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Let’s make No bake cookies together!

Need to keep busy? Indoor and outdoor ideas are offered in this video. Join in this how to tutorial video on making No bake cookies. Helping children learn how to incorporate different ingredients for baking. Counting to 60.

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Video Transcription

hi friends I wanted to talk about thingsto keep you busyso outside you have a lot of optionsright you can play sports so you canplay baseball you can play basketball ormaybe even thinking grab I’m not verygood with footballs the football playcatch with your friends or your familyso those are outdoor sports that you cando or what we did in our other videowhat do we do we planted in the gardenso you planted flowers so you can playin the garden and plant new thingsI’m sure the bees would love that youcan ride bikes right or go swimming ifthere’s a pool that you have and if youdon’t have a pool you can do otherthings with water like playing thesprinklers and play the hose withpermission you can one of my kiddos thatloves to wash the car so you can washthe car and so maybe it’s too hotoutside and you don’t want to be outsidethat’s okay too there’s plenty of indoorthings you can do so let’s think whatcan we do indoors we could read a bookwe could play games more games if youlike more games we could draw a pictureyou like to draw or coloring you cancolor pictures or you can even paint youcan paint pictures so we have paint andI have a painting here that’s that mystepmom liked to paint so when she’sindoors and she can’t go anywhere shelikes to paint rocks here is a paintingthat she did and she painted this rockto match itso she puts the rock in the center andput it on the table it’s very prettyso she does all kinds of things indoorsof painting cuz that’s that’s herpassion that’s what keeps her busy somaybe you like to play pokemon rightyou have pokemon chips pokemons cards docollect pokemon we used to play thatwhen my kids are younger and theycollect tons of these cards so maybethose are ideas too there’s lots ofthings that you can do today I’d like tobake have you ever baked beforewell this baking that I’m gonna do iscalled no bake cookies so you don’t needan oven but you do need a stovetop so ifyou have an adult that can help you thatwould be great because it does involvethe stovetop which can be hot anddangerous so grab a friend or an adultand come with me and let’s bake no bigcookies all right so we’re gonna bakesome cookies first step is to wash ourhands that’s important so wash yourhands so we can get our ingredientsreadyalways wanna have clean hands in thekitchen when they’re cooking all rightso now that we have our clean handswe’re going to get our ingredients readywe need so you have four tablespoons ofunsalted butter which is 1/4 of a cup1/2 a cup of milk so I have my half acup make sure that you measure look atthose lines and if you’re not using milkyou can substitute it so whatever milkyou are using whether it be coconut orcashew or regular milk or almond milk Ihave brown sugar one cup this is lightbrown sugar I think you can use darkbrown two depends on what you have threecups of quick oats all right there I’musing quick oats it does call forold-fashioned oats as well so either onethey’re pretty much the same thing andone cup of peanut butter or almondbutter or cashew butter or whatever thatyou’re using and we’re gonna do our 1teaspoon of vanilla when we’re ready notquite ready yet so I’m going to move allof this closer to the stove and we’llget started make sure that you haveparchment paper or wax paper and put iton a pan just a baking pan and then whenyou have it all ready to spoon you’regoing to spoon out cookies onto thepaper and let it cool and once they’recool then you can eat them so let memove my stuff and we’ll be we’ll beginok so I have you a little closer to mystove so that you can see I turned mystove on to medium heat I put in about athree and just a warm up the panand the first step we’re gonna do I’msorry that you can’t see me I don’t haveanybody to help me video this so firstup we’re gonna do is put the butter inso you’re four tablespoons of butteryou’re going to put that in to the potand you’re half a cup of milk you’regonna put that into the pot alright andwe’re gonna add our one cup of brownsugar so you’re gonna put your one cupof brown sugar in alright and you’rejust going to stir that up until itcombines so just having it don’t helpyou at home be patient with it but thebutter melts fully incorporateincorporate nice mix to come together ifyou want to melt down the sugar so thatthe sugars dissolved alright so oncethat’s all combined and heat it up itsays to do it until it melts and then tobring it to a boilwrap it boil for one minuteso your kiddos this would be a goodexercise for you to say count to 60 soonce I get this to a boil you can helpme count to 60 or you can count to 60 athome so we’re waiting for our butter tomelt it takes a little bit of time youjust got to be patientalmost melted I’m just gonna raise thata little bit higher until it comes toany rapid boil a rapid boil mean you seebubbles you see bubbles so we’re goingto stop mixing that for just a momentand we’re going to wait till we see somebubblesand then we’re gonna count to 60together okay I see it just starting toboil just a teeny bit – let’s count 1 23 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1819 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 3132 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 4445 46 47 48 49 50 almost there 51 52 5354 55 56 57 58 59 60 all right turn itback down to low I want you to remove itfrom the heat so turn the heat sourceoff I will keep it off the hot surfaceremember don’t touch the stove it is hotso we’re going to stir in our peanutbutter so take your 1 cup of peanutbutter and scoop it outall right lots of fun peanut butter issuper sticky just trying to get it allout this is what if you need help that’sokay you can get help and just stir thatuntil it melts I’ll stir it until itmelts it should be hot enough for it tomelt so just be patient stir stir stiryou can come onto a work surface I’mgoing to stay on the stove so that youcan see and once the peanut butters thenwe’re going to put see read mydirections we’re going to put ourvanilla in so you’re gonna put oneteaspoon of vanilla and if you need helppouring that that’s okayand just pour that right in one teaspoonof it now I would pour that in and thenonce this peanut butter is all meltedand delicious I’m just gonna get alittle bit more out here there you gothen we will do our outs so it’s almostmelted almost theresmells sooo so so so good alright put itback on the heat just to help me outmelt them a little bit the heat sourcesoff remember you’re doing this thepeanut it doesn’t take a lot for peanutbutter to melt alright once it’s allmelted and very liquidy you’re gonna addyour oats alright so just pour in youroats and gently not very slowly becauseif you do too fastoats are gonna go everywhere so justgently stir just gently slowly stirringuntil all those oats are covered inpeanut butter or whatever that you’reusing memberyou have allergies you can substituteand you can substitute the butter forcoconut oil or whatever whatever youwant to use I know there’s differentoptions out there for lactoseintolerance all right almost there justslowly get all those oats nice and mixeduntil they’re all no longer dry okay soyou can see mine there we godo you see it alright I’m gonna hitpause I’m going to move you over to mycounter and we’re gonna put this ontoour cookie sheet okay so now that wetook it off the stove top you put it ona counter but make sure you putsomething down because you can’t burnyour surface and you don’t want to burnyourself so make sure they don’t that’shelping you is aware that the pot isstill hot okay so you’re just going touse a spoon any spoon that you wish tois fine and you’re just going to put aspoonful onto the cookie sheet thesedon’t have to be round they don’t haveto be perfect they can be big they keepsmall whatever way you want and whenthey cool look cool in the sheet thatyou put them there so it’s okaynot to have them perfect if you want todo the bite size or ginormous cookiesmaybe they’re maybe they’re bigger thanmine and that’s okay that’s the beautyof it it can be round it can be ovalwhatever way you want to do it andyou’re just going to keep going untilyou have all your cookie mix on thesheet or I’m going to need two sheetsthere we go so we’re gonna keep goingI’m going to get another cookie sheet toput to fill up and after we are donedoing that we’re going to let these cooland then my next clip we will be eatingthe cookies together I did want tomention that if you don’t have a cookiesheet that’s okay just put the wax paperright on your counter and you can do thesame exact thing you’re just going toscoop out the cookies onto the wax paperor the parchment paper whatever you’rechoosing whatever you have and you wantit to be wax paper or parchment paperbecause that’s no stick it won’t stickso you’re just going to split it upright onto the counter onto the waxpaper okay so I didn’t mention that youwant to put your cookies in the fridgeor the freezer that will help them cooldown faster and keep their shape becausethese cookies are no bake cookies sothey’re going to be a softer than yourAB average cookie alright let’s put inthe freezerand then we’re going to eat them let’shave a cookie together nothing betterwith the cookie than a glass of milk foryour favorite juice so we made no-bakepeanut butter cookies those are reallygood

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