my refundI don’t know that PayPal has processedit yet I was so tempted to get thebecause they were offering people whoseshows got cancelled because of this theywere offering like a refund plus maybe10% or 20% or something of the cost ofyour tickets to if you decided to do alike Broadway points credit type ofthing so like they wantto come back instead of just refundingyour full ticket price to your paymentmethod but I just I don’t know thatthere’s gonna be a show that I’m gonnawant to see like that would have beenreally nice to have that extra money toshow but I just don’t know okay egg egganother sign I was like garbage havingto buy the other baking soda back toldyou ha ha okaysoda salt I’ve got some pudding mix twoof them because that’s what they wantedyou know I didn’t checkah thank God no gelatin in here so yayum and I’ve got great got it all she’sgot it all yeah she’s got it all andshe’s got it nowall right 7350 bake 350 great greatgreat guess what time it also is youlove it shouldn’t be kicked out yourgarbage time[Music]they say parchment paper we say butterbecause that’s life that’s what all thepeople say shutdown in May and I feltvery relevant Johnson okay so are youready[Music][Music]let’s do it againtada[Music]yes there is a cat and I think I thinkhe was a licking some water out of adirty bowl that’s so cutefrom Nayak this morning hi okay um thankyou – Kristina for the super chat shesays what’s the lipstick you’re wearinggirl I mentioned it at the beginning ofthe stream so I should remember it thenude sticks magnetic plush paint calledin Waikiki rose I do believe so beat thebutter and sugar on medium speed for twominutes you know what we should actuallydo before that we should down our drinksoh all at the bottom there oh whoa whatlaptop you trying to Doc’s me why areyou doing thisI don’t appreciate it stay put ok sothat I can actually like tell you guyswhat I am today I am digesting what I’mdrinking so my dad had gotten me thisrhubarb limeade from a farmers market soI’m sorry I can’t uhlid not on tight splashing everywherebut I gotta mix it so it doesn’t settleand it’s delicious it’s meant to be youknow a mixin thing so I’m taking thisand I important for authority full ringgum that much into my glass so yummyhouse probably a bit much but liketaking some adult water adult water foradults which I am and then I’m addingthat much great great yeah I am justquite the bartender following everythingby the book and then I’m going in withsome a Key Lime Lacroix to bring it alltogether give it a little bubbly Ness ohit’s so close ah don’t worry take it onthe iPad oh my gosh yes yes that is whatwe call fate except not because this isgonna be real dangerous to try and mixslowly slowly but surely dang I said Idefinitely said dang definitely so okrecycling and I’m also gonna wash thesticky off my handsso enjoy my butt for a momentyeah cool so oh thank you so for youguys like seeing all of my keloidsaren’t those cute mm-hmmlove boob keloids just the gist thanksNickI’m not gonna show your message butthanks for the compliment so yes um timeto bake so in the bowl of your standmixer okay get these out of the way getmy stand mixer over the years KitchenAidany lighter or they always just like 800pounds oh it’s a lot my godall right stand mixer got you to workthank you so much to share me for thesuper chat says thanks for all thepractical advice reviews tutorials andjust general entertainment that youbring us you’re so nicejust inhaled some cat hair but you’re sonice thank you thank you thank you OhJasmine says he thought of me todayAmerican Eagle is having a sale and havesome cute cardigans how dare you temptme with the thought of cardigans triedso hard not to buy things so that when Imade a little strong yeah yeah I did ohI’m awake okay so full of stand mixerbeat the butter and sugaryou’re on medium speed for two mintthat’s a long time but okay so that’snot good math is it no that’s perfectmath okay so I’ve got some room tempbutter whew I throw this in and bereally excited at the fact that I’mabout to make something that has threesticks of butter in it good seriouslyI’m real excited I also went to thegrocery store yesterday evening becauseI needed to like I was I think it hadbeen like two weeks since I went groceryshopping so I needed to get some produceand I always use receipt reusable bagsbecause like let’s save the world onepaper plastic bag at a time type of athing right right well I gave them mybags and they looked at me like I hadbrought in bags that were woven but fromthe actual strands of the virus goingaroundapparently we’re not supposed to bringreusable bags anymore when we goshopping because they’re definitelycovered in disease like not anymorecovered in disease than your plasticbags they got from what factory I don’tknow but I don’t the way they handled itlike they could have so nicely just beenlike hi I’m so sorry we’re not doingreusable bags or like anything broughtin from outside right now like would youlike paper or plastic instead that wouldhave been a thing that they like lookedat me with the utmost disgust like umwe’re not oh my godI didn’t forget the bagger and then theperson had to register but like thebagger was basically like um to theperson at the register like do we needto call over manager like I don’t knowthat I should even be touching theselike oh my god like what should at whatI’m like dude I didn’t bring like a bombor anything like I don’t think theycould have handled it better how aboutthat so I didn’t appreciate that butwhatever yeah Emily says they could havehandled it more nicely but I highlydoubt everyone is washing and sanitizingtheir reusable bags every day I agreebut like like I said how do we know it’sany more or less sanitary than the bagsthat they got from whatever Factory orlike how do I know one of theiremployees didn’t sneeze on that bag thatthey’re gonna then bag my groceries andlike it could go both ways you know likea just they’re wearing rubber glovesanyways so like why does it matter thatI brought in a bag from the outsidethey’re not touching it only I’mtouching it it just it just was and theymade it seem like I there was like ahuge sign on the outside of the storesaying like don’t bring in your reusablebags stay away cautionexcuse me but like so how was I supposedto know I don’t work there I don’t knowwhatever they’re doing at the momentlike it was just so strange anywaysthank you from one rimRamba tikka I’m 99.999% pronouncing thatincorrectly but what is my favorite bokuno hero academia character probablyeveryone I love everyone um but I doI do love easy cool I love cats ki Iknow I’m boring that those are myfavorite characters I love all right Ido media no sunshine Golden Boy videoyeah I mean I don’t know if there’s acharacter that I dislike I really loveeverybody oh that’s a lie I hateendeavor aside from that thank you forthe super chat sorry for my awefulanswer Alex says hi hope you’re doingwell I have always loved your channeland your overall positivity you are sosweet Alex thank you so much I trydo I think the stitch fix boxes areworth getting I personally do when youhave money to spare you know if you havemoney to put towards clothing yes Ithink they’re worth it I think there area lot of fun right now it’s hard for meto say they’re worth it because it’slike a frivolous expense but yeah sosorry for the other lame answer therebut okay god I am so good at bakingwhile trying to talk I feel like whatI’m normally like cooking or baby orwhatever on my own it’s just likeeverything’s goodnot anymore can I even drink though ohis that lipstick no I didn’t think sothat was transfer system for a secondthere but excuse you fluff bugger heylittle monkey oh my god StunnaMercedes’s you my herostop you probably not even talking to melet’s see so butter and sugar how muchsugar brown sugar brown sugar[Music]I took now for two minutesthat is a long time so here we gogive me some questions friends while Ipaint this what do we got ask mequestions brown sugar for next time yesChris I will have to find a brown sugara recipe for next time I’m glad youthink these live strings are fun Annawants to know if I want to tell youabout my eating situation I don’t wantto tell you because I don’t want tospoil it there will be a video onTuesday I do believe if scheduling goesto plans I’m feeling it guys I’m feelingit but uh yeahso no updates give you all of theupdates in that video and I don’t wantpeople to my videos are down you guysthat are really down I want you guys towatch my videos it’s so hard it’s sohard it makes me feel like I’m a garbagecontent creator all of a sudden whenit’s like in reality my content hasn’tchanged it’s the state of the world ischangedoh I wish I knew how to do this is itIlana no I own a– Iona I’m so sorrythat I don’t know how to pronounce yourname but hello – Jane X’s four-year-olddaughterhello hello and so glad that you all aregood to say enjoying this you don’t saythat you’re enjoying watching me rightnow but like you both are apparentlywatching me together right now so I hopeyou’re enjoying your time but I thoughtapparently I supposed to say happybirthday for a second there but it isnot your birthday but happy birthday toyou both whenever that comes around[Music]Nessus I would know yeah I know it’ssuch a strange conundrum but I’m lookingfor it here but I was like I wasn’texcited you know it’s like one of thosethings where I was like oh cool likeviews are probably gonna go up likethat’s exciting for me you knoweveryone’s forced to stay at home andthey’re gonna watch YouTube butunfortunately this is not the case thereare like a few lucky creators that theirviews have not gone down at all but likeacross the board YouTube views are justdown the drains like I think it has todo with partially people are glued tothe news I also think it’s partially alot of people are just depressed AF andjust sleeping all day I I don’t say thatjokingly I’m completely serious and alsoI think it has to do with the fact thatYouTube is normally you know like atreat for people when they get homefrom work or a long day at school orsomething like they treat themselves towatch a YouTube video but now it’s likeit’s not a treat anymore and also Ithink a lot of people are like busybinging watching shows on like NetflixHulu TV whatever so it’s just like likeviews are rough right now and have mevery scared you know some people likeyeah you know some people are sayinglike I don’t get it like I’m watching somuch YouTube some people are it’s justthe majority of people are not so thankyou all to everyone saying watchCassie’s videos thanks I mean I don’twant to force anyone to watch my videoslike that’s never what I want oh thankyou Thank You Rocky show so much forthis super chat says we expect a cookieslash hangover video tomorrow love youCassie thank you you’re a real oneyou’re a real OG here on my channel Iappreciate you I won’t have a hangovertomorrow cuz I’m not gonna drink to thatpoint but uh anyways I appreciate youI’ll be sure to update on Instagram if Ido just randomly so[Music]put that person in timeout like let’snot Ashley thank so much for the superchat says have I watched Dragon Ballsuper I just got into it so good at loveyou Cassie thumbs up the video guysthank you so much I appreciate that Ihaven’t watched super yet but I shouldadd that to my list because I thoughteveryone was hating it I don’t know whyI just like touched the butter yes I doI love butter but um a lot of cuz like Ifeel like prior to oh my godI feel like prior to super things inDragon Ball Z Land we’re getting likereally bad what was it like GT and stuffbut apparently I feel like people havesaid supers just like awesome likereally really good but um see the authorof this recipe says prep time is 10minutes I’ve probably been doing thisfor a half an hour so now we add theeggs and the yolks egg vanilla bakingsoda salt goob eggs eggs see I was toldthat you like twist it open oh Iliterally just crushed it please noshells please no shots because I wish Icould I really wish I could crack an eggwith one hand but I just end uphi I’m still here don’t worry oh my godthat was like the most exciting thingI’ve done in Michael week good questionI could go on a date with an animecharacter who would I pick I don’t knowI haven’t really thought about it wouldbe fun to go any day I’ll have to thinkabout it that’s a good question um saysCassie looks like if it doesn’t work outwith me there plenty of quality paradeson here who want to date you Thanksyeah I agree um I cannot pronounce thatname asta didn’t Jesus DZ o KY t saysenjoy the cookies thank you so much forthe super chat I apologize profusely formy hey I don’t know the origin of yourname European it looks like cuz you’repaying you know boy it owes euros thankyou regardless I just apologize becauseI hate not being able to browse people’snames and I do not see Russian is thatwhere they do that accent over the Z Idon’t know but thank you very much and Iwill enjoy the cookies I well I mean ifthey turn out well I spent a minute Imean cookies like two weeks ago thedrink is getting to me I don’t know Ihave no idea what I was gonna say whodidokay no worries figure I’ll just jumpedin a box let’s see so eggs in vanillanot in but can-do willdo eyeballmeasuring one I took great there’s likenothing left and I will add the rest ofthat yeah cool go egg vanilla bakingsoda salt baking soda 1/2 teaspoon makea 2 teaspoons for me and salt 2 teaspoonsalt oh my god let’s get rid of thatperson sorry guys that probably took mea minute but I’m making space cookieswhat does that mean I actually don’tknow there’s probably a joke theresomewhere that I’m just Kim needs someadult water you know every now and thenoh my god are you guys gonna fall Idon’t know but don’t worry guys Iblocked him I got him got himcan I show you the bowl in one secondhere my apologies I am a clean as I gogirl so then mix these[Music]see but now you can’t see my face areyou okay with that I guess I can hunkerdownOh space cookies have mmm I don’tpartake in the king but so no there willbe sprinkles though in these which isreally excitingokay scrape down the sides this bowloh thank you sherry says everyone shouldthumbs up this video yeah guys give me athumbs up hit that subscribe buttonTiffany tap notification Bell yeah yeahif you want to you don’t have to oh thislooks so congeal coagulated you knowthat says what stroking Cassie thesewon’t be betterit’s a page you’re allowed to joke aboutityeah I don’t blog do you work still hereone moment guysOh does that mean I blocked someone thatwas I didn’t try to block I am so sorryumcrap crap where is it stop sendingmessages for a secondoh thank you so much me enough forcatching him thank you I’m failing um Iappreciate you guys thereokay next step now we add in the puddingmix which it calls for a 3.5 ounce boxthey only had 3.4 ounce boxes theirrecipe just went awayno anyways so open this upOh pianist is probably making noaccounts nothing better to docould be I really hope that if Iaccidentally blocked someone on accidentinstead of the creepy guy I apologize somuch people are asking if I’m a vegan Iam NOT I’m a vegetarian though I thinktechnically I’m supposed to call myselfan although vegetarian because I’ll eateggs apparently two vegetarians don’teat eggsI personally don’t consider eggs to bemeat though so I eat eggs soum yes yes does anyone have anyone elseor anything else they want to ask why Iadded my name is spirits if you canactively vegetarian I thought so too andthen people like got mad at me about itso you know it is what it isso put it for 30 seconds I thought I waspushing the lock button I was not therewe go all right what was my first videoon YouTube I’m pretty sure it wassharing my favorite 55[Music]I’m glad you guys about those funny itwasn’t fun for me it’s looking likebetter all right[Music]what nextadd the flower next I can do that Irefuse to make flower go all over theplace this time though oh you guys theseare smelling so vanilla II and good itis exactly what I’ve been craving I’vebeen wanting so bad to try out thoselike edible cookie dough things um likethere are different companies I feellike that promote all over Instagram allthe time like dope spelled do ugh Plittle play on words there and I thinkit’s like edible I want to try themthey’re really freaking expensive so Ihaven’t because money is not rolling inthese days but mmm okay so now add inflour how much flour 4 cups oh my god Idon’t know that it can handle 4 cupsmaybe I shouldn’t have doubled thisrecipe apparently also I’m get my bag offlour out 1[Applause]don’t worry guys I’m still herehi that’s two let’s do those two beforewe overload this on flower there we gothere we go good job sub whoo she’sstruggling she’s thick and struggling ifthat’s not oh that should be my hashtagfor life sick and struggling okay whatthat’s not the bowl there we go goodenough yay okay guys this is a strugglefor my mixer[Music]whoa sorry I didn’t mean to joseline youwere round like that it’s so golden and[Music]greeted I will soon be tasting thanksviana you’re the hostess with themostess even though you’re not hostingthis right now but you are modding likea day pro apparently thank you and thenadd in sprinkles okay so this was thiswas a thing half a cup of sprinkles[Music][Applause]these aren’t measured by the cup so Ihad no idea how many to buy so I gotthree I thought two would be plenty butthen I was like I’m probably gonnaregret that tomorrow when it turns out Ineeded three of them oh greatso I need a cup of sprinklesdang that’s almost half a cup god I’mgoodI had no idea so I think I need a napgirl what I need is some cookie doughthat’s what I need oh yeah so see thisis why I bought three three yearsperfect almost kind of it’s not quite acup but it is pretty frickin close thoseare gonna be some sprinkly cookie meansI’m also adding white chocolate chipsbecause like I’m sorry but why not greatOh No what a mess I’ve made they just ohthat actually hoops I actually I’mdropping cause you open the bag stupidcuz the bag is open okay so I’m doing acup of white chocolate chips as wellthis is not a part of your recipe but uhI don’t think you can go wrong by addingin some white chocolate chips can I geta Amen in here let’s eat all thesespilled chips[Music]mm oh that’s yummy you guys ready hmmand I had some salt on my finger[Music]it’s a mixin we’ll get it I’m so excitedokay so then I can scoop the dough twoinches apart I’ve got some chocolatechips everywhere all right um okay I cando thisoh yeah Briana’s gonna get some whiningbanana bread yes girl do it do it okaydoes anyone else purposefully not cleanoff the mixer perfectly today oh let’ssee okay struggle bus so here we havethe batterastrid wants to know what i’m drinkingis it pink lemonade or a littlesomething else it’s both it’s both it’sdefinitely both is eating raw cookiedough save yes I refuse to believeanyone who says that it’s not because Iget it it’s raw eggs whatever but whenyou’re just doing a little lick tearsright okay so and we’re gonna make someballs yes oh girl she said you could betalking about the dough you could betalking about meeither way thank ya love that wedgiegirl okay so you guys did see itI’m so glad hi Jacob I miss you can wezoom soon please and I’m probably makingthese way too big right probablyby the way so I yes Jacob okay goodno you don’t miss me more I miss youmore I love you and I miss youbut yes oh my godI made this drink so much taste but Ibecause we were gonna Jacob and I and acouple of our other friendswe’re gonna watch drag race the seasonthat’s airing right now and thenquarantine happened so like we haven’tbeen able to and I was like oh I’ll putit off for a couple weeks watching it soI can watch it fresh with them but thenlike quarantine keeps extending so I’mlike I’m gonna freaking watch drag racealready I miss it this season is so goodI’m enjoying it anyways I mean it’s notlike the Buster’s in her but like it’sactually I didn’t really enjoying it Ilove Heidi and I love GG I think thoseare my two favorites I was so shockedbecause I didn’t know about the wholeSheree pie thingI mean first up do you guys I don’t wantto hunch over anymore there I didn’tknow about the whole cherry pie thingand I really loved her like I love agood campy Broadway kind of a queen andthen I think like the third or soepisode in it gave that disclaimer atthe beginning of the episode saying likein light of recent blah blah blah thankyou so much thank you so much KJcertified you’re so sweet just says hithere this is taking the combo off topicbut I’d love to get your opinionsorry I feel like I’m gonna burp excuseme um how much do you think looks slashattractiveness play into a relationshipmajority or small part there’s abackstory too much for super chat hahaokay it’s a good question right um Ithink in today’s day and age especiallywith like online dating looks play ahuge part because most people swiperight or left based on that very firstpicture on your profile I think thatsucks okay so here we have the cookiesthey said these are gonna spread so Idon’t want them to be too close to eachother normally I feel like I would putanother row on this pan but I just wannaplay it safeso we’re gonna throw these in come on umeight minutes but so yeah I mean I thinklooks play a bigger role now more thaneverjust cuz that makes a difference onwhether you even get to start aconversation with the person that you’reinterested in right I think that’s amajor bummer especially like myselfbeing demisexual and everything like Imean obviously I enjoy it when a personis physically attractive too but for memost of the attraction comes from theactual connection in terms of emotionand personality and that kind of a thingso I think in the long run looks andattractiveness don’t play the majorityof their relationship because I thinkyou know looks are all fine and dandyright well enjoy being attracted tosomeonefor the most part but uh you know thatthat fades that attractiveness fades atleast physical attractiveness becauseit’s like okay cool so you you did thebedroom dance once or twice and cool nowI’m actually looking for an actualconnection and so but I mean if you’rephysically attracted to the person butthe personality doesn’t match you thenyou’re gonna break up with that you knowlike I don’t know I shouldn’t say neverbut like for the most part it’s thepersonality that makes you stick aroundso I don’t I don’twas that an okay answer I don’t know itwas kind of all over the place buthopefully that makes sense so also Imean I think it makes a huge differenceto like depending on what time in yourlife you’re dating cuz like the olderyou get and that’s not to say that looksaren’t important as you get older butlike when you get to that point in yourlife I talk like I’m there but like youknow when you’re in your 60s 70s 80sthat sort of a thing it’s like looks aresuper not important because you’re notdoing the do as much and you’re justhanging out with each other and gettingthrough life togetherso like that’s more personality you knowyou’re looking for a personality notsomeone nice to look at right so anywaysI think it’s unfortunate that appearanceplays such a big part but initially I dothink it does play a huge part but inthe long run it plays the least amountof partsso there we gothat is my answer oh my gosh I hate himalready sorry KJ sir certified says theone that gave me the super chat andasked me the questionthe story is that your boyfriend of 10years recently told you that he nolonger finds you attractive and willdump me if you don’t lose weight youdumped him do you do you I hate him Ihate him I’m sorry maybe you guys havelike a great connection in terms of yourpersonalities and stuff but you you lookyou know I hate him cause like what ifokay cuz sometimes you know we just gainweight because like we eat a lot ofcookies but like what would he have doneif you and I don’t know your situationbut like what if you had gained weightbecause of a medical condition so youreally don’t leave you because of yourmedical conditionscrew him you you gross that just pissesme off that makes me so mad like oh ifyou guys have a connection thatshouldn’t matter and it’s like don’t getme wrong I get it like it’s nice to beattracted to your person I get it butlike in the long runreally as I shaped my jowls at him youdumped him I hate him so anyways like Isaid I know it’s probably so much moreif you’ve been with him for ten yearsyou’re probably like it’s not that easyit’s probably not that easy but likefrom an outsider perspective anyone it’salmost especially if you’ve been withhim for ten years and he’s gonna dumpyou just because you’ve gained X amountof weight kiowa you spent ten yearstogetherand that’s the deal-breaker f him getrid of himyou deserve so much more so much betterhe is garbageeel eel sorry I’m probably overreactingbut like that just who that grinds mygears like I don’t know what you looklike in real life whatever I don’t knowwhat weight you are but like based onyour little profile picture and like thecomments you leave on my videos you’refabulousOh KJ says that you would put the texthere if you could but there’s a textlimit I mean either way like I said ohCarolina 2 says I got the same bleeponce we were in a 12-year relationshiphe said the same we broke up in threeweeks after I dumped him discovered hewas cheating on him he heard he wascheating on you yeah wa Carolina youdeserve betterKiowa hate him I hate him you know Ihope you’ve moved on to bigger andbetter things even as those bigger andbetter things are you yourself in youlike that makes me so upset that thatactually happens in real life and notjust in the moviesI hate him ‘bageena says you had a guypull something like that on you tooafter about a year and a half and thenhe dumped you f him yeahF him those are gonna be sad miserablepeople at the end of their life grossgrossso there’s my hot take on that I’m gonnawash my hands L you got a good one sinceI’ve been with my husband for 20 yearsyou big and small he’s loved you throughit all and never made you feel bad yeahyou live in the good life okay thecookies are done I have no space to putthem on so I need to hold on hold onhold your horses oh these need a couplemore minutes but oh how excitingokay two more minutes excuse megoing to refresh my drink my very strongdrink oh my goshKJ he wants you to get implants to eelmm-hmm dump him eel I know you’ve beentogether 10 years but you get rid of himhe’s a scumbag he’s disgusting I hatehim I hate him I hate him he’s grossyeah oh heck yeah to Quincy says after17 years with my man says he thinks I’mmore attractive than when we met in your20s you go girl that’s what I mean it’slike physical attraction is great don’tget me wrong but like the person gets somuch more attractive with time bettermuch better okay I need to get a baggoing for recycling hate messes says thegirl with the messy home I hate themthough sometimes in some places like mykitchen people want to know if I’m stilldating being there will be an update onTuesday for you[Music]Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuiceacceptor cyclingI know timer give me a secondgive me a second they look so good got alittle bit of golden-brown on the topsthere okay okay now mine look differentthan the original posters but ain’t thatlife first have that nice like flatbumpy top that I might okay okay sorryguys I’m doing a little clean up cleanup everybody doing your share I’m goinga little crazy with the mess that I haveeverywhere here I’m so glad thateveryone here is supporting our girl KJwho deserves better because truly it isit’s hard like toxic relationships soyou’ve been together for so long I getit so you don’t want to break up withhim but like you deserve better you justyou just do you just do[Music]sorry guys cleanup mass oh thank you Ohcakes you’re so sweet Sam look beautifulyou’re currently working from homewishing you could stay longer that’sokay we always have the replay we do soenjoy getting your work done work harddo good be good and I have a littlereward later by watching the stream soyes after this thing there’s a lot ofmen out there that like thick women youknow I’m it’s taken me a long time tolike get to that point where it’s likeyou know what if they’re not attractedto you it’s okay cuz I like cuz then youthink like yeah but I’m so attracted tothem blah blah have you only ever beenattracted to one person in your wholelifethere will be someone else that you findattractive there will be I know it sucksyou wanted it to be that one but therewill always be someone elsetrulyI’m so sorry my friends I’ll be back ina moment I’m failing on my level biologyokay like think of it this way you couldyou know you have your person thatyou’ve been with for ten years and youknow they once found you attractive andyou guys clearly get along if you’vebeen together for ten years the way youlook that sucksdo you really live up to his standardsfor the rest of your life or would yourather start over find someone who lovesyou at the size you’re at now and or anyother size I can see excuse me am Igonna do it again okay I don’t think sobut like or you could find someone thatyou get along with because what you onlyget along with him you’re never gonnaget along with somebody else like thatI disagree I think we all have multiplepeople that we get along with so likeyou could go find someone else that youget along with that loves you and findsyou attractive no matter what your sizeso you don’t have to worry for the restof your life oh my gosh I’m not skinnyenough for him you could just like liveyour life being you and he’ll love youregardless like which would you ratherhave I know I’m going for the ladder andyou deserve to go for the ladder tooKJ says bless you I just am saying likelike I said I’m not trying to downplay Imean if you guys have been together for10 years like I said there’s obviouslysome kind of a special connection therebut I’m also just saying that notobviously but that there are otherpeople out there might not feel like itand it might take you a while to findthat next person but like they’re outthere and you are deserving of that sothank you all for joining my cast talkthat just got me all sorts of heated upit just makes me so sad that some peoplebase so many like I said maybe I’mtalking too much from being a demisexualbut like people based way too much onlooks so much more than that Erica saysthank you for this talk Cassie you arewelcome I say thank you to everyone herein the live stream that’s just beingsupportive and it wonderful to eachother through this talk you guys are thereal MVP you and I appreciate you I’mgonna clean the flour off my floormy name is spirit says we need to sticktogether as females more to support oneanother so one woman or some more womenrealized that they should be respectedand loved I apologize to the people wholive downstairsI shouldn’t have stomped my foot likethat how does everyone doinghow is everyone doing still fired uphere will probably be ending thelivestream soon anyways since no onewants to click on a two hour long videothat’s just the state of the world yeahyou know I just it just it just don’tmakes me think you know like what iflike let’s put you in this situation KJyou probably are like okay I got enoughadvice I’m done but like think aboutthis what if you and say this is meassuming so like I apologize if I’massuming incorrectly but like you arefemale and you have breasts and heenjoys your breasts what if you were toget breast cancer and you had to get adouble mastectomy would he not love youanymorejust because he doesn’t find youattractive anymore because you had amedical condition that you had nocontrol over that’s grossthat’s real gross so people are saying Ishould test a cookie ooh you’reflattening out moreyou’re ruining the momentso really good Niki nothing that’s areally good cookie let’s get the ovenshow me I know I missed a super job farfrom flawless I wish my husband lookedat me the way that cookie I wish I had ahusbandI really don’t but like do you get thesentiment I wish anyone looked at me theway I look at it cookie – um thank you -Paul always commenting on my videos Iappreciate you thank you for your superchat says Cheerswith the clinking cheers glasses emoji -more streams – more live streams to comePS would love merch I need to work onmerch I do but thank you Marissa saysyou better be sharing that recipe man Iwill be sure once mm I love off heremm-hmmsorry once I love off I’ll link it butlike I said I I said it earlier where itwas from cookies and cupsdang I’ve got a good memoryit’s from cookies and cups calm thisblogger calls them the super softsprinkle put any cookies I added whitechocolate chips becausethat’s what I wantedoh she still has it from her waitressingdays look at the balance look at thebalance I mean come on this is prettyimpressive right like this is prettyimpressive like are we not understandinghow impressive this is this could fallover at any moment but it shan’t becauseI worked as a waitress for so many yearsprobably like 10 yearsI got balanced for days no just justsuper saying roll we’re at that point inlive stream folks were at that point inthe live stream you know folks folks sodoes anyone else have any pressingquestions you want me to get to becauseotherwise I’ll just find out and likeclean up here but these are phenomenalcookies I would highly recommend anyonedo that I have heard for years probablyyou know that like adding pudding mix tothe cookies is the way to go I hopethink I’ve ever diet before but I am soglad I mean these are freaking deliciousDenise says Cassie living on me yeah Itry you know cookie towers while daydrinking like that’s pretty edgy that’sprettyum what I consider doing a video of nailart for my Pinterest boards maybe if youguys want me to I’m just glad you guysenjoyed my eye shadow looks video for myPinterest boardI mean views are down across the boardbut that one did better than the videobefore that so like um try it crispy ornext time no no I like a soft cookiepersonally it’s got that perfect alittle bit of a on the outsidedo I like a crispy or cookie or a gooeyor one far from silent flawless asks Ijust answered that um I like a chewycookie I really love it chewy cookie umI think I should have best in a breadmachine and make homemade bread I wouldthink that if not for the fact that Iwould then eat that bread girl hasenough Chin’s to go around already girldoes not mean to add more by givingherself a bread maker yes people aresaying hi to fake I think Alisa peedhe’s so cuteyou love his slippers aren’t they Idon’t know cats that have mom is justlike sit there in their own paws arejust like so perfect it just likeactually makes my heart believe like Idon’t think it’s good for me but I justlike sometimes I just look at fig whenhe’s just like sitting there on thefloor like looking at me like when I’min the bathroom watching out for thenight he’s just sitting there with hislittle mitts and I just like[Music]um kneading bread yourself is greatexercise you know it really would belike I have no upper body strength I amall legs and butt and then when it comesto my upper body I’m just a lot ofwiggle but omits are the cutest I wish Icouldn’t grab him to show you right nowbut I I thought about making a videoabout my art I would need to make someart or I did that house Galileo he’sgreat he is loving the fact that we havehad son uh he’s just sunbathing awaylike truly sun bathing beauty oh he’sdoing good mm-hmm yeah no no nothing toreport on him he’s doing good thoughhe’s shedding like a like a mofo becausespring has sprung and he’s got thatthree layer Siberian coat so it’s likeevery day no matter if I sweep twice aday even I just there’s Tufts of whitefur everywhere it’s really annoying butlike at the same time he can’t help itso like I don’t care I do care but notcare to a point that I’m like mad at himfor it just to a point where it’s likereally yeah really it’s just like soShay I will be sure to the ago Leo lovesfor mehe might appreciate that depending onhis mood he’s a diva you know sometimeshe wants my love sometimes it doesn’tthat’s just cats for you so cookies likelook at theseI really shouldn’t be stacking thesethese are still really warm and they’reprobably just gonna crack and breakunder the pressure but like you get itcookies on the counter cookies on thecounter cookies on the counter so theycan cool down that one stuck to the panthat’s too badso it’s not butter in this pan did Igrow up with cats or did I get them asan adult I technically it started offgrowing up with cats yes we had two catsbut I don’t know how old I or my brotherwas we were still pretty little I wasmaybe like four ish and my brother musthave been like five ish he developedlike severe cat allergies so we had togive our cats away so I grew up withdogsI still like dogs I just don’t want themmyself um because I love cats so I didnot grow up with catstechnically I grew up with dogs but Iknew the second that I moved down to myown house like I’m getting at least acat so do I have a place I post all ofmy recipes I love I don’t I apologizeoh I’m sorry to the people saying thatI’m cruel because I can’t share thesecookies I’m sorry em says on poorKitty’s I know it’s one of those thingslike what was my mom’s supposed to doyou know like keep the cats and make mybrother suffer like he has allergies tothe point where it’s like he’s miserablelike his eyes are red and puffy anditchy and he’s just like a snot monsterand like you can’t do that tears youknow so the cat’s got a good new home sooh my god I did forget the timer craphow long have those been in sure I’llset the timer for like five minutesthank you to Sandra I’ll just be sure tocheck on them Lexi says would I everconsider getting a third cat oh heck yesbut I would have to have my own place atthat point because most I feel like ifnot all complexes apartment complexesthat allow cats or dogs it’s to max so Iwould get evicted if I got another catbut I would consider getting a third catabsolutely we got a little more thankyou mrs. Hudson thirty five thank you somuch for the super chat there’s nomessage there but thank you so much forthe super chat I appreciate it a lot isvery generous of you[Music]am i close with my brother I am and I’mnot like it’s one of those things whereI love my brother I do but it’s not likewe talk on the phone every day oranything um but I do I love my brotherhe’s a really good guyit’s a really good good big brother Iadmire him in a lot of ways and yeahit’s a good dude I do anything else myfriends I think we’re gonna about wrapit up here I’m done making balls atleast for this sheet I gotta wait forthe next sheet to come out when it’squarantined over heck if I knowat least another couple weeks here inMinnesota anyways alright I think thatis concluding the livestream I love youguys I hope you’re doing well I need toeat off this day drink for sure but I’mglad you guys have funso those of you who are saying you hadfun here in the chat I am glad Iappreciate that you all 300 some of yousometimes I think it was up to 400viewers but either way I’m just gladthat any of you came enjoyed your timehad a time with me I love you guysMichael x channel is currently on hiatusuntil money gets to be a thing again butI am still gonna be uploading here foryou all on my normal Tuesday ThursdaySunday upload schedule unless I amto an upload and then and it will beWednesday friday-sunday but either wayit’ll still be three times beak I thinkwe will all still be stuck inside for atleast another couple weeks here so intwo weeks from today I will be doinganother livestream with you all we willbake something else and we will have adarn good time doing it I don’t knowwhat it’ll be yet but I guess justwhatever I’m in the mood for so thankyou all to everyone who is saying youenjoyed my videos like said there willbe a dating update on Tuesday there willbe a weekly we’re on Thursday and Ithink next Sunday will be my monthlyboxycharm unboxing and testing so I dobelieve that’s what my schedule islooking like this week I hope you allare doing well and have a good weekyourself please stay safe please stayhealthy and hang in thereyou know we really are all in thistogether and we will make it through ittogether we shall we shall umm just doyour best to do your part distanceyourself I know it’s rough but gotta dowhat you gotta do so I love you guystime to take cookies out of the oventhere will be this chat it will beuploaded to YouTube but whenever it getsdone processing so if you’re justjoining thank you so much to bun Queeniefor the super chat without a comment Iappreciate you I really do I am so sorryI’m about to leave but uh yeah I justhope like I said I hope everyone isdoing well if you came in late you canalways check out the replay of thelivestream if you feel like it andyou’ve missed out on some of our videosI would really appreciate it if you wentand watch my videos from this past weekbecause views are really dumb but Icompletely understand it is what it isso I just I love you guys and I hopeyou’re doing well until nextI stay long till it bad guys

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