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How I Make My Coffee (3 Easy Ways! Brewed & Instant) | Cookie Gonzalez

sharing with y’all how I make my coffee at home (depending on the time of day or my mood lol) ☕️ please don’t judge how *extremely* basic and simple my recipes are for brewed and instant coffee. if you’re not judging me, you can definitely do it at home (or you’re already doing it) 😂

My methods are bound to change tho!! Enjoy the video! ☺️


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Video Transcription

no we are not making dog on a coffeetoday hey guys welcome back to anothervideo so this week I was trying tofigure out what kind of video was gonnamake and as usual I couldn’t reallythink of anything because I’m stuff athome and then I told myself I’m gonnamake a video it should be about thingsthat I’m very passionate about my firsttwo videos were already aboutphotography which I am very passionateabout so I thought to myself what elseam i questioned about and of course theanswer to that is coffee today I amgoing to be sharing with you how I makemy coffee at home I do it three waysthat just depends on the time of the dayor my mood but if you ask me what methodI would actually preferred and obviouslythe answer is espresso sadly I do notown an espresso machine but if you haveone and you’re not using it you can sendit over to my address it’sanyway let’s get right to it here arethe three ways or the three types ofcoffee I have at home so the first oneis my morning coffee which is brewedthrough a coffee maker coffee makers areusually for people who don’t really wantto think about the different kinds ofmethods and they want the machine tojust prepare their coffee for them wehave a coffee maker because my parentsgave us one so we have to use that andit actually makes a really good cup ofcoffee especially in the morning sinceyou don’t have that much energy howeveryour coffee makers don’t allow yourbeans to bloom and if you don’t knowwhat blue means I’m not an expert so Ican’t explain it properly you can alwayssearch it up but anyway we usually usebeans that have a medium to dark roastwhen it actually bruised it kind ofstill has a balance taste like aroundthe medium spectrum again it’s a prettyokay cup of coffee in the morning so Ijust pour out the coffee in my cup andthen I add two teaspoons of sugar and 2teaspoons of creamer and I give it astir and that’s that now I know some ofyou are thinking oh my gosh you threwsuch a coffee lover why are you puttingsugar and cream with your coffee youshould be drinking a bull it’s first ofall how dare you second anyone isentitled to enjoy their coffee the waythey want to enjoy third yes I do drinkblack coffee I only do that when thebeans are really fresh so you can reallytaste all the notes it doesn’t actuallyneed sugar and creamy beans do age justlike us as it ages you kind of want toadd some sugar in creamer so that’s justmy reason don’t at me so here’s ourmorning coffee this is the most commonwhen you see in my videos I didn’t havecoffee today so this is my first let’sjust give it a taste shall weit is kind of like sweet it’s reallygood with breakfast it’s not too strongit’s not too milky which is perfect forme in the morning because I need alittle bit of sugar caffeine so this iswhat I go with inso my second type of coffee is pour overor drip coffee whatever you want to callit I use a what you call it’s like a Iforgot what it’s called and you can buyvery cheap ones in home stores and itkind of really mimics the reallyexpensive ones so I take a paper coffeefilter over the other filter I wet itfirst with hot water now the reason whywe wet it is because we don’t want anypapery flavors in our coffee so once thewater has been drained throw out thewater and then I add three to fourteaspoons of ground coffee I always usea darker roast I like my coffee reallystrong I add a little bit of water and Ijust let it bloom I think you wait about30 seconds before adding more water Ijust add till I fill my cup with thismethod as usual if the beans are reallyfresh I don’t really need to add anysugar creamer but if it isn’t I addsugar femur or milk I kind of preferthis method over French press I used touse the French press a lot before Frenchpresses are for coffee grounds that arevery coarse my coffee beans aren’t likethat I prefer using the pour-over methodwith a filter because again it filtersout all the coffee beans and the littleitty bitty stuff that we don’t want inour coffee and that is why I use thismethod over the French press here is themore over brewed coffee so this one iskind of lighter in my opinion I addedjust a bit of sugar and a bit of milkit’s a really good method and it’s apretty easy one it’s really doable ifyou don’t want to buy a whole coffeemaker or you want to start learning howto do manual brewing I think pour overis a very good start so the last but notleast is iced coffee if I had anespresso machine I would be drinkingiced coffee every single day all thetime throughout all the methods I mightjust use the but I don’t have one so Iseldom make iced coffee or like everyother day so when I want iced coffeeusually I just freeze the brewed coffeethat I didn’t finish earlier but if Iwant like a new cup of coffee but Iscarce how I make it I take a cup of iceand then I pour instant coffee which iskind of like espresso butcourse you can’t really beat theoriginal and then add milk and give it astir if I wanted my coffee to be alittle sweeter I’ll just add sugar tothe instant coffee with warm waterbefore I add it to the ice or condensedmilk because that is another way tosweeten your coffee but sometimes I’lljust add milk and I’ll just drink itthat wayhere is our iced coffee for today Ididn’t add any sugar because the lasttwo drinks already had sugar that’sactually I think I added too much waterbut overall this is a very good icedcoffee especially if you don’t want tobuy coffee grounds you can always buyinstant coffee and just add mouth andeyes and you’re good to go so these arethe three ways I make coffee at homehowever they are bound to changeespecially if you do send me an espressomachine so if my methods do change Iwill update you guys because I am verypassionate about this and I know a lotof you are – I know we’re always lookingfor new and creative ways to make coffeethat’s why a lot of people tried thewhip coffee because it looks interestingand that’s the beauty of coffee thereare different ways to make it there aredifferent flavors and it brings a lot ofpeople together I think that’s one ofthe main reasons why I actually lovecoffee it’s not just because I love thetaste and I love the energy that itgives me people love talking aboutcoffee and with coffee I know you guyslike it too going to a coffee shop totalk with people spend time with peopleI don’t know if you guys do this butwhen someone visits my house I alwaysoffer them coffee for me it’s just likethis little gift of life that you justgive to someoneit’s just something beautiful I guessthat’s why I’m really passionate aboutit besides the amazing flavors and theenergy that it gives me so so that’s allwe have for today I hope this inspiresyou to make a cup of coffee or you areactually enjoying a cup of coffee duringthis video so thank you so much forhaving coffee with me if you guysenjoyed this video you can subscribe ifyou haven’t and if you do give thisvideo a like I would really appreciatethat thank you so much for watching andI’ll see you guys in the next video byeyou[Music]

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