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LET’S BAKE COOKIES FOR MY AMIGAS (sadly, not sponsored by Pillsbury)

*YES, I know the lighting is wack…I apologize*

|| Hey! I am Paige or Paris and I love making videos! I used to make videos on stylepaige02 and now this is my NEW main channel! I hope you guys love the content on this channel! ||

MS: Hey Guys & HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope you guys enjoyed the video! It is officially five days till Christmas!!! Because of that, I decided to upload everyday till Christmas during this week! To start off the week, here is me baking cookies for my friends….where you will see their REACTIONS!!! I hope this video makes ypou smile & don’t be shy…MAKE COOKIES WITH ME!

|| Music ||
“Soap-Melanie Martinez” (Trap Nation)
“Happy Christmas Background Music” (MorningLightMusic)

|| LINKS ||
Tik Tok-@parism123

Original of the video here

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