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Lets Make Cookies🍪🍪 | LetsAskMama EP13

A day well spent making yummy awesome smelling cookies..🍪🍪

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

all right you think I’ll just scrape itall upI don’t think it was first namewhoa turn by turn inside the buffer zoneinside me just try try anybody gets atryall right you signed up lemon you’redone mixing let’s chocolate and somedoughokay I am done and I’m gonna put in ourokayeverything for your cookies oh yeahCathy well ding no yes we’re doneyou sound jealous so it’s been a greatoven soonWow you have to wait for your turn okay[Music]it’s so nice I think you should buy this[Music]amigo geese so it’s worth your heartwill be what the body[Music]

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