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Oatmeal Cookies

3.5 cups All purpose flour
1.5 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons corn starch
½ teaspoon baking Soda

1¼ cup butter (whole pack butter)
1¼ cup brown sugar
½ cup white sugar
2 whole egg
3 egg yolks
2 cups Oatmeal
Any chocolate will do
I recommend Dark chocolate

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Video Transcription

what’s up everybody in the toilet is abug on video they were gonna make achocolate chip cookies cookies a toy isvery very more Allah which is a Halligan150 pesos Lana macaque ago a cannon andcookies not Ohmaurella so let’s go so first of allmake the start ASA flower get a 3.5 cupsof flour Danny C safe moon and opiniondon’t forget to remove the excess anyopera Hindi miscalculate um quantity nonothing ingredient one of the essentialtips telegram existing floor parmitanomana bonito Tecna new juicer go here andthen again attend a one and 1/2 teaspoonof salt because salt enhances the flavorof everything then I gotta a toot ateaspoon teaspoon an cornstarch thenwe’re getting para para so flourthis is if para not enter as you can seebut on my next step is Malala Gaeta in a1 teaspoon of baking sodabring that to me you already know what Imeanat Paris acting wet ingredients let’smelt that butter the roll-on butter IMargar in alone so yes still works[Music]pocket up is not any melt they cool downwhen a nothing in yeah it’ll be nothingto baby now in a bowl let’s add one in1/4 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup ofwhite sugar so Negreanu 2 egg yolks and3 whole eggs then Allegheny nothing toMargaret yeah then China then we willadd a teaspoon and half of vanillaextract mix nothing Yin mmm that was notany mix among wet ingredients but in ananalogue I you mix flour mixture nothingandnothing[Music]finally it’s time to make some doughmixture not see this texture then put inan attention cover para nothing noburningso you’re not a person that then VinceRF then it Sheila nothing for overnightso I didn’t know my gonna it’s just anOmega no any internet then that I checkmy nothing nothing nothing in Allah alimit monk away so my own ago anothernothing is telling I think moment agoChara para Mis cook nothing now so I ownget a baking pan with a wax paper thenin wrapping on a tent on donut end andscoop one half of the table spoon thenimma mold not into into circles and thenwe’re finishedbut dinner finally in a tapas kumamotono nothingso main I’m going nothing is jalapenonothing but before that but buying it inManhattan you open for about threeminutes in Yahooso it’s not about material hits forabout 170 then McGann title now threeminutes paralyze our heat mapping ovenso your two minutes now but an antennalook at your monitor nothing and lookingat insula for about 30 minutes or butthen I’m in 10 minutesso Habana meantime anapana finallybangla banana bomb in time Omalu tooyoung cookie smooth[Music]so Ventana poeple are young ending 9 10minute Lana piranha said cosa 181 youngforeigner so obsessive over so yeah[Music]ten minutes professional Auto so in thepurple man they perform a shot on brownso I think second batch nothing I meanjust a new human so why are we stillhereNeelu tokoha about 13 minutes somethingin Co button dependable brownie on toppero don’t worry I see the Mahna MahnaDallas AHA new pilot no no no noprecedent and for the third batchnominee Ludo Photoshop for about 15minutes pero instead of 170 degrees sosheís been a Babu kana on day which isabout 160 degrees but an Iranian Lanilutar around 15 minutesit got brownish almost perfect but uhthey know my shadow made immune crushthis robot so it’s okay it’s fineI feel that in your consciousnessoutside didn’t some penis nestled insideit’s very good sewing guys that’s allfor today I hope nagging JK civilian atall and I hope Mankato tonin in Yahoo Ihope they don’t maintain at the Conan arecipe for your cookies and also don’tforget to click the like button and alsosubscribe to my channel for more updatesbut I miss a lot but some back supportthem in you guys so you guys in the nextvideo[Music]

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